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Overview of Fleets

These sailboats have active fleets at CSC

Butterfly, Corinthian, Flying Scot, Laser, Optimist Pram, Snipe and Vangaurd V15.  Descriptions of the boats, fleet contacts and related websites are included below.  The history page has a complete list of sailboats that have been raced on the lake over the years. We also have an active group of RC boat sailors at the club.

Butterfly Line Drawing Butterfly - Butterfly Fleet 20 sails out of CSC and the White Rock Boat Club.  The Butterfly is a 12' cat-rigged scow which is usually sailed by one person.  They race on Saturdays year round.  

Fleet 20 contact -  Paul Miller  
The Butterfly national association
Local Butterfly Fleet 20 Blog and race results
Corinthian Line Drawing Corinthian - The Corinthian is the largest boat at CSC. With a main, jib and spinnaker, this keel boat is a classic. The Corinthian is easily handled by two and is used for both day sailing and racing on Sundays. 

Fleet 1 contact - Mark Mihm 
Fleet 1 website
For more info see Bristol Yacht Owners and also, take a look at Cape Dory Typhoon info - the Corinthian's little sister.
Flying Scot Line Drawing Flying Scot - The Flying Scot is a 19' sloop rigged boat with a main, jib and spinnaker. The boat weighs 850 pounds. With a crew of two or three, the Flying Scot is a stable, fast boat ideal for both Sunday racing and family daysailing.  

Fleet 23 contact - Nina Cummings
The Flying Scots national association
Flying Scot  boat builder
Laser Line Drawing

Lasers - The Laser is one of the most popular single-handed dinghies in the world. As of 2011, there are more than 200,000 boats worldwide. The boat is high-performance and relatively low cost. The Laser also provides very competitive racing for ALL AGES due to the very tight class association controls which eliminate differences in hull, sails and equipment.  The Dallas Laser Fleet sails out of CSC with racing on Wednesday nights during the summer.  There is also informal racing on Saturday mornings year-around.    

Fleet contact -
Griffin Orr
White Rock Lake - Dallas Laser Fleet
District 15 (Texas)
International Laser Class Association- North American Region 

Optimist Pram Line Drawing Optimist Pram - The Optimist is used as the entry level pram in our youth sailing program.  It is 8' long and weighs 77 pounds.  

Junior program contact - Steve Comen  
Opti  National Association
Snipe Line Drawing Snipe - The very first chartered Snipe Fleet (# 1) originated at White Rock Lake in 1934 and now calls CSC home. The Snipe is a 15-1/2 ft. sloop weighing 381 pounds with serious "go-fast" controls which have attracted racing sailors world-wide. Very tight one-design class rules and superior construction requirements mean these boats remain very competitive for years. The Snipes race Saturdays, year around.  

Fleet 1 contact - Mark Williams 
Local Snipe Fleet 1 
Local Fleet Facebook

Vanguard V15 - Is a 15'3" sloop with a sail area of 127 sq. ft. and a hull weight of 190 pounds. It was designed to provide high performance in an extremely simple, comfortable, and durable package. The hull shape was designed to plane easily in moderate air and carry a wide range of crew weights. It can be sailed competitively by crews ranging from 260-340 lbs. The V15 Fleet was started 2007.

Fleet contact - Philip Sterling
V15 Association