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Membership Roster

CSC is moving to a new system for our membership roles. This system also provides the Membership Roster. The roster is password protected and only club members will have access. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to login and then go to the member tab. You may also update your member data by clicking on your name in the upper left corner. This link will take you to the new roster.

Membership Roster

The current system will be kept online until after the annual membership renewal is completed and can be accessed as always below.

Old Membership Roster

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The CSC roster is password protected. On the Enter Password screen enter the following:

  • User Name: "csc"
  • Password: gas locker code from back of membership card.
The entire roster will be displayed if the "Search for" field is blank and "Page Size" is set to 500.

If you enter one or more search phrases, a search will be performed against the member name, spouse name, and boat description fields to find records that contain ALL the search phrases.

The roster contains davit, boardboat pad, dinghy pad and moored boat information. One may search for an individual davit or pad owner using the davit or pad number. One may also obtain a complete listing of all davits , pads or moored boats. See below and Search Help for more information.

Typical boat type abbreviations include Bfy, C15, Cor, FS, Laser, Ltng, Snipe, Opti, Reb and V15.

Boat locations are searched using abbreviations dv - davit, bp - boardboat pad, and dp - dinghy pad. e.g. "dv065" will return the owner of davit 65 and "dv" will return all davits owners. Note that davit number are three digits and pads are two digits. A list of moored boats may be obtained by entering "mb".

There are advanced search functions - see Search Help.

To send an email, click on the blue underlined member's name.

To print or download a roster, leave the "Search for" field blank and put in a large "Page Size" (e.g. 500).  The entire roster will be displayed on one screen so it can be printed.  The roster can also be downloaded as a file by using the save command.  Highlight the roster prior to using the print selection or save selection command, to delete the page header info. 

Please send corrections to Rear Commodore - Membership.