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July 2001 Corinthian Sailing Club White Rock Lake Dallas, TX


From the Commodore

Fellow Corinthian Sailors -


Wow! Where did the spring go? So much is happening at the club, if you miss a couple of weeks you are really behind!

I am impressed with the turnout for the first Wednesday casual race program. Even though the wind was howling, several folks came out and our Vice Commodore demonstrated high wind sailing without a rudder. It was very educational. The second Wednesday was even better with a large turnout and two great fun races. Jeff & Laurie Harrold won one race in their recently restored Daysailer! That isn't something you see every day.

I am very excited about the July 4th activities. Look for more details elsewhere in the newsletter. This is a great time to bring down the family and friends for a fun evening at the club! If you haven't been around in a while, here is a good excuse to check out what is happening.

See you on the docks - Phil

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendars


Week Night Fun Races - 7PM each Wednesday

White Rock Cruising - Each Friday Evening

C15 Nationals at CSC- June 29 - July 1

CSC Independence Day Fun Sail - July 4

Adams and Mallory Cup TSA CLYC - July 7-8

Junior Sailing Camp (Second Session) - July 9-19

Adams and Mallory Cup Area F RCYC - Aug 18-19

Labor Day - Sept 3

Adams and Mallory Cup Finals RCYC - Sept 11-15

Corinthian Single Handed Long Distance Race - Sept 15

Junior Circuit RCYC - Sept 22-23

State Fair Regatta - Sept 29


CSC Independence Day Fun Sail

Please plan to attend the annual 4th of July celebration at CSC. Fun races start at 2:30. Barbecue & sodas will be provided. Bring your family, yourself and a side dish or dessert. There will be live entertainment by an acoustic guitar duo, 7 - 10 PM. After dinner, take a leisurely cruise and watch one of the many fireworks shows from the lake!


CSC Board Meeting

The next CSC board meeting will be at 7PM on the dock on Tuesday, August 7. The board meetings are open to all members.


Wednesday Night Fun Sail

Just a reminder, the Wednesday night fun sailing program has started and will be continued through the summer. The first Wednesday was blown out, but we have had good attendance at the last two and every one seems to be enjoying the fun races. Here are the specifics - CSC Wednesday Night Sailing (Aka: Beer Can Series). 7:00-ish every Wednesday. No-Pressure Sailing! Rig & Sail Anything! Don't have a boat? Not to worry—Others will share! Have old sails, funny sails - try them out. Bring the family and a picnic. If a race breaks out there will be personnel to handle it. This is your opportunity to hone your sailing and racing skills in a friendly, supportive environment and to be with your fellow sailors. A few (so-called) "experts" will be on hand. . White Rock is beautiful (and cooler) in the evening. Questions? Contact: Bob Gough 817-268-2538. Email


White Rock Cruisers

Glenn Shipman is coordinating an everyone-welcome group of sailors who want to day sail on the lake. The "White Rock Cruisers" will be at the lake sailing very Friday evening. They want to encourage others to come out and join them. Contact Glenn or Jeff Harrold for more details.


From the Membership Rear Commodore

For those members that have sent in their renewals in a timely fashion - you should have your membership packets in hand...even most of our late renewals have been processed and turned back around. If your check has been cashed and you don't have your packet (lost, moved, Ralph messed up...), contact Ralph at or 972-669-0010 and he'll get it squared away. The rest of you by now should have your suspension have decisions to make...send in your renewal fees, resign, or face the wrath of the by-laws (we really want you to stay as members - but we gotta be fair!).


Please keep us informed of your whereabouts and contact numbers. We're working on ways to keep that stuff private (Board - only). Meanwhile, we need to know where to send the newsletter, event notices, and etc., as well as, how to contact you in an actual emergency. Email is a great tool and we're using it to save the club a significant amount of postage expense while providing the membership with more timely information. So please keep us up to date on email changes and/or let us know what yours is if you don't think that we have it. Ralph


The lock combinations have been changed to those on the back of your 2001-2002 membership card.

And then there was wind…

The 2001 Special Olympics Regatta was sailed June 23rd on White Rock Lake. The wind was light and elusive, but spirits were high. We had several returning teams from last year, along with many first time sailors. Everyone enjoyed a hot dog lunch, and throngs of enthusiastic spectators were on hand to cheer on their favorite team.


Races started at 10:45, with southerly breeze at 7. Myles Baiman (Plano) and Steve Comen, last year's winners, took off at the start, and led the entire first race. Natalie Brooks (Duncanville), sailing with Greta Mittman came in 2nd, followed closely by Jeff Taub (Duncanville), sailing with Ted Perna.


The wind died after lunch, forcing an hour delay, but the second race was started at 2:25. The breeze filled in from every direction, sometimes fooling even the veterans. Jeff Taub and Ted Perna held on to the lead and won the race, with Myles and Steve finishing second. Myles and Steve won the regatta for the second year in a row.


As Casey Young, a first time sailor says, "Pulling on the ropes and steering the boat in to the club" were the favorite parts of the regatta. Kelli Riddle, from Duncanville and a second time competitor, really enjoyed driving the boat also. Natalie Brooks, sailing her second regatta, says "the whole thing" was her favorite part, along with steering the boat between races.


We could not hold this event without the help and support of many dedicated people. Amy and Jill, from SOTX, were helpful and resourceful the entire day. If anyone ever needs raffle tickets sold, they should talk to Jill! The Corinthian Sailing Club showed its true Corinthian spirit welcoming all, and providing the absolute best venue for racing in Texas. The Flying Scot Fleet volunteered boats, skippers, and support. The Lightning Fleet supported Bob Gough flawlessly on committee under challenging wind conditions. It is amazing to see the support and enthusiasm from the members of the club for this event.


Currently, our event is a demonstration sport. In order to become a sanctioned sport with the Special Olympics, we need to have supervised training, have a documented 8-week practice, and complete a 10-hour practicum with the athletes. This would mean a higher level of commitment from all involved. We need to decide if this is something that we want to do. The sailors from Duncanville, and several other sailors that participated, have expressed interest. So, give me your input; let me know how you feel about becoming sanctioned. (Joni Seifrick, 214- 553-0005)


From the Fleets

White Rock Sailors Sweep Butterfly Nationals - As the old newscaster Gabriel Heater used to say: "There's good news tonight!" White Rocks' Butterfly Fleet #20 was very well represented at the Nationals at Lake Lottawana outside of Kansas City over the June 22-24 weekend. Scott Mauney took 1st place, Bruce Faust took 2nd place and Sandy Denison came in 6th place, missing 5th place by a mere 1.5 points. Sandy finished in 3rd place in the final two races of the regatta. Both Scott and Bruce won 2 races each. As I hear it - Bruce was ahead of Scott going into the last race, but Bruce found a hole and Scott scooted ahead to win the race and the regatta. Bruce won the Butterfly Nationals last year.

Paul Denison came in 11th out of 19 boats in the junior regatta. He improved with each race with finishes of 16-15-9-8-5.

We are all really proud of Bruce, Scott, Sandy and Paul for their great showings at the national regatta. Congratulations to all of you.


Lightnings Texas District Regatta - The Lightnings held their annual Texas District Regatta, June 16, on White Rock Lake to qualify for the Lightning North Americans. 8 boats participated with skipper & crew coming from Texas & Oklahoma. Spencer McGowan was apprehended smuggling a ringer from Missouri that looked surprisingly like John Waskom. After sufficient sailing and alcohol he was chased back across the border.


The Wind Gods had their attention on other lakes so for most of the afternoon the task was to keep the boat moving forward and avoid baking under the sun. The first race was sailed in a steady 5-knot breeze out of the south. After the start most of the fleet played the left. At the first mark Vern "Sail your proper course" Goldberg rounded first followed by Scott Anderson. Scott followed Vern on the downwind but Doc Newman and Ralph Bilnoski were able to catch up and pass them both by the leeward mark. On the second upwind, Scott got to the left first and picked up a couple of boat lengths but crossed behind Ralph trying to get to the right. At the second weather mark Scott and Ralph were bow to bow. Unfortunately Ralph hit the weather mark and had to do the spin thing. Scott jibed to stay on the upwind left side if the course but lost ground to Doc and Vern who stayed in the middle. At the leeward mark Doc and Ralph were hot on Scott’s heels. Scott again tacked first to get to the left after sailing about 50 yards he tacked back on a huge left shift that carried him to the finish and the win. Ralph went hard left again and ended up second with Doc finishing third. Scott, being the kind and thoughtful skipper he is, rounded the finish line and sailed backward giving his crew more shade. When I saw the transom of his boat in front me approaching fast, I thought I was catching up…


The second race was a four leg W/L course started in about the same breeze. At the first weather mark it was Ralph leading Scott second and Clancy McKenna third. It stayed that way until about 100 yards from the second weather mark when the breeze shut down. Ralph stayed left Scott took the middle and Clancy went hard right. When they finally reached the weather mark it was Ralph in the lead Scott second and Clancy third. Ralph and Scott jibed and pulled away into a nice lead but the breeze got light. Clancy set, stayed on starboard and got a great puff that carried him all the way to the finish and a great comeback victory. Scott had to fight off Doc to stay in second, Doc got a third and Ralph was fourth.


After a much needed lunch break we were back at it in a dying southerly breeze. After the start the fleet split. At the weather mark the left had paid with Ralph rounding first and Scott in a close second. Both set and were off until the breeze shut off completely and as usual the breeze filled from behind helping the leaders make huge gains. Ralph rounded the leeward mark first followed by Scott. Ralph went right and sailed a very smart leg to get a very impressive win. After a 180-degree wind shift Scott came across the finish line with the wind at his back. Doc finished third. The race committee then took mercy on the fleet and called it a day and a regatta.


First place was capture by Scott Anderson, his crew Adrienne Davis & Stephanie Laughlin. Second place went to Ralph Bilnoski and his daughter Alyssa. Third place went to Doc Newman, his son Clarke, and daughter Deanna.


The members of Lightning Fleet 35 thank Bob Gough and his Race Committee for their dedication and excellent stewardship of these races, Hank Hermann for the lunches supplied and Ardis Good for her efforts in organizing the event. Rob Edwards

Flying Scot Texas District
results: First - Richard Wade, Second - Michael Mittman, Third - Tom Miller, Fourth - Red Dog Jones, Fifth - Phil Morris. The event was held at RCYC on May 19 & 20.


Did you see the Kelly Gough interview in the July/August Sailing World (pg. 56)?


New Members

Please welcome these new members to the club:


Patrick Bartosh

Shari Coleman

Brian and Susan Dickie

Dara and David Dohnalik

Robert Dorrell

Carol Duncan

Brian Freis

Jane Fergason

Jan Hawkins

James Gleason

Charles and Pat Guittard

Andrea Kranz

Jens Kroll

Brenda and David Lence

Suzanne Leslie

Diana and Justin Martin

Kathleen and Robert Meidell

Kyle and Megan Phillips

Kenny Pirkle

Robert Primeaux

Alex and Nichole Richter

Ana and Andres Ruzo

Anita and Mark Ryan

Janice Scott

Greg Sims

Mark Stansbury

Gregg Thompson

Michael and Barbara Tighe

Kris Weaver

Werner Willers

Troy Wise

Darlene and Robert Wolf


Race Calendar




Bill Wilson





Independence Day Fun Races



FS NA's Toms River NJ



Adams/Mallory TSA CLYC J-22



Snipe Nationals Eugene OR



Jr. Sailing Camp #2 (m-f 9:00 to 2:00)












Rebel Nationals Springfield IL






Butterfly Open Crystal Lake MI






Jr. Race Week Houston















John Diggins






Lightning NA’s Lake Champlain NY






Adams/Mallory Area F RCYC J-22







The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter

The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Frank Richards at 7274 Williamson Cir., Dallas, TX 75214, or at I am also interested in any suggestions on how to improve the newsletter.


Corinthian Sailing Club

Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218. Website is Both regular and associate memberships are available. Contact the Membership Rear Commodore, Ralph Capen, at or 972-669-0010 for details.