Special Olympics World Games 2003
June 25 - 29,2003


SOTX sailors at World Games


The annual CSC Special Olympics regatta was held in conjunction with the Wednesday Night Fun Races on June 11th.  This turned out to be a terrific event for the Olympians and spectators on the docks for the evening.  Special Olympics sent us 4 athletes, and we sailed in 420s and Flying Scots.  Steve Comen and John Diggins sailed with the athletes they were sailing with in Ireland and Susan and George sailed with Jeff  and Stephanie, both back again from last year for the regatta.  The wind was just puffy enough to add thirds to the Flying Scots, so thanks goes to Tracy and Luke. Sharon Presley, coach from Duncanville ISD, continues to support and enjoy the regatta.   Everything went smoothly, thanks to the Lightning Fleet and volunteers that turn out every year to support this event.


Steve, John, Natalie and Maria all  went on to Ireland to participate in the World Games, winning Gold in their divisions. photos and results for the event can be found at    www.sotx.org/competitions/world/2003 .   As Greta Mittman said, "Now we are ahead of Rush Creek in the medal count with 2 Gold being better than their 2 silver!"  Way to go, John and Steve,  we are putting your photos under "Corinthian" in the dictionary. 


John Diggins and Natalie Brooks, Gold Medal
Steve Comen and Maria Pastana, Gold Medal

John Diggins and Natalie Brooks, Squib, won all three races
Steve Comen and Maria Pastana, Fireflies, won all five races