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Flying Scot 
2002 North American Championship
Pensacola Yacht Club
Pensacola, FL
July 20-26, 2002 


Bill Draheim wins FS NACs

The FS NACs Winners

CSC's Flying Scot Fleet 23 faired very well at the 2002 NACs.  Bill Draheim won the regatta sailing with Natalie and Scott Mauney.  Richard Wade, Jennifer Meredith and Scott Wade placed 4th in the Championship Fleet.  

Greta Mittman, Jennifer Meredith and Teresa Morris placed third in the Women's Championship Regatta.

Bob New (now living in Florida) and Michael Mittman placed 5th in Challenger Division of the NACs.  Frank Richards, Bruce Faust and Bob Vickery (also living in Florida) placed tenth in this division.  

Fleet 23 Recognized

Nine Scots from CSC sailed in the regatta.  The fleet won the trophy for the fleet with the best overall finishes in the regatta.   "Red Dog" Jones accepted the trophy for the Fleet.

Check out the FSSA site for complete regatta results.

Photos of the regatta are available on the Fort Walton Beach YC site.