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New Memberships

See General Membership Information for a description of the Corinthian Sailing Club and its membership levels.

New members must complete and mail a New Member Application to Rear Commodore, Membership (see application). Send a check covering all dues and fees with your application or indicate that you wish pay by credit card. A link to pay online by credit card will be sent to you once your application has been approved. If membership is denied, all payments will be returned.  All membership dues and fees are paid annually with the sole exception of the Initiation Fee. The Membership Dues, Initiation Fees, and other Fees are paid as follow:

 Regular Annual Membership Dues and Fees (tax included) 
      Initiation Fee (not required for Student):     $541.25      
  Initiation Fee (18 to 30 years of age):   $270.62  
  Dues (Annual): $541.25  
  Davit Fee (Annual): $  86.60  
  Board Boat Pad Rental (Annual) $135.31  
  Dinghy Pad Rental (Annual): $  86.60  
  Board Boat Rack Rental (Annual): $  70.36  
 Associate Membership Dues (tax included) 
  No Initiation Fee None  
  Dues (Annual): $270.63  
 Student Membership (tax included) 
  No Initiation Fee None  
  Dues (Annual): $541.25  

Initiation Fees are not prorated. If a new member joins CSC anytime during April through September, the full amount of all annual Membership Dues and Fees will be required. If a new member joins during October through March, the annual Membership Dues and Fees will be prorated by one-half. Initiation Fees and New Membership Dues and Fees are not refundable.

All Corinthian Sailing Club members will receive periodic newsletters and announcements by email.  If you prefer not to receive these emails, please inform the Rear Commodore, Membership.

The Rear Commodore, Membership will try to answer any questions you may have regarding your membership.