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February 2002   Corinthian Sailing Club   White Rock Lake    Dallas , TX

CSC Annual Business Meeting

The club's annual meeting was held on January 19th at the Royal Oaks County Club.  The Lake Trophy was presented to Marke Smith.  The Norm Watkins award went to Mac McCoy for his tireless work and coordination of volunteers rebuilding the docks and other projects around the Club.  Alan Schmitt received Special Recognition for his service to the Club.

Outgoing board members reported on their activities over the past year.  The outgoing board deserves much praise for many accomplishments during 2001:  extensive refurbishment of Club facilities, development of a terrific website, outstanding racing accomplishments in regattas on and off the lake, extensive racing education and the popular Wednesday night series, are among the many activities. 

While the Board members by and large conceived of and carried out these results, they were made possible by volunteer efforts from many of the members.  For those who helped thank you and please come again.  For the rest of you, join us.  It is a way to provide much-needed help and spend time with some fine folks.

 The following slate of Club officers for 2002 was elected:

Commodore - Bob Gough
Vice Commodore, Race - Chris Dukeminier

Rear Commodore, Membership - Frank Richards
Rear Commodore, Pier - MO Berry

Rear Commodore, Equipment - Bob Harrington
Rear Commodore, Sailing Education - Sandy Dennison
Rear Commodore, Social - Prater and Nancy Monning
Davit - Clancy McKenna
Treasurer - Jeff Harrold
Secretary - Dudley Bayne  

Board appointed positions for 2002 are City Liaison - Max Hibbs, TSA Representative - Bob Gough and Past Commodore - Phil Morris. 


2002 Budget and Dues

Members no doubt noticed a modest dues increase in the recent statement.  The CSC Board approved this increase to enable the Club to keep the facilities in sound condition.  In addition to replacing the holding tank on the head and providing a new and reliable motor for the old chase boat, significant pier maintenance is needed.  Please get your response with money to Frank Richards by the March 15 due date.  This will ensure your receiving updated Club data as well as having the new lock combinations!


Women's Racing Program (WRP):

The WRP will be back at CSC again this summer.  If you are interested in volunteering to help plan and organize this year's WRP, please contact Kai Kunnapas; VM: 214.324.4593 or email:
by February 26.


Notice - Five Davits to be Auctioned

A silent davit auction will be held the first Saturday in March.  The Carol Gough Foundation will auction davit 153, which it acquired by way of a donation from Sandy Dennison.  A minimum value of $750.00 has been set, and all proceeds will go to the Foundation.  In addition, the auction will sell davits of ex-members, the proceeds of which will go to the current owners.  Available davits are 61, 107, 187 and 196.  Davits will be withdrawn from the auction if sold by the present owner prior to opening the bids.  The bids will be opened at 12:00 noon on Saturday, March 2, 2002 in the CSC clubhouse.  Bids may be presented in person at the auction prior to 12:00 noon or mailed to the Davit Registrar.  Send mail-in bids to Clancy McKenna, Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.  Mail-in bids must be received by Friday, March 1, 2002.    Be sure to include your name, the davit number, and amount of your bid.  A map of the davits is available in the CSC clubhouse and on the CSC website.


From the Davit Registrar

The spring and summer of 2001 brought us a great deal of davit activity.  New members wanting to secure davits drove an effort to find and repair existing davits that could accommodate them, and in the process we had 20 davits that were bought and sold during the course of the year.  In addition, thanks to our member’s blood, sweat, and checkbooks, we had 15+ davits that underwent major repair.  Thanks to all of you who participated in the effort to make those things happen. 

We anticipate that the spring and summer of 2002 will be equally as active, and requests for davits have already begun.  In the next month, I will be contacting all of the members who have davits that have spent much of the year empty, and ask that you consider leasing them for a period of time.  The CSC By-Laws provide that the boat and davit must be maintained in a safe and usable condition.  The bylaws further prohibit a davit remaining empty or being used solely to store a boat that is not sailed.  Although often an unpleasant task, the board has a duty to the club to exercise proper stewardship of our facilities.  We will be contacting members owning boats or davits that are not compliant with these bylaws. The board intends to enforce the bylaws for the overall good of the club   

If you are contacted, please understand that this is not personal, but necessary for the safety and betterment of the club.  Our first desire is for all members to make use of the club.  If you own a boat or a davit that you are not using now or planning to use in the near future, please consider leasing or selling it so that others may enjoy the club.  If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances that the board should be aware of please contact Clancy McKenna.


Juniors’ Program


Junior Sail Camps & CSC Jr. Regatta - Planning is well underway for this year’s Junior activities.  Tentative plans are to again sponsor two sail camps for both neophyte and experienced sailors.   The first camp is planned for June 3-14 and will culminate with CSC’s hosting of a Texas Sailing Association (TSA) Juniors Circuit Regatta the weekend of June 15-16.  We plan to schedule a second camp sometime between June 16 and Texas Race Week (July 20-28), with the most likely camp dates being July 8-18.  We are also hoping to add a one-week advanced race clinic to provide training for those juniors seriously into racing, which may be either integrated into our regular sail camps or held separately.

AYC Jr. Regatta - Just around the corner this spring is the Austin Yacht Club’s (“AYC”) Junior Regatta scheduled for the weekend of March 23-24.  This is a TSA Junior Circuit Regatta.  AYC is on beautiful Lake Travis and this regatta is always great fun for the kids as well as their parents.  CSC has reserved a screened shelter on the AYC grounds which has more than enough room to spread your sleeping bag.  AYC also allows camping on the grounds and has restroom and shower facilities.  Sandy Denison will be bringing his Whaler to provide our juniors with on-the-water support.  He can transport one additional Opti and has a double-decker Opti trailer to loan out.  So, if one other adult with a trailer hitch on his vehicle will travel we can transport a total of four Optis and a support boat.  Anyone who is interested in attending please contact Sandy Denison at or 214/826-3998.

Green Fleet Clinic - Later in the spring we hope to organize a Green Fleet clinic, possibly in conjunction with Ft. Worth Boat Club.  The clinic would be presented by “Green Fleet Guru” Tom Coleman from McLaughlin Boat Works.  His specialty is working with kids new to racing and we are told his clinics are guaranteed to instill a love of sailing in your kids and to show them just how much fun trying to sail around those buoys faster than the other guy (or gal) can be.  The clinic will probably be during a weekend in late April.  Keep this in mind for your spring planning.  If we are able to schedule the clinic, we will provide further information in next month’s newsletter.

Parent Group - We would like to encourage all the parents of our CSC juniors to become more involved in the program.  In next month’s newsletter we will be giving notice of a parents’ meeting sometime in March.  We hope to organize parents’ group to assist with both junior activities at White Rock as well as with travel to area and statewide junior regattas.  In the interim, if you are interested or would like to volunteer please contact Sandy Denison.

Carol Gough Sailing Education Foundation - Last year we had more juniors requesting enrollment in our camps than we had boats available.  You can increase the number of boats available, and thus the number of available spaces in our sail camps, by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation.  Cash or in kind contributions can be accepted.  For details contact Trustees “Red Dog” Jones or Prater Monning.

Storage of Personal Gear in Junior Shed - Finally, if you are storing any personal gear - such as sails or kayak paddles - in the Junior Shed please remove it as soon as possible. We plan to reorganize all the junior equipment in the shed and are already pressed for space. Anything left in the shed after March 1st will be assumed to be abandoned or to belong to the junior program. Thanks for your cooperation.


From the Fleets

Butterfly Fleet - The Butterfly fleet conducts 3 races every Saturday with first gun at Noon through the end of February. Beginning in March first gun will move back to 10:30 am.  Any single-handed boat is welcome to come sail with us.  Even in winter we usually have 6-10 boats on the line. If interested contact Race Chairman Sandy Denison at

Corinthian Fleet - Mac McCoy describes “A Day at the Lake” - A couple of weeks ago the Corinthian fleet got together to clean up the VIP area at the North end of the club.  We got out our scrub brushes and cleaned up the area, throwing out the accumulated junk, fixing’ up the KMD (keelboat maintenance davit) and then the most important thing – going out for a day sail.  So, a bunch of folks (even Joe McBride, being blind, had no inhibitions about boarding) jumped into a couple of boats and raced to the dam and back.   The weather was great the company was great and the competition, well, that was pretty good too.  It so happened that we arrived back at the VIP dock at the same time, and it was a race to see who would touch the dock first to win.  

IOM Fleet - A regatta for this remote control fleet is on the schedule for February 23 and 24.  The races will start in the morning.

 Flying Scots - At the beginning of every year, Ed and Marion Lockey host the January Flying Scot Fleet meeting. This year was no different. During the January 25th meeting the Flying Scot Fleet elected their 2002 officers.  Red Dog Jones arrived just in time to be elected Fleet Captain. Tracy Aber (Sec./Treas.) and John Diggins (Race) must be gluttons for punishment because they both volunteer to continue as fleet officers. And Susan Justus "volunteered" for Social.

Upcoming Flying Scot events include Mid-Winter Regatta in mid-March at SABYC, Texas Districts in early May at CSC and the Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta hosted by DCYC on Lake Lewisville. This is a fund raising event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you would like to sponsor a Flying Scot boat for the regatta, contact Red Dog Jones. Corinthian, Snipe, Lightning and Handicap fleets, think of your donation as bribing Fleet 23 to take our Scots off of White Rock for a Sunday. (Please remember we can be easily bought but we're not cheap, so give generously.)

Speaking of begging for money, Flying Scot skippers and crew, it's that time of the year again. Fleet dues are due. Each boat owner's dues are $30 and the crew fees are $15. The dues help defer the cost of printing and postage for the newsletter, regatta notices and race duty announcements sent out to non-email members or sailors, trophies for Districts, Open House and the yearly Series and help pay for regattas, such as districts and Open House.


What’s New on the CSC Website

A map of the club with davit locations has been added to the Club - General Information page.  Davit construction details will be added in the near future.  CSC's website is reaching maturity.  New material will continue to be added, but we will be more in a maintenance mode in the future.  Examples of revised postings include an updated the membership roster, details on the CSC annual business meeting, new photo's to the photo album, updated contacts list and keeping the newsletter file up to date.

Forums provide a vehicle for members to communicate with one another and are now receiving weekly posting.  The Wanted / For Sale Forum is getting heavy use, as people try to buy and sell boats, davits and equipment.  There are several davits posted for sale.  There are a number of experienced crew looking for jobs. 


New Members

Please welcome these new members to the club:

James and Rosemary Costello


Race Calendar 



Michael Mittman





















Red Dog Jones

















The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter

The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club.  This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community.  The deadline for information is the 20th of the month.  Please submit articles to Dudley Bayne at 3612 Hackamore Ct., Plano, TX 75023, or at  I am also interested in any suggestions on how to improve the newsletter.


Corinthian Sailing Club

Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing.  Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake.  Phone 214-320-0841.  Email address is  Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.  Website is  Both regular and associate memberships are available.  Contact the Membership Rear Commodore, Frank Richards, at or 214-827-4434 for details.