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The Main Sheet
Corinthian Sailing Club
October, 2003 White Rock Lake Dallas, Texas

Upcoming Events

Corinthian Sailing Club
Requests the pleasure of your company for the
2003 Annual Banquet and Awards
Saturday, November 8, 2003

The City Club
6900 Bank of America Building
901 Main Street, Downtown Dallas

7:00 p.m. Cocktails, Silent Auction
8:00 p.m. Dinner, Awards Ceremony, Live Auction
with Michael Mittman - Auctioneer

Featuring The Pat Glynn Quartet and Dancing

Auction proceeds benefit the
Carol Gough Sailing Education Foundation
and are tax deductable

RSVP before November 4, 2003
Call Steve and De McCombs
Or RSVP online

Cocktail Attire

$25.00 per person
Payable to CSC
C/o 7027 Lakewood Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75214
Or at the door

Note: Bring your check book/cash
We do not have credit card access for auction.

November 8
-Work day on the docks and Saturday shoreline clean up.
-start at 9am, work to be completed on docks, tack room and club davit

January 15 - Business Meeting
Royal Oaks Country Club

Race Calendar

November ERC Dukemenier
1-2 Wurstfest - LCYC
8 CSC Awards Banquet
9 F/S
16 Lightning
23 Snipe
27 Thanksgiving
30 Corinthian

December ERC Richards
7 F/S
14 Corinthian
21 F/S
25 Christmas
28 Board

Butterfly Invitation

The Butterfly Fleet would like to invite anyone interested in trying single handed sailing to come join them. This gives you an opportunity to make your own decisions plus not having to hunt for a crew at the last minute. They have a couple of very reasonable quality club boats that you can borrow. First gun for Saturday morning races is at 10:30 AM. Plan to come about an hour ahead of time to get rigged. It is first come first serve, so call a fleet member before Saturday. Contact Bruce Faust at 972 259 5873.

Juniors Program

Junior Open House/Halloween Party

Our October 12th Junior Open House and Halloween Party was a great success. Between 25 and 30 young sailors descended on CSC for some Halloween fun and sailing. Junior sailors already in our program were encouraged to bring a friend, which should generate greater interest in our junior sailing classes next summer. Special thanks to Nicole and Gordon Keehn who put the event together and to our coach Megan Chrostowski, who made the trip from College Station to assist with the event. We hope to follow this with another junior party/open house next spring to kick off the new sailing season.

Junior Sailing Subcommittees

Since CSC is an all volunteer club our junior program must rely heavily upon member/parental support and commitment. While CSC retains junior coaches for the summer sailing classes, in order for junior sailing to continue year-round we must rely on parent volunteers. So, you ask: "How can I be of help?" The answer is to volunteer for one of the three junior sailing subcommittees.

In an effort to foster year-round junior sailing we have created three subcommittees within our Junior Sailing Committee, each focused on a particular function. You may volunteer to assist with one or more of these committees, based on your particular talents or inclinations. The three subcommittees are-

1. Junior Open Sailing/Race Subcommittee: The function of this committee will be to provide rescue boat support (in the 15-foot Whaler) for junior sailors who want to come out and sail on Sunday afternoon from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. The only qualification is competence in powerboat operation and rescue procedures, or a willingness to learn and gain competence in these areas. Our plans for Sunday open sailing for juniors depends on volunteers for this committee. Those interested in volunteering should contact Sandy Denison at or 214-826-3998.

2. Junior Social/Entertainment Subcommittee: The mission of this committee is to plan more events like the great Halloween Party/Open House we had on October 12th. While the focus will be on sailing, there are a lot of possibilities for other junior events and functions that will get our young sailors out to the club for a good time on and off the water. If you would like to help with this committee contact Nicole Keehn who has volunteered to lead these efforts. To contact Nicole email or call Sandy Denison as indicated above who will put you in touch.

3. Junior Equipment/Facilities Subcommittee: The thankless task of this committee is to tackle the never-ending job of keeping the junior equipment and facilities in shape. If you have a talent for fixing boats we could use your help with minor repairs, such as replacing tiller extension joints, retying Opti sails and other minor maintenance to our junior club boats and rigs. Assistance with keeping the junior shed organized and ship-shape would also be appreciated. If interested in working with this committee contact Sandy Denison by email or phone as indicated above.

Sunday Junior Open Sailing

Beginning Sunday November 2nd, and continuing until the cold weather sets in, there will be open sailing on Sunday afternoons for CSC juniors. However, our ability to provide rescue boat support for our juniors, and thus our ability to continue open sailing, will be dependent upon parental support through volunteers to the Junior Open Sailing/Race Committee. If an insufficient number of parents volunteer for rescue boat duty then we will be forced to discontinue this aspect of our program. Assuming that support is there, a power boat will be on the water from 1:30 to 4:30 pm each Sunday to rescue or assist junior sailors if the need arises. Each junior sailor will be, however, responsible for both rigging and de-rigging his or her own boat. A junior instructor will not be available to assist the sailors. Parents will also remain responsible for supervising their junior sailors while they are at CSC during all open sailing sessions. We hope that our junior sailors and their parents will take advantage of this opportunity. An email will be sent out each Friday to the parents of CSC juniors advising of plans for the following Sunday. If you do not receive an email by the morning of Friday, November 7th send and email to and you will be added to the list.

Junior Spruce-Up Day - November 8th

The first Junior Spruce-Up Day will be Saturday, November 8th beginning at 9:00 am. We will meet in the junior gazebo by the north entrance to club. Those interested in helping on the Equipment/Facilities Subcommittee should try to attend. The goal is to finish the 420 davit, get the club owned Optimist and Laser rigs in shape and organize the junior equipment and shed. Let Sandy Denison know by email at if you plan to attend.

Junior Racing

Opportunities for our juniors to race have continued into the Fall season. On October 4th CSC was represented by junior Paul Denison at Seabrook Sailing Club's "Endless Summer" Junior Regatta. Paul finished 4th out of a field of 16 in the Laser Radial class and moved up to 5th place for the year in the state-wide TSA rankings of junior Laser Radial sailors. Testing his skill against the adult Laser sailors, Paul also sailed in the Laser Full-rig class at Rush Creek's Dingyfest on October 18-19, finishing 7th out of 16. The last TSA regatta of the season will be at Texas Corinthian Yacht Club in Houston on October 25th. The regatta schedule for next season will likely begin with a TSA junior regatta at Austin Yacht Club in late March.

Rolex International Women's Keelboat Championship

Team 4 Texas survived!

We had a great time! The Annapolis Yacht Club and Rolex host an awesome event to include: welcoming reception at AYC, seafood dinner at Phillips Restaurant, elegant boat ride to home on Potomac for Conde Naste sponsored cocktail party and the final awards dinner at AYC Friday night. Under the tent there were daily "happy hours" with Mexican food or Italian food on days without sponsored dinner. It was amazing to think that the ground floor of the clubhouse and the boat yard had been under 3' of water the weekend before. Some of the waterfront stores and hotels were still in process of drying out when we first arrived.

What an event! From Hurricane Isabel to the "day of carnage" to the flat trailer tire on the trip home..... But the opportunity to be on the starting line and race course with many of the world's most accomplished female racers (including 4 teams just back from Olympic trials, professional match racers, Americas Cup veterans, 19 local teams)...PRICELESS!

This was the 10th anniversary of the event and the largest one in it's history (66 competitors). For the Corinthian Sailing Club, it was the first time we were represented.

The conditions were challenging to say the least.

Winds were from the North, South and West.

On day three the second race was abandoned due to light winds.

On Day four the second race was abandoned because of extreme wind conditions: sustained winds of 30+, puffs anywhere from 47-50+ .

At least 8 boats broached or capsized, Terry Schertz lost all of her team members overboard and at least two people went to the hospital. By midweek women were sporting deep bruises, black eyes and even bloodied brows.

So it went at the 10th Rolex, the premier regatta for female big-boat sailors, which drew competitors from across the country as well as New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, the Caribbean and Bermuda..

For us Lake sailors, it was additionally challenging to constantly have to consider the tides, currents and navigating the 1-2 ft swells.

We finished in 37th place putting us in the top 56%. Pretty good for weekend lake sailors.

We did penalty turns in one race, received a Z flag penalty in another race, and learned the nuances of the Black flag (Betsy Allisson was black flagged so much, on the last day she flew her own Black flag off her backstay!).

If you didn't subscribe to "Girl Talk", please visit our website to catch up with our daily experiences including our encounter with Officer Stovall of the Arkansas Highway Police

For Regatta results please visit the Annapolis Yacht Club website:

Truly the best women's regatta in the world.


Greta Mittman, Tracy Aber and Teresa Morris take 9th in the Adams Cup Finals. Complete results and photos available. Lake Norman, October 22-25, 2003

Scott Mauney, Michael Mittman and Steve Coman take 5th in the Mallory Cup Finals. Complete results and photos available. Lake Norman, October 22-25, 2003

Kelly Gough bests 34 in Flying Scot Open House Regatta. Forest Atkins wins the Challenger Fleet. October 18-19, 2003 Complete results below

Bill Draheim takes 5 first place finishes to win the JY-15 North Americans at Rush Creek Yacht Club. October 3-5, 2003.

Team for Texas completes Rolex International Women's Keelboat Championship. For more info see the regatta site, final scores and the T4T site.

Kelly Gough, Richard Wade and Scott Mauney top the Flying Scots Summer Series. 14 boats qualify. September 28, 2003

White Rock Lake Championship
Corinthian Sailing Club Championship

Sailoff - October 12, 2003
Gene Soltero wins the sailoff in Lasers against Jeff Perna for the
2003 Lake Championship and CSC Championship.

Finals - September 21, 2003
Skipper Crew Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Total

Jeff Pena Carolyn Pena 1 1 1 2 1.4 2 8.4

Gene Soltero Natasha 2 1.4 2 1 1 1 8.4

Bruce Faust Frank Richards 3 2 5 5 2 5 22

George Szoboky Ken Brown 4 6 4 3 3 3 23

Red Dog Jones Rick Swazey 5 3 3 4 6 4 25

Pat Glynn Catherine Holt 6 5 7 6 5 5.8 34.

See "Race Results" on the web page for complete results.


Flying Scot Open House

The annual Flying Scot Open House regatta was held Oct. 18/19th, and was once again a great success! Unlike last year with the rain and flooding, this year gave us excellent weather, but no wind. So, we got started immediately with the party! The weekend started off Friday night with a surprise birthday party for Steve Comen's 40th. Renee provided the food, which made a welcomed accompaniment to the beer and mudslides. Steve's parents and brother Dave joined the fun, and there was much dancing and general celebrating.

Saturday -- no wind, but plenty of looking for wind, testing out the margaritas and strawberry pina coladas, and munching. Racing was cancelled for the day, but some people just decided to stick around anyway for the company and libations.

Saturday night -- more drinking, catered dinner from Chef Jerry, Florida shrimp from Doc Bellows, music from Crawford & McAdams, much dancing and general celebrating, broom dismantling and limbo contest, disco ball, really, really cool raffle, and several pictures of Willis McQueen as a mermaid.

Sunday -- classic Open House breakfast -- biscuits and gravy, followed by two actual races! Dave Butler and his crew did a spectacular job of actually finding wind and forcing it to stay around for two very challenging races. We had 33 boats in the championship fleet (interesting starts to say the least) and 8 boats in the challenger fleet.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this a huge success: Tracy Aber, Jennifer Judkins, Michael and Greta Mittman, Joni Seifrick, Renee Comen, Kathy Minyard, Pat Diggins, Lori Block, Alane Capen, Phil Morris, Susan Justus, Dave Butler (PRO), Kent Gladden, the folks who did race committee from DCYC, the Lightning Fleet, the Butterfly Fleet, and everyone who donated kegs, raffle items, boats to sail, and put up people at their houses.

And of course, a huge thanks to the out-of-towners who showed up from LCYC, Pensacola, Carlisle, Louisiana, Joe Pool Lake, and Wichita Falls. And to everyone at CSC -- make sure you mark you calendars for this event next year . . . It's always a great time and we'd like everyone possible to join in the fun


Flying Scot Open House Regatta
Corinthian Sailing Club
October18-19, 2003

Championship Fleet

Gough, K. 1
Draheim 2
Wolffe 3
Wade 4
Comen 5
Mannichia 6
Mittman 7
Justus 8
Vogler 9T
Foerster, J 9T
Labute 11T
Mikeska 11T
Morris 13
Richards 14
Robinson 15T
Perna, T 15T
Mauney 17
Miller 18
McVay 19
Bellows 20
Dukeminier 21
Priester 22
Buller 23
Hiltabidle 24
Szaboky 25
Harrington 26
Gough, R 27
Jones 28
Adrian 29
Watkins 30
Lockey 31
Berg 32
Smith 33

Challenger Fleet

Atkins 1
Kunnapas 2
Diggins 3
McCombs 4
Goodson 5
Bayne 6
Capen 7
Gandy 8

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