FSSA / Lake Norman Yacht Club
7/19 - 7/25/03

Crew Notes and District Governor’s Update

Wednesday, July 16th – Bill Draheim gets a call from Marc Eagan to build sails for Marcus and Andrew Eagan for the North Americans.  Bad news - Bill won’t have time to build us a new set of sails.  Good News – Another good sailor will be using his sails.  Bill says to me - Don’t worry I think it’s more important that we bring our lucky rabbits foot rather than new sails to Lake Norman.  When he’s right, he’s right!  

Monday Winds: 8 to 14 knots (Perfect Breeze).  

Monday morning first qualifying race, we start towards the middle of the line three rows back, take a clearing take to the right ducking 5 to 6 boats, breeze dies out on the left, round with leaders go on to win race.

Monday second race, we start towards the pin, get shot out the back by Marcus Eagan, tack out to the right, cross behind the entire fleet, get right, breeze goes left, play “ketchup” for an eighth.  Bill promises his starts will get better.  So far, no chance of being called over early!

Tuesday Winds: 10 to 15 knots (Perfect Breeze).

Final qualifying race, good start FINALLY, winning race until last beat, Marcus Eagan and Bill Ewing get by us by going to the favored leeward gate and get into better breeze.  Hold on for a 3rd.  

Wednesday Winds: 10 to 15 knots (Slowly winding left with heavy shore influence).

First race for the championship, round the first mark in 3rd behind Greg Fisher and Harry Carpenter.  Make up considerable distance on downwind leg.  Greg Fisher hits leeward mark gate and does a 360.  We catch Harry going upwind, lead going downwind.  Greg catches up on last upwind leg.  The race committee sets our finish line 50 feet beyond the windward and offset mark.  As we sail on starboard between the windward mark and the offset mark, the challenger fleet, rounding the windward mark and turning down to the offset mark, blocks us from tacking onto port for the finish.  Greg beats us by a boat length.  Ouch That Hurt!

Second race for the championship, race committee moves course to compensate for the wind going left.  Get good start towards the pin, professional photographer’s boat crosses directly in front of us, had to restrain myself from going crazy.  Initially we stayed left, Marcus crosses in front of us, and we stay left with Harry Carpenter while the fleet is stacking up right taking advantage of right shore effect.  This is where it got tough.  Trying not to get caught too far to the left, we start working our way back to the right, end up crossing behind too many boats.  Harry Carpenter stays left looking bad until the final port tack rounding in the top three.  Marcus ends up winning the right group and gets launched for an easy win.  Greg Fisher and Ira Cohen eventually grind Harry down for second and third place.  What really happened up front is a mystery because we rounded the first mark about 15th to 18th place going very slow.  We stayed in slow mode downwind and back upwind.  Wasn’t until the last downwind that we start moving through the fleet.  We decided to go high over the fleet on the port tack, just holding on to an inside overlap on the left gate.  The race committee had moved the weather mark far to the right; we were hopefully going to get some right shore effect.  Everyone in front of us was working out towards the middle of the lake.  Bill and I and everyone behind us were stacking up to the right, near the shore, hopping for a miracle.  After we made it around the right shore, we actually lost a couple of boats.  Everyone around saw us losing ground and bailed out back to the left.  Now there was no option but to head back to the right shore.  We actually had to sail the boat healed up to keep the centerboard from running aground on the sandbars.  Finally on the last tack to starboard, we were over-standing the finish line, we got a shot from the right and were now barreling down to the finish line.  Steve Bellows was one of the boats that had been in front of us the whole race.  He said “I couldn’t see you because of all the other port tack boats, but you guys sounded like a freight train”.  We passed 7 to 8 boats at the finish.  At the time, we felt exhausted and a little defeated.  We were now in fourth place.  

Thursday Winds: 0 to 4 knots (Frontal High Pressure System has landed on top of us).

Sat under shade trees all day drinking favorite beverages, playing touch football, decided to leave boat in water all day and overnight so boat could become one with the lake.  That was our excuse for being too lazy to pull the boat out of the water.  

Friday Winds: 4 to 6 knots (High Pressure – At least one more race is needed to be considered a regatta).

Race committee was looking to get 2 races off.  However, this would be the last race.  I’m glad we didn’t know that at the time.  We start 70% down the line, everyone to windward falls down behind us, and we end up rolling the boats to leeward, finally a great start.  We start out left but end up working middle right.  A few boats way out to the right get a sliver of breeze and boats on the far left come in strong as well.  We end up rounding around 8th.  Harry Carpenter is close by and Marcus Eagan is directly behind us.  Marcus brings breeze behind on port tack.  Marcus starts to roll us, so we gybe away back towards the middle.  We never see Marcus again as he gets stuck out on the left.  We go back upwind losing a couple of boats rounding the weather mark directly behind Harry Carpenter.  Harry looks back at us, as we both barely squeeze around the weather mark and says “boy that was ugly”.  This is our final downwind leg.  Harry Carpenter is not only ahead, with 10 to 15 minutes left in the race, he is winning the regatta.  We sail downwind on port tack. Harry decides to sail higher hoping to get to the fresh breeze first and to roll the boat directly in front of him.  The breeze is filling from behind and Bill sails straight to the leeward gates.  Harry ends up sailing into the exact hole the Eagan brothers had sailed in the previous downwind leg.  We sail to the left gate with 5 boats ahead.  On this final beat Steve Bellows rounds behind us.  He manages to work right and gets by us with more pressure on starboard tack yelling “Hey boat buddy”. - This was because we had loaned him some parts earlier in the week.  Bill and Steve get in a loose cover tacking dual right up the middle of the course that propels us closer to the leaders just to our right.  As we come in for our final port tack everyone, including Steve, goes in front on starboard tack.  Even though we’re getting lifted on port, the pressure is now moving left to right.  All the boats that had tacked to weather of us were slowing down while we were punching through to the right getting lifted towards the committee boat.  One lone boat had stayed to the right of us.  It was Meredith Dodd with crew John Meredith - on her way to her first first-place finish at Nationals.  We tacked one boat length outside the committee boat to squeak out a second.  

The wind slowly shut down to nothing and 90 minutes later the race committee decided to call it a regatta.  Like last years North Americans at Pensacola this regatta proved to be chess match.  On Thursday, with no air all day, you just have to keep reminding yourself that the long waiting and setting around is just part of the regatta.  Lake Norman, in the summer, will test your patience more than any lake I’ve ever seen.  It’s like White Rock only on a larger scale, so once you commit to one side there’s no going back.  

District Governor’s Notes: The 2003 Flying Scot North American Championship had 90 boat registered.  Each boat was measured using a lottery system.  Depending on what color you drew determined what would be measured.  Our color indicated the boat would be weighed with the centerboard in, the safety equipment checked, and our main sails would be measured.  The whole process from our late Sunday registration to final measurement took all of 45 minutes.  The crew from Lake Norman had certified almost 80 boats by Saturday.  This new system was a huge success and will make it much easier for clubs hosting future Flying Scot Nationals.  From now on all boats will be measured at every North American Championship.  There is no waiver for having a certificate from the previous year.  The FSSA weighed all the rudders to determine a future minimum weight for complete rudder head and blade assembly.  All rudder blades must now be approximately 3/16-inch plate.  One further note: There will be no sail measurement at next years Flying Scot Mid-Winters.  Amen!  Next years Flying Scot North American Championship will be at Lake Carlyle, Illinois - July 17-23rd.

Scott Mauney
Texas District Governor


Championship Fleet - Final Results
Submitted by: Josh Jones

Pl Sail Crew From 1A 2A 3A Tot
1 5346 Bill Draheim & Scott Mauney Corinthian Sailing Club 2 8 2 12
2 92 Marcus Eagan & Andrew Eagan Southern Yacht Club 5 1 10 16
3 5419 Harry Carpenter & Carrie Carpenter Deep Creek Yacht Club 3 4 9 16
4 5391 Greg Fisher & Joann Jones   1 2 14 17
5 3933 Larry Lewis & Starr Lewis Lake Norman Yacht Club 9 7 8 24
6 4814 Ralph Coffill & Christine Coffill Moriches Yacht Club 7 15 3 25
7 2068 Ronald Pletsch & David Pletsch Sarasota Sailing Squadron 14 6 6 26
8 2929 Dan Neff & Jim McCarrick Old Greenwich Yacht Club 6 13 7 26
9 5107 Steve Bellows & Cayne Miceli Pensacola Yacht Club 12 10 5 27
10 5246 Bill Ewing, Eileen Ewing & Kris Smith Monmouth Boat Club 10 9 13 32
11 3109 Dave Neff & Tom Lawton Lake Norman Yacht Club 11 12 15 38
12 5510 Larry Taggert & Carrie Berger Southern Yacht Club 17 11 12 40
13 4801 Meredith Dodd, John Meredith & Ashley Dodd Deep Creek Yacht Club 20 23 1 44
14 4240 John Luard & Toni Gahn Monmouth Boat Club 13 5 26 44
15 5040 Mike Roberts & Stacey Roberts Davis Island Yacht Club 18 16 11 45
16 4427 Hans Noordanus & Richard Dynes Lake of the Woods Sailing 4 14 29 47
17 5171 Josh Goldman & Ian Gill Cedar Point Yacht Club 8 20 23 51
18 2162 Susie Stombaugh & Tim Stombaugh Cave Run Sailing Assoc. 15 18 19 52
19 5252 Ira Cohen & Brian Hayes Hempshead Bay 16 3 34 53
20 16 Paul Lee & Denise Lee Detroit Yacht Club 21 17 16 54
21 5347 Charles Buffington & Sarah Buffington Deep Creek Yacht Club 31 24 4 59
22 3913 Chris Danilek & Linda Danilek Old Greenwich Yacht Club 23 22 17 62
23 5318 Jeff Penfield & Bob Nichols Sarasota Sailing Squadron 24 26 18 68
24 5520 Fred Strammer & Fred Strammer Jr Sarasota Sailing Squadron 29 19 25 73
25 5230 Forest Rogers & Mike Ehnis Crescent Sail Yacht Club 26\ZFP 21 27 74
26 5005 Don Smith & Chris Kicinski Lake Norman Yacht Club 28 30 20 78
27 5214 Bane Shaw & Ann Shaw Lake Norman Yacht Club 22 27 30 79
28 13 Al Hersey & Del Foster Sarasota Sailing Squadron 30 32 24 86
29 1104 Starling Gunn & Bill Larson Lake Townsend 27 25 35 87
30 4952 Ken Gorni & Ed Cherry Lake Norman Yacht Club 33 36 22 91
31 4979 Steve Last & Steve Rajkovich Crystal Sailing Club 36 35 21 92
32 4938 Anthony DiResta & Regina Lindahl Moriches Yacht Club 25 31 36 92
33 3076 Tom Pinkel & Peggy Woodworth Carlyle Sailing Assoc. 26 34 33 93
34 2259 Don Griffin & Barbara Griffin Deep Creek Yacht Club 35 28 32 95
35 1866 David Mahan & Bruce Orthrop Deep Creek Yacht Club 32 33 31 96
36 4115 Bernie Knight & Terri Swift Pensacola Yacht Club 34 29 37 100
37 4991 Dan Goldberg & Joni Reis Moraine Sailing club 38\DNS 38\DNS 28 104