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Potential change in SI for this Sunday!  -  Posted By: Rick Tears <>
Date: Saturday, 29 December 2012, at 5:50 p.m.

In celebration of another great year of racing at CSC (capped off by the club winning the USSA St. Petersburg Trophy I wonder if everybody knows just what an accomplishment this is, and CSC wins it for a second time the first in 1986), it was suggested to me by Ralph Red Dog Jones that maybe we should shake things up this Sunday and have a little fun!

It is in this vein of thought that I came up with a couple of potential options for the race courses today!
1. A tour of White Rock and/or;
2. a leeward start race course.

The potential marks for the tour of White Rock are:
1. W = White Rock Boat Club;
2. H = H. L. Hunts house/Mount Vernon;
3. R = Dallas Rowing Club/boat houses;
4. A = the Arboretum;
5. W = Winfrey Point;
6. C = in front of CSC.

If a tour is shown, the marks will be displayed under the class indicator and will be logically rounded on the same side as indicated by where the starting mark is located unless otherwise indicated on the course board.

If a L or leeward course is shown, it will mean a downwind/leeward start and will be followed by either a 1, 2, , etc modifier as is the case for a W course except that there will be no offset mark. In other words a L1 = a run and finish to windward. A L2 = 2 such laps finishing to windward. A L1 = a run, windward leg and a finish to leeward and so on. Basically the opposite of a W course with the exception of no offset marks. Brush up on your barging rules and just what constitutes a proper course before/after a start! Some of you may learn some new words (probably not too many though), but maybe a new order to them!

All of the above is of course dependent on the weather conditions this Sunday (current forecast is for 10-12 at 160 with a high of 50) and the racers enthusiasm for taking their boats out to race.

For reference only see page 3:

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