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Don’t be locked out! Almost 300 renewal statements were sent to Associate and Regular members. As of March 18 about half of you have responded. The gate locks will be changed on April 1, so get your renewal membership cards in time to get back on the docks. And be sure you are not a recipient of the annoying and embarrassing reminder letter that goes to late payers.


South Gate Entrance
Note the work that our Pier Rear, Greta Mittman, has accomplished at the South Gate Entrance. The new deck construction offers an example of what we might expect for future reconstruction projects throughout the club facility. These materials and construction technique were mentioned at our annual meeting in January and are being evaluated. Your comments are welcome, encouraged and appreciated.

Classic Power Boats Are Back
The Wooden Boat Association that has supported our Open House - Boat Show in past years has been invited to bring their vintage power boats to CSC on Saturday, May 8th. They enjoy the atmosphere at CSC and the opportunity to show their boats and give rides to those who appreciate the beauty of these restored boats. Because we are not having the Open House - Boat Show this year, the Wooden Boat Association will be sharing the day with the Corinthian Hired Gun Regatta participants. We look forward to the two groups adding to each other's entertainment. Plan to bring your family, friends and prospective CSC members to take a ride on these beautiful boats. Bring your food and drinks and join in the festivities.


April 3rd
Spruce Up Day: All hands on deck for maintenance and beautification of your club. This is one of your best opportunities for satisfying your member service requirement.

April 4th
Splash Day: Let’s get the racing season off to a good start!

April 4th
Junior Open House and Break Out Party: A good chance to introduce youngsters to the fun of sailing.

April 24th-25th
Leukemia Cup dinghy Regatta

May 1st-2nd
Leukemia Cup Keel Boat Regatta - The Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club and Corinthian Sailing Club have joined together to host expanded Leukemia Cup Regatta this year to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of fight blood-related cancers. The regatta will consist of a Dinghy Regatta on April 23-25 and a Keelboat Regatta on Man 1-2 on Lake Lewisville. The Dinghy Regatta at White Rock Lake will be open to dinghies and Corinthian Class boats. Five boats of any one class will have it’s own start. Boats that do not form a one-design class will race in the handicap class. Information for volunteering and fund raising can be obtained on the CSC website.


If you haven't caught spring fever yet, you'd better and fast, 'cause you might miss it. This is our fabulous and fleeting Texas spring! Everyone should get out and enjoy it - most of all on a boat. We are happy to be part of this year's Board, and especially thankful for De and Steve's great example from which we've already gleaned insights. We expect to have lots of fun events this year. Mark your calendars now - here's some of what's coming up:

Saturday, April 3 Spruce Up Day

There are many service projects around the club for you to participate in to get your service hours in. You can work on your own davit, or come help Bob and me with Social, plus meet some of our newer members! We'll provide coffee and snacks for the morning and lunch, too!

Sunday, April 4 Splash Day

Kick off our 2004 Sailing Season, graciously hosted by our C-15 fleet. Hoist your sails and enjoy the best grilled burgers around for a very reasonable price.

Friday, May 7 First Friday

Remember all the great gatherings we had last year? We do, so we're definitely looking forward to more this year! If you have any special ideas, let us know!

Come help this Saturday, have fun and tell us your ideas.

See you sailing,

Diane & Bob

Junior Spruce-Up Day, Saturday, April 3rd

In conjunction with the Club's regularly scheduled Spruce-Up Day we will also have a "Junior Spruce-Up Party" on Saturday April 3rd. The fun will begin at 9:30 am. Junior parents and their tools are invited to attend. Time spent will go toward satisfaction of your club service requirement.

Our goal will be to get the club owned Optimist and Laser rigs in shape and to organize the junior equipment and shed so that everything is ready for the "Junior Open House/Spring Fling" the next day.

We also need to get things in order so that we can begin Sunday Open Sailing now that the weather has warmed up and so that our equipment is in tip-top condition and ready for our Summer Sailing Classes that will begin May 31st.

Junior Open House/Spring Fling!, Sunday, April 4th

When: Sunday, April 4th, 2:00- 6:00 pm

(Inclement Weather Day May 2nd)

Skippers Meeting -2:00 pm

What: A Spring Event for all Juniors including:
“The April Fools Treasure Hunt!” and
“The Most Foolish Crew Competition!”
(This is not a race, only a pleasure sail.)

Bring a Friend!! Invite your friends who have an interest in sailing and encourage them to join CSC and enroll in our summer sailing classes!!

There Will Also Be:

· Hot Dogs, Drinks and Snacks
· Sailboat Rides for Your Friends to Introduce Them to Sailing
· Open Sailing for CSC Junior Sailors
· Other Activities…

· Information on the Summer Junior Sailing Classes will be Available.
· A Junior Instructor Will be Present to Assist the Sailors.
· Please check the Discussion Forum on the CSC website on event day for notice of any weather-related schedule changes.
· All sailors must have appropriate PFDs on at all times while sailing.

Please RSVP to Gordon and Nicole Keehn at 214 739 8515 or with the following information: Name, phone number, age, sailing experience, and boat preference and whether your parents can volunteer to help out.

PARENTS MEETING: There will be a short (15 minute) Parents Meeting at 2:00pm in the Junior Gazebo to discuss Summer Junior Sailing Classes, Sunday Junior Open Sailing, Junior Racing/Regattas and Future Junior Sailing Activities.

Sunday Junior Open Sailing

Now that the weather has warmed and spring is here, with assistance of parent volunteers to serve rescue boat duty, we will soon begin Sunday afternoon open sailing for juniors with informal racing. Anyone interested in helping with rescue boat duty please contact the Sailing Education Commodore at Once the schedule is set email notice of dates and times will sent to those on the CSC Junior Parents Email List. To add your name to the list, send an email to with the subject line reading "Add Me to the CSC Junior Parent Email List."

Youth Regatta Schedule

Leukemia Cup Regatta, April 24-25, 2004

Junior Optimist and Laser Radial sailors are encouraged to sail in the Dinghy Leukemia Cup Regatta at CSC, April 24-25, 2004. There will be a separate course for juniors and other single-handed boats. The entry fee for juniors will be waived if the junior comes with a donor sponsor to the Leukemia Fund - there is no minimum donation. The specifics are spelled out in the Notice of Regatta and all other information you need is posted on the CSC website at . You can also register online at . This will be a great regatta benefiting a great cause.

Texas Sailing Association (TSA) Youth Circuit Regattas

The TSA Youth Circuit Schedule for 2004 has now been set. Upcoming TSA Circuit regattas you should consider attending are:

May 8 – 9
Grapevine Sailing Club

June 17-18
Rush Creek YC (Dallas Youth Race Week)

June 19-20
CSC (Dallas Youth Race Week)

July 17-24
Texas Race Week.

Summer 2004 Junior Sailing Classes

Our summer 2004 program will run for 10 weeks from May 31 through August 6, with four two week sail class sessions running from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. each day, with and extended day option from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Megan Chrowstowski, one of our coaches from last summer, is returning for another year. We expect to add a second certified coach. Our coaches will again be assisted by student coaches Paul Denison and Joey DeCosta.

The schedule for our summer 2004 program of junior sailing class sessions, clinics and regattas is as follows:

May 31-June 11
Session I: General Beginner/Intermediate Sailing Class

June 14-20
Dallas Youth Race Week/Kolius Racing Clinic

June 21-July 2
Session II: Beginner/Novice Sailing Class

July 5 – 15
Session III: Intermediate/Advanced Sailing/Racing Class

July 16-24
Texas Youth Race Week, Galveston Bay

July 26 - August 6
Session IV: General Beginner/Intermediate Sailing Class

Mark your calendars now. Registration Forms will be available at the April 4th Junior Party and after that will be posted on the CSC website and in the clubhouse. The forms will also be emailed to the CSC Junior Parent email list. To add your name to the list, send an email to with the subject line reading "Add Me to the CSC Junior Parent Email List."

If you have any questions contact

Newsflash: AYC Junior "Roadrunner Regatta" - March 27-28
Just In! CSC juniors represented the club well last weekend at the Austin Yacht Club Junior "Roadrunner" Regatta. Masie Comen placed 3rd in the Optimist Green Fleet, with Will Pierce not far behind in 7th and Cameron Keehn finishing in the top 10. Caroline Keehn also made a good showing just by braving the the chop and 20 knot winds of Lake Travis. Paul Denison also had a good regatta, placing 5th in the 22 boat Laser Radial Fleet.

At the CSC Annual Business Meeting held on January 15th, 2004 at Royal Oaks Country Club, a By-Laws addition was approved that encourages involvement by all club members in club activities. As an all volunteer organization, without any paid staff, we depend entirely on our membership to keep the club afloat and functioning. The By-Laws change defines a minimum service requirement that has been set at 8 hours for 2004 and applies to each regular and associate membership. This requirement may be fulfilled by the member, or the member's spouse or dependents.

To assist the membership in fulfilling this requirement, projects, such as helping with Spruce-Up Day, special club regattas or social events, cleanup or special construction tasks, will be identified in our club newsletter, The Mainsheet. In addition, a new Help Wanted forum will be added to our website where requests for assistance may be posted.

How will this be administered? It is each member's responsibility to seek out opportunities to serve the club. As part of next year's (2005) membership renewal, each member will be asked to state that they have fulfilled the service requirement or remit a fee in lieu of having performed the service. The Board has set that fee at $100 for this year.

The member Service Requirement may be fulfilled through participation in any of the following activities:

  • Helping with club sponsored work days, shoreline cleanup or improvement projects
  • Assisting in a club sponsored sailing education program
  • Serving on race committee duty for club sponsored regattas
  • Helping with club sponsored social events
  • Participating on a Board of Director's committee
  • Completing other activities approved by a club officer

Your Board wants to actively involve each of you in the club's activities, for your enjoyment as well as the club's benefit. In many cases paying a $100 fee may seem the lesser of payment when compared to an eight-hour service requirement. We understand some members may elect to submit $100 rather than become more actively involved. This is a fee not a penalty and no stigma is associated with a member's choice to elect cash over service. We look forward to seeing more folks involved and sharing in the benefit each of us will see.

Leukemia Cup Social Activities -- Lauri Block
Leukemia Cup Regatta Auction -- De & Steve McCombs
CSC Social: Events Help -- Diane Van Buren
Maintenance Opportunities -- Pier Rear
Junior Program Assistance -- Sailing Education Commodore
Minor Fiberglass Repairs -- Education Commodore
Second Saturday Shoreline Clean-up -- Lauri Block
Archivist -- Richard Wade
Contact either the website or individuals shown above to indicate your willingness to participate.


April  ERC Mittman
3   Spruce Up Day
4   Junior's Open House
4 Board Splash Day
10   Snipe Open House - CSC
11 No Races Easter
16-17   Black Tie Regatta - RCYC
17-18   Snipe I-30 Survivor Regatta - CSC
18 F/S  
23-25   Leukemia Cup - Dinghy - CSC
25 SMU  
May ERC Wade
1-2   Leukemia Cup - Keelboat - DCYC
2 Corinthian  
8   Corinthian Hired Gun - CSC
8 - 9   TSA Youth Circuit - Grapevine Sailing Club
9 F/S Mother’s Day
12   Wednesday Night Series Begins
15   Special Olympics - CSC
15-16   Spring Dinghyfest - RCYC
16 Lightning  
22-23   F/S Districts - CSC
23 C-15  
29-30   Snipe Southwestern - CSC
30 F/S  


The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Any suggestions concerning improvements to the newsletter are welcome. If you have experienced formatting problems with the newsletter, please contact me at the email address above.


Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.