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The Main Sheet
September 2001       Corinthian Sailing Club        White Rock Lake Dallas, TX


From the Commodore
Fellow Corinthian Sailors -

Well, we are over the mid-summer hump and the sailing just gets better from here. It is time to start tuning up for the fall regattas, so come on down and join us on the line Sundays and Wednesdays. Several new boats are on the way to lucky members and many of the rest of us are updating and tweaking our equipment in anticipation of the best attended regattas in years. Don't miss out! Congratulations to our teams who did a fantastic job at the Mallory and Adams semifinals. See more details in this newsletter. It will be a busy fall for Scott Mauney & crew who will be representing us at the Mallory Finals and also at the Championship of Champions.

Improvements continue around the club with many members rebuilding davits and repairing boats. I really appreciate everyone's efforts in this regard. The club has never looked so good although there is always plenty more to do. I was looking over the club roster this week and saw several names of members that I haven't seen on the docks in months. If you haven't been to the club lately, come on down and see what is happening. The web site just gets better and better. I have to check it out every day to keep up with what is happening. The forums are getting active and are a perfect place to post a notice or get a question answered. Be sure and check them out. This is a very exciting time to be a CSC sailor.

See you on the docks - Phil

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendars

Junior Circuit Regatta - FWBC

Sept 8-9

Adams & Mallory Cups National Finals - RCYC

Sept 11-15

Corinthian Single-Handed Long Distance Race

Sept 15

Junior Circuit Regatta - RCYC

Sept 22-23

State Fair Regatta

Sept 29

Past Commodore's Dinner

Oct 13

Club and Lake Championships

Oct 14

Flying Scot Open House Regatta

Oct 27-28

CSC Awards Banquet

Nov 10 or 17

Wednesday Night Fun Races

Wed Evening


State Fair Regatta
Rebel Fleet 24 is once again getting its act together to host it's annual State Fair Regatta on Saturday September 29. Always a great regatta, this year we hope to outdo last year's record of 60 beautiful boats with a 70 beautiful boat regatta. Our intent is to significantly increase the juniors' participation in this regatta. Last year we had a few juniors, this year we would like to see all of them. Two full race committees are needed to properly handle this. Due to the informal organization of our fleet (no dues, no meetings, no membership requirements, no roster, etc.), we depend heavily on osmosis, rumor and hearsay in the detail planning of this regatta. The sterling character and ability of our loyal members and friends will help us execute the plan. But due to the added race committee demands, we will need to field a larger regatta crew than in the past. Please, sail the regatta if you can. If you can't, we can use volunteers - especially experienced race committee. Call Harold Westerheim at 972-276-4730.

September Junior Regattas
Fort Worth Boat Club has scheduled the "Old Man of the Sea Regatta" for September 8th & 9th. This club sent a large contingent to our "Cinco de Mayo Regatta" and we should reciprocate by participating in theirs. Registration forms can be obtained by e-mail from Finlay Higgins (

Rush Creek Yacht Club has a regatta scheduled for September 22nd & 23rd. These folks also put on a nice group of races, so think about it and give the club a call for registration forms or e-mail Michael Cazabon (

Let me know how we can help you and your junior sailors participate in these regattas, Bob Manning.

Wednesday Night Fun Sail
We continue to have outstanding participation in the Wednesday night fun races with 15 plus boats showing up. Those sailing are having a great time. Come out and join the festivities. The races start 7:00-ish every Wednesday and it is okay to be a little late since there are usually 3 or 4 races. If the interest remains, Bob Gough plans to continue the series through October.

Membership Packets
I am finishing up the late renewals' membership packets so if you haven't gotten yours yet and you renewed late they are being mailed the first week in September. If you renewed on time and need another card please let us know.

Scott Mauney wins the Mallory Area F Regatta
CSC was represented well by three teams, the PRO - Bob Gough and Head Judge - John Diggins. The Area F Adams (US women's championship) and Mallory's (US men's championship) were sailed jointly in J22s on Ray Hubbard on two very hot and windless days in mid-August (18-19). Chandlers Landing hosted the Adams Cup event with 8 women's teams. Rush Creek hosted the Mallory Cups with 5 men's teams. Both series were round robins, so the committee had 8 races to get off in two days to complete the Adams regatta.

CSC entered two men's teams - Scott Mauney with Michael Mittman and Mike Mikeska and Dave Mendelblatt with Jeff Perna and Bill Cantrell. Greta (Mittman) Black with Natalie Mauney, Jennifer Meredith and Teresa Morris represented the club in the Adams.

The first race on Saturday started an hour late at 11AM, as the committee chased the wind. The second race started mid-afternoon in very light wind. A line of storms settled in east of the lake and sucked the remaining wind off the lake. And, then there was the lightning. The committee wisely postponed and moved the contestants back to shore. The storms backed up to the lake with rain, more lightning and 30+ gusts. The day was called at 6PM as we continued to watch the storms, and Dave Mendelblatt on his windsurfer, from the dock.

The first gun was at 8:15 Sunday morning since there were 6 more races to sail to complete the Adams. Dave's team arrived at the dock at 7:55 and promptly placed second in the first race. It is great when you have so much raw talent that you can sleep in for the early starts. Anyway, more of the same on Sunday - light and fluky. The course was moved north in search of wind and the fourth race started about 10AM with a little wind, but it died and the race was shortened. After picking up a sandwich and drinks, the boats were towed still further north for the fifth race. It was started about 1:30 and sailed in 100 degree temperatures. The Mallory's were over. The leader changed with almost every race. At the end of four races, FWBC and RCYC were tied for 1st ahead of CSC's Mauney and Mendelblatt teams by one point. Close! All five boats were within a few boat lengths of each other at the final leaward mark. Scott and Dave headed right while FWBC and RCYC headed left on the final beat. Dave tacked onto starboard first and looked like he might win the race. Scott banged the left corner and won with FWBC 5 or 6 boat lengths behind. Scott won the tiebreaker with more firsts than FWBC. Dave was fourth, but very close to FWBC and RCYC at the finish. Congratulations to Scott, who will be sailing in the finals on Ray Hubbard, September 11-15.

The women were towed still further north for more racing while the men were towed back to Rush Creek and air conditioning. The women sailed the sixth race up close to the I30 bridge and then took a break. The wind never came back and the Adams regatta was shortened to 6 races. The two Austin teams sailed a great regatta and were in firm control of 1st and 2nd when the regatta was called. Greta's team was in 3rd after four races, but faded to 5th as the wind died and the temperature climbed. It was really hot out there.

Bob Gough and the race committee did a great job with the conditions they were given.

Yes, Scott, Dave, Gretta, Bob and John reminded folks that we have a lot of talent on little old White Rock Lake.

Mallory Area F Regatta
Rush Creek Yacht Club

























Adams Cup Area F
Chandlers Landing Yacht Club



































Ok City









Juniors Do Well At Houston Race Week
Five CSC Juniors went to Houston to compete in three regattas hosted by different sailing clubs on Galveston Bay and Clear Lake. These regattas attract some of the best sailors from the South and Southwest as they constitute a Junior Olympic event as well as an Optimist World and European Team Trials Qualifier. This year there were over 50 White (10 years old and under), Blue (11-12 years old) and Red (13-15 years old) Optimist sailors and 38 Green Fleet (novice) Opti Sailors.

Alex Nash, winner of the CSC End of Camp Regatta, sailed hard in the Green Fleet in the first Houston regatta. Wind and waves were a problem for this 50lb. sailor the first day, but the lighter wind the second day got him two fourths. Blake Boettcher sailed in the Red Fleet for the second and third regattas and trophied with a seventh in the third regatta. Paul Denison saw improvement every regatta in the highly competitive Blue Fleet. Had he been a little older, (Red Fleet) he would have trophied the in the second and third regattas. Joey DeCosta had an up and down week with some bad luck thrown in to make life interesting, but still managed a seventh in the first regatta, a fifth in the second and a fourth in the third regatta to finish sixth in the Red Fleet for the week. Brother Alex DeCosta began sailing with us this year and competed in the Green Fleet. Alex is a big strong kid for 11 and very competitive (seriously into soccer). Watching him the first day figuring out how to handle the wind and big waves in the bay (something us White Rockers have little experience with), I knew he would do well for the week. A seventh (first regatta), a fifth (second regatta) and a first (third regatta) is quite a showing for a first year sailor. Furthermore, Alex finished first in the Green Fleet for the week!

Thanks to Sandy Denison for the use of his boat and all the help with Houston Race Week. He really went above and beyond the call. Also, thanks to the families of these fine sailors for their support. A big thanks goes to Charles Higgins for coaching at Houston Race Week this year. Charles comes to us from the Fort Worth Boat Club and has coached two years at CSC. He is a fine Junior racer himself. Having raced at Houston Race Week for several years, he had much useful information to share with our competitors. Sandy tells me he is a cool-headed and able-bodied hand to have aboard when storms hit as well. But, that is another story. By Tom Forgue

From the Fleets

C-15 Junior North American Championship
This has been a brainchild of mine for several years and I finally got to try it. The idea has two parts. First, getting juniors involved with the C-15 seems like the best way to secure future C-15 sailing. Second, the C-15 is quite a handful for smaller people if the wind really blows (optimum team weight is around 300-325 lb.). Why not have a regatta where a kid driver could have an adult (and much heavier) crew? So here is how it worked. If the captain was 15 or younger, they could have a crew of any age. Captains 16-18 had to have a crew 18 or younger.

Six boats were entered the C-15 Junior North American Championship Regatta that was supposed to run as part of the C-15 NAC held at White Rock June 29, 30 and July 1. However, rain and more rain on Saturday morning caused us to reschedule for Sunday afternoon at the end of our NAC. Well, a hot and windless Sunday afternoon created the need to reschedule for the next Sunday. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), all of the entries were from the Dallas area, so when we finally got to sail. There were six boats on the line. We began the regatta with absolutely perfect south winds about 8 to 10 mph. that built to 10, maybe 15, by the end of the regatta. Running the regatta alone was made very easy by the consistency of the wind direction. Seven short, collegiate style races were run back to back in the blistering heat of mid-July. Each team had a junior skipper and an adult crew. (Okay, some of the crews were more adult than other crews.) Congratulations to Jaron Henkley and adult crew Ed Bardwell-third, Lindsey Olson and father Greg-second, and Joey DeCosta and adult crew Jeff Perna-first. By Tom Forgue

Scott and Natalie Mauney Win Sandy Douglas Scot Regatta
The Sandy Douglass Memorial Regatta is held every summer at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland to honor the late Sandy Douglass, designer and first builder of the Flying Scot sailboat. There were thirty-nine entries. In addition to many of the regular Deep Creek Lake sailors, there were thirteen from other sailing clubs--three from the Washington/Chesapeake Bay area, eight from the Ohio District, one from Sarasota Florida, and one couple from Dallas, Texas! You see, Scott and Natalie decided to take a little vacation up north and escape the Texas heat on July 28 and 29.

Saturday was cool and cloudy with a nice southerly breeze. A long challenging four windward leg course was set for the first race. The wind shifted to the southeast and freshened to 15 to 20 mph with many gusts to 25 for the second race. Just before the start, the windward mark was removed by mistake, but another racing association boat was able to replace it, just in time!

Sunday the temperature was in the upper 50's, and it was raining. About a half-hour before the 11 AM start, thick fog blew in from the east. However, by 11 AM the fog had lifted, and the race was on for an 11:30 start. The wind was about the same as the first race on Saturday, so the same course was used with only three windward legs. Many sailors who were not in contention for a trophy chose not to sail in the cold rain. After the race, the sailors returned to the Turkey Neck Club and were treated to a warm fire in the fireplace (remember that we are talking July!) and a hot lunch. Trophies were presented.

The winners in the Champion Division were Scott and Natalie Mauney. They flew up, and Harry Carpenter (the Flying Scot builder) loaned the Mauney's Flying Scot number one. "The First One" and it was. Anti-fouling bottom paint and all. Thanks, Harry. Well, just goes to show that a Scot can remain competitive for a long time. Harry Carpenter was third. Excerpted from regatta website with editorial liberties.

Sailing on White Rock has been great. New faces (to me) are getting in a Laser and on the water. Members from both clubs as well as many others with a wide range of skill levels have made this a productive summer. Informal clinics, racing, and on-the-water question and answer sessions have made our Saturdays and Wednesdays not only fun but informative. I am certain that the DFW area Laser sailors that have been attending will certainly fair well in the upcoming regatta season. As always, it is fun and informal to participate with us. Just show up with your boat, a desire to sail fast and often, we'll take care of the rest!

CSC Board Meeting
The next CSC board meeting will be at 7PM on the dock on Tuesday, September 4. The board meetings are open to all members.

What’s New on the CSC Website
As Phil indicated, the CSC website ( is growing. We owe Lisle Eddy a big thank you. He has provided invaluable support in developing and hosting the site. Since the last newsletter, a history of the club and White Rock Lake, a CSC membership roster, race results, and an updated fleets page have been added to the site. The history project is still in its infancy. We have new photos and information that will be added during September. If you have some memories that you would like to share, send them to Frank Richards and they will be included in future updates of the history. If you have a boat, davit or equipment that you would like to buy, lease or sell, the forums can help you. You can also get your questions answered, seek a crew, or post your fleet duty roster. Of course, the events, regatta notices and newsletter archive pages are updated regularly.

Odds and ends
A new gas grill has been purchased and has the same combo as the gas locker.

We can now reach over 75% of our membership via email.

If you have a boat or davit to sell, try advertising on the CSC website.

Notice - Sunfish Being Sold
The Club has decided to sell the Sunfish, which are now being stored on the board boat pads. In trying to determine ownership of these boats, we find that only one person has paid for a pad for their Sunfish, so we can only assume that the remaining boats belong to the club. If you own a Sunfish currently residing on a pad, contact Clancy McKenna ( or Bob Manning ( and identify your boat as soon as possible. We will begin selling the abandoned boats to interested buyers on September 16th.

New Members
Please welcome these new members to the club:

Bill Contrell
Charles and Kathy Dozier - C-15
Bill Heck - Flying Scot
James Mason
Scott Stolley
Charl Weinkauf

Race Calendar



Bob Gough






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Adam/Mallory Finals, RCYC, J-22



Corinthian Single Handed Long Distance






Jr. Circuit, RCYC






State Fair Regatta






Paul Heidgerd



POW Finals, FWBC, J-22






Club and Lake Championship



Fall Dingyfest, RCYC






Flying Scot Open House





The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter
The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Frank Richards at 7274 Williamson Cir., Dallas, TX 75214, or at I am also interested in any suggestions on how to improve the newsletter.

Corinthian Sailing Club
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