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Membership Renewal

Annual Membership Dues and Fees are payable on or before April 1 of each year. The new Wild Apricots website makes it easier for the club (and hopefully you too) to manage the annual dues process online. For details, see Online Membership Renewal. Dues and fees for 2019 are shown below.

 Regular Annual Membership Dues and Fees (tax included) 
      Dues (Annual):
  Davit Fee (Annual):
$  86.60
  Board Boat Pad Rental (Annual):  
  Dinghy Pad Rental (Annual):
$  86.60
  Board Boat Rack Rental (Annual): $  70.36  
Initiation Fee (not required for Student):     $541.25  
Initiation Fee (18 to 30 years of age):   $270.63  
** Associate members upgrading to a Regular
membership must pay the Initiation Fee.
 Associate Membership Dues (tax included) 
  Dues (Annual):
 Student Membership (tax included) 
  Dues (Annual):

CSC By-Laws, Article II, Section 1(d) requires each member to contribute 8 hours of service to the club. If the required service is not completed, the member will be assessed a fee of $100 which will be included in the next year's annual dues.

Any on-line payment made later than April 1 or any payment post-marked later than April 1 will be assessed a $100.00 late fee.

Renewal Membership Dues and Fees are not refundable.

All Corinthian Sailing Club members will receive periodic newsletters and announcements by email.  If you prefer not to receive these emails, please inform the Rear Commodore of Membership.

The Rear Commodore, Membership will try to answer any questions you may have regarding your membership.