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The Main Sheet

May 2001 Corinthian Sailing Club White Rock Lake Dallas, TX


Electronic Newsletter - Request for Feedback

Sixty three percent of the membership now receives their CSC newsletter via email. Some people had problems with the way their email formatted the newsletter. Most of these have been addressed. I am attaching a Word documented that may help if you are still having problems. I need your feedback if you are having problems with legibility, fonts, format, etc. so that viewing problems can be addressed. I would also appreciate any suggestions that you might have on how to improve the newsletter. Send feedback to me at


From the Commodore

Fellow Corinthian Sailors - Well, rarely have I seen more commitment. Despite howling wind and driving rain a loyal and brave band of Corinthian sailors with hammers, crowbars and toilet brushes in hand, toiled selflessly for hours to effect dock repairs and clean up the club on the annual Spruce-up Day. For those of you who couldn't make it, Mac will be scheduling additional opportunities for you to demonstrate your membership.

I want to especially thank and congratulate the members of the Flying Scot fleet who represented us at the Flying Scot Midwinters in Florida. Kelly Gough & Jeff Grennan earned first place with Scot & Natalie Mauney helped by Mike Mikeska close on his heels for a third and Pat Mannicchia & Jeff Perna not far back with a twelfth out of 33 boats in the championship fleet. Frank Richards with Bruce Faust & Bob Vickery garnered a fifth in tough competition in the 24 boat challenger fleet. We all should be proud to sail on the same lake with these guys.

If you have stayed away from the club for a few weeks, come on down for a surprise. Mac McCoy has been directing serious work on the docks. The minor temporary inconveniences will be well worth it with a new wider walkway between the gates and other improvements. My hat is off to Mac who has taken time from his own business to put in untold hours on this project.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete and return the member surveys. We got some great suggestions which you will see turning into projects in the next weeks. Everyone's input is appreciated and important. If you forgot yours, go ahead and send it in. We still want to know what you think. A big thanks to Frank for compiling all this information.

See you on the docks – Phil

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendars

Adult Sailing Classes (First Session) - April 30-May 16

Juniors Texas Circuit Regatta at CSC -  May 5-6

Lake Arlington Spring Regatta (Day Sailers) – May 5-6

CSC Boat Show - May 12

Area F Sears in Lightnings at CSC - May 12-13

Race Management Seminar #2 – May 17

Flying Scot Districts at RCYC – May 19-29

Snipe Southwesterns at CSC -  May 26-27

Wrangler Regatta WRBC – June 2-3

Adult Sailing Classes (Second Session) – June 4

Junior Sailing Camp (First Session) - June 4-15

Women's Racing Program - June 9-July 28

Lightning Districts CSC – June 16-17

Junior Circuit Regatta CLYC – June 16-17

Special Olympics Regatta - June 23

C-15 Nationals at CSC - June 29-July 1

CSC Independence Day Fun Sail - July 4

Adams and Mallory TSA CLYC – July 7-8

Junior Sailing Camp (Second Session) – July 9-19

Adams Cup RCYC – Sept 11-15


CSC Board Meeting

The next two CSC board meetings will be at the dock on Tuesday, May 1 and June 5. The meetings are open to all members.


CSC Membership Renewal Past Due

Renewals were due on April 1. You are delinquent if you have not sent in your dues. If you have not received your renewal packet, contact Ralph Capen at 972-669-0010 or


Please Welcome New Members

We have three new Associate Members, please welcome Rebecca Mehrer, Barbara StClair and Terry Woldt.


CSC Cinco de Mayo Junior Regatta

The Corinthian Sailing Club is host to the Texas Sailing Association Juniors Racing Circuit on May 5th and 6th. This event is open to sailors age 8 to 17. Races are conducted for neophytes through experts with sailors competing by age, experience and boat class. Boat classes expected are Optimist Prams, Lasers, Laser Radials and Bytes. We expect sailors and families from Houston, Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas area clubs. Registration forms are available on the CSC website or contact Bob Manning, or 214-348-7731.


CSC Spring Boat Show

The CSC Spring Boat Show is scheduled for May 12, starting at 9:00 AM. This is a great opportunity for CSC to show our neighbors what we're all about. Natalie or Scott Mauney will be contacting the fleet captains, to be sure that the fleets have boats out for display, either on shore or on water. Boats in the water for rides and such provide a great opportunity to promote your fleet. Fleets can also bring literature or promotional material for their class or fleets. We'll have food/drinks (last year we did hot-dogs). The wooden boat association is also going to be out again this year.


Race Management Seminar

The first race management seminar was held last Saturday and it will be repeated Thursday, May 17, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. If you race, you need to attend one. The new rules will change the way we run races. Also, there have been some changes in the Lake Sailing Instructions that will be covered along with the usual topics – preparation, setting courses, running the race, hearing protests and equipment.


Adult Sailing Classes (Second Session)

The second session of the CSC adult sailing class will start June 4. For details see the CSC website or contact Bob Harrington at 972-276-1954.


Women's Advanced Racing Program

The Women’s Advanced Racing Program (WRP or WARP) is designed for women who wish to continue honing their racing skills. Requirements for enrolling in the program include knowing the points of sail, docking, boat rigging and terminology and a minimum of 6 months racing experience within the past year. The WARP’s program consists of five Saturday sessions starting June 9. Each session includes coaching by members of area sailing clubs and on the water drills. For women who do not meet the WARP requirements, CSC offers an Adult Sailing Program. Contact Bob Harrington at 972-276-1954. CSC invites experienced women sailors from other sailing clubs to get WARPed this year. Registration is due now. The forms are on the CSC website or contact Kai Kunnapas at 214-324-4593 or


The Adams Cup, US Sailing Women’s National Championship, will be hosted by Rush Creek Yacht Club in September. Local area sailing clubs will also host the Adams Cup’s ladder events for TSA and Area F. J-22 will be the competition boat and must be sailed by a crew of four. WARP offers women the opportunity to form quality teams to participate in these events.


The Wrangle Regatta

White Rock Boat Club will sponsor a regatta for Butterfly, Laser and Laser Radials on June 2nd and 3rd. All classes are "bring your own boat." A minimum of three boats is needed to form a class. The regatta is open to all, except that eligibility for the Laser Radial class is limited to those who are younger than and do not turn 20 during 2001. Pre-registration is encouraged. Notice of Regatta is on the CSC website or contact Sandy Denison at or 214-826-3998.   Registration, check-in and continental breakfast will be on Saturday starting at 8:30. Six races will be attempted with four on Saturday and two on Sunday morning.


CSC Survey Summary

The tribe has spoken. This is my top-level summary of the results of your composite wisdom. The board has not yet reviewed this data, but will be addressing it in May’s board meeting. The survey results will be used as a guide as we set future plans. Stay tuned.


We received 62 responses from 23% of the membership. This is a good response rate. The number of responses was in proportional to the population of regular and active members. In general, the survey results should represent the membership as a whole. Some of the general themes are addressed below.


A large population of the new members would like to race, but do not feel they have the skills and training to take on the Sunday racing program. A low-key summer weeknight race program is supported by new and old alike. Also, other dockside social activities and fun sails would be welcomed. Short training courses on almost any topic would be a hit. There is a strong interest in basic sailing, as well as, beginning and intermediate racing topics. Short courses along with a novice friendly, race program could help increase participation.


The question on Sunday racing drew the largest number of responses with almost half of the respondents commenting. A couple of points come out.

The races need to start at 1:30 with only a short break between races.

On the water, we are noisy and aggressive. This is intimidating for new sailors.

We need to find a way to accommodate new and inexperienced racers.

Newer skippers and crew would like to have a chance to sail with the rock stars from time to time.

We are not as friendly a lot as most of us may think. The regulars are perceived as cliquish and not making an effort to welcome new members or include them in activities.


After the Sunday race program, club facilities garnered the most comments. The membership wants to see the piers, davits and clubhouse well maintained. There is also a concern about the large number of davits in disrepair and unused (and unavailable to those seeking a davit).


The majority of respondents do not feel that we should purchase club owned boats or reach outside the club to try to attract other groups to use the club.


The youth sailing and adult education programs received kudos.


Multiple means of communication are required to reach the membership. The use of email has been a big hit. The frequency of communications is about right and timeliness is important.


A large number of the respondents volunteered to help fix up the club, put on social events and serve on regatta race committees. Sixteen people even volunteered to clean the heads, but alas, there were not takers to become club historian. Scott and Natalie, it looks like you will continue to store the half dozen boxes of archives.


CSC Website Being Updated

The CSC website,, is being updated and expanded. The new design is there and we are starting to post new content. Most new content posted so far is all under Activities - Racing and Education (not greyed out) on the navigation menu. The general layout of the site and currently planned content can be seen in the site map. Most of this content should be posted in the next 6 to 8 weeks. The club would like to thank Lisle Eddie for his expertise and help in designing and hosting this site.


We are trying to communicate better with our membership, as well as, reach prospective new members. This site is for you the member, so we would like your feed back. Do you have suggestions on how we can improve the look, presentation, navigation, content… of the site. Let us know if you find errors. We hope to keep the site current and relevant, so if you have personal, fleet or club information that you would like to have posted, please send it to the webmaster.


The site will contain information about current and upcoming events and serve as a repository for info of general interest. The following is a short tour of the website.


Upcoming events will be posted on the Home Page for easy reference. The Club will contain general information about the club, officers, and membership. Information about the club and fleets is available for prospective members. The membership application is online for easy access. This location also archives newsletters, the by-laws, past commodores, etc. Activities provides information about our Racing, Club Events, and Sailing Education programs. Racing contains the new sailing instructions and racing rules, race calendar, and committee related information. Fleets can post regatta notices and scores here, as well. Activities also highlights our great junior, adult and women’s sailing education programs. Forums provide an unmonitored space to post committee duty rosters; crew needs; availability of crew; and boats, davits, etc. for sale or wanted notices. There is also a general discussion forum for members and others use. Links provides hyperlinks to some other site that may be of general interest to club members.


We are looking for is feedback. Any browser compatibility problems. Any content that should or should not be posted. All suggestions are welcome. There are a couple of known glitches that will be fixed. Send your comments to the webmaster or any officer. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Flying Scot Mid Winters 2001

By Scott Mauney

We came,

We sailed,

We had a great time...

This was my last thought as Natalie and I left the parking lot of St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club in Panama City, Florida.


The Corinthian Sailing Club left its mark and no one got hurt. Natalie and I've been to this regatta for the last five years and every year we look at each other, at the end of the regatta, and think some day we're going to retire here.


In the world of Flying Scot sailing this is the super bowl. This regatta is always held at St. Andrews sometime between the end of March and the first of April. There is a mixture of mostly warm sea-breeze days with, every so often, cool northerly days. Basically, you get all wind conditions imaginable mixed with mild ocean tides and strong river current. Together these makes for some challenging conditions.


Four boats represented the CSC this year. The teams were Kelly Gough and Jeff Grennan, Pat Mannicchia and Jeff Perna, Frank Richards, Bruce Faust, and Bob Vickery, and Natalie, Mike Mikeska and myself.  Photo is Greg Fisher (17), Scott Mauney (15) and Kelly Gough (25).


What makes this regatta so good? Is it the outstanding race committee? Not Hardly! Every year we have been to this regatta the race committee has committed at least one major blunder. However, you soon learn that this part of the mystique. A great example of this occurred on the first race or should I say first attempt of race number 1. We are all coming down to the leeward mark or where we think a leeward mark should be and there is no mark. Kelly Gough is in first place and every time he approaches what he thinks could pass as a leeward mark (anything orange) the race committee either picks it up or moves it further down the course. Later we find out the mark had drifted, but no one on the chase boat could find the missing mark flag. Finally, Kelly gives up and sails back to the race committee boat and says, "Excuse me gentlemen I think we have a problem". Wow the Corinthian Spirit personified! Bob Gough would have blown a gasket... Now I would've been mad about being cheated out of a possible first place as well but Kelly was probably thinking at least I know I have good boat speed.


After the first day of racing, we finally have the boats put away and here comes Jerry and Sunshine Hartman with drinks (Kamikazes afternoon blend) for everyone. After drinking 3 (2 regular and 1 penalty shot for talking) my back felt a whole lot mo-better, I guaranty. That evening there was a pig roast at the club, however, we got stuck at Hunt's Oyster Bar. Now that I look back, we got stuck there a lot that week.


Hunt's is the real reason we go to this regatta. They serve oysters: You can have them raw; You can have them with melted cheese and a jalapeno; You can have them with melted Kraft Parmesan Cheese; You can have them with melted butter and pepper; You can have them with red sauce; You can have them with green sauce; You can have them served with a smile; You can have them served with an attitude. They do serve other stuff like really cold beer and if I told you anymore, well you know...


There is no way to describe the feeling you get driving into Panama City looking out over the bay at night seeing the water by the light of the moon and thinking I can win this; Flash! - Then the car in front of you with a boat behind it slows down for a red light and you almost crunch a two year old Flying Scot from behind. I don't want to win it like that.

Natalie and Mike Mikeska made it all happen for us this year. Their teamwork on our boat was seamless. This was the first time we had raced together. Natalie had been working out with a personal trainer since the beginning of January and Mike runs around White Rock to stay in shape. This really paid off over the coarse of three days. Putting the right team together really helped this year and the result was a 3rd in the Championship Fleet. Thank you Natalie and Mike for doing a great job and keeping me focused - which can be hard!


Our Club Finishes:

Kelly Gough - First in Championship

Scott Mauney - Third in Championship

Pat Manicchia - Twelfth in Championship

Frank Richards - Fifth in Challenger


From up the Lake

WRBC has elected a new commodore, Bill Campbell, who can be reached at or 214-348-3692. Congratulations Bill.

At the Dock

By the time this newsletter reaches you, the projects to rebuild the south most sail folding area, reorienting the walkway for davits #169 – 175 at the south end of the club, and reconstructing the main north-south walkway from gate to gate should all be complete. Super progress, Mac.


The white rescue boat, which has finally died, will be replaced with a Boston Whaler similar to the one in the picture. A seat will be installed forward of the console and Bimini top added. It should be in service in June according to Bob Harrington.



From the Pier Rear Commodore

A really big thanks to all the people who showed up for spruce up day. Even though it was raining and uncomfortable, the camaraderie that everyone showed was great. The willingness to undertake the many different tasks at hand really warmed my heart, proving to me, that yes, some people in the club really do want a better place and are willing to prove it by showing up and doing something about it. To those that did show up and work I pay my deepest thanks for a job well done. Mac McCoy


From the Davit Registrar

The spring/summer sailing season is upon us and the activity level at the club has increased. It’s a great time to repair, upgrade, or sell your davit. If you have a davit that you are unable to use, or just need to repair, contact me at 972 231-4521. I can provide you with the name of a few contractors that you can hire. Or, if you are more inclined to do the work yourself and would like to join forces as part of a work team with other members needing repair, let me know. In addition, if you are interested in selling your davit, there are a number of members wishing to buy. Thanks - Clancy McKenna


From the Fleets

Day Sailer Fleet 50 at White Rock Lake is now revived. There is a Daysailer events coming up May 5th-6th, the
"Lake Arlington Spring Regatta". Jeff Harrold is the CSC contact for the fleet. He can be reached at or 214-821-3933.


Flying Scot Districts will be held on May 12-13 at Rush Creek in conjunction with Dingy Fest this year. If anyone needs information or help getting their boat to Lake Ray Hubbard, give Greta Mittman or John Diggins a call.


Snipe Fleet 001 at CSC, and some of its members, have several boats that they are willing to lease on a lease-purchase arrangement in order to encourage newcomers to try out the Snipe. Sale prices range from $500 to $4,000 and monthly leases are $50-$150. Details are available at


The Butterfly fleet is refurbishing some "older" Butterflys to be used for beginners and guests. This is a "work in process", but we plan to have 5 boats. We can usually put you in a boat. Come on down, or contact Tom Charland at 214-368-5797or .


Race Calendar



Natalie Mauney



Arlington YC Spring Regatta (Day Sailers)



Jr. Circuit Regatta CSC





Boat Show CSC



TSA/Area F Sears Lightning at CSC



J-24 Circuit RCYC



Snipe Spring Regatta OCBC Lake Hefner






Race Mgt Seminar #2 6:30-9:30 (CSC)



RCYC Spring Dingyfest (FS Districts)






Snipe Southwestern CSC





Memorial Day






Phil Morris



Butterfly Wrangle/Captain’s Challenge





Jr. Sailing Camp #1 (m-f 9:00 to 2:00)


WRP (Starts)



TSA/Area F Bemis/Smyth 420/Laser Corpus Christi



Snipe District 2 Championship Littleton CO






WRP (upwind/windward mark rounding)



Lightning Districts CSC



Jr. Circuit Chandlers Landing





Butterfly Single Handed Nationals Lake Lotawana



FS Wife-Husband Berlin OH



Special Olympics Regatta (CSC)






C-15 Nationals at CSC


The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter

The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an open invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family, and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Frank Richards at 7274 Williamson Cir, Dallas, TX 75214, or at . I am also interested in any suggestions on how to improve the newsletter. Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Both regular and associate memberships are available. Contact the Membership Rear Commodore, Ralph Capen, at or 972-669-0010 for details.