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Tis the season to be jolly and think about giving something nice to the ones that you love!

You could also stuff their stockings with CSC T- SHIRTS and CSC COFFEE MUGS. These are very attractive and readily available at this time but quantity is limited. Contact Diane or Bob Van Buren now to see where you can get yours in time for Santa Claus. T- SHIRTS are only $15.00 and the MUGS are only $5.00 each. E-MAIL or PHONE # 214 827 0204


We had a wonderful evening for this event, with rare and glorious fall weather! Lots of folks gathered and enjoyed fresh-off-the-grill sausages, along with sauerkraut, assorted veggies and all the fixings. A keg of Shiner Bock didn't go unnoticed, either. We are always happy to meet so many great members at these events. Thanks to all of you for coming and special thanks to the great help you've given Bob and me at every event! We couldn't have done it without you!

The Annual Banquet was held on Saturday, November 6th at the City Club. If you happened to be up there on the 69th floor in time to enjoy the sunset, you'd agree that it is almost as spectacular as our view from White Rock Lake! The evening was great fun, with a comfortable turn-out and lots of high spirits - and not just the drinks! The space was just the right size for our group and who could ask for better company than our great club members and families? Genie Grant and the Dave Zoller Trio treated us to an evening of wonderful jazz standards, with Genie smoothly charming us all. There was a bevy of awards presented, and they were all very smart indeed. Next year, Mac will have his own table to receive his numerous awards.

The Annual Business Meeting will be held at Royal Oaks Country Club on Thursday, January 13th, 2005. Save the date now and check later for more details.

Social is soliciting volunteers for next year! This year, Bob and I had wonderful help, so we figure, the more the merrier! Now that we know many of you, if we don't hear from you, sign up at the Annual Business Meeting or expect a call!

Most of all, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and we'll see you sailing!


Thursday, 13 January, Annual Business Meeting, Royal Oaks Country Club.


Aaron Comen and Paul Denison represented the club on October 23rd in the season’s final TSA Junior Circuit Regatta at Corpus Christi Yacht Club. With its persistent breeze and chop, Corpus is a tough venue to sail. Aaron did quite well in the Opti Green fleet with mid fleet finishes in all the races he sailed. Paul also did well, relishing the opportunity to sail his Laser in the heavy air and waves of the bay, finishing second overall in the Laser Radial class. Paul finished the season as the second ranked sailor in the Laser Radial class on the TSA Junior Circuit. At the Season Ending Awards Banquet that evening the sailors were treated to a presentation by Olympic Gold Medalist Paul Foerster, who put on a great slide show and brought his three Olympic Medals for all to see.

In preparation for the Corpus regatta Paul Denison also represented the club in the Laser class in RCYC’s Dingyfest on October 16-17. At Dingyfest Paul tested his skill against 21 of the top adult full-rig Laser sailors in Texas, finishing 6th overall.

Paul then ventured the next weekend down to Corpus for the last regatta of the 2004 TSA Junior Circuit. Going into this regatta Paul was ranked first in the season standings in the statewide TSA Laser Radial class. Only one sailor from Houston could mathematically pass him for first in the season standings. Factoring in throwouts, for Paul to retain his first place standing he had to beat that sailor by three places in the Corpus regatta to hold his first place ranking. After five races Paul and the Houston sailor were tied for second in the regatta with identical finishes, but with Paul holding the edge in the final tie breaker, having beaten him in the last race. So, the yearlong season all came down to the last race of the last regatta. Two other sailors were a point or so back in the regatta, so if Paul could best the Houston sailor in the last race, and if a couple of those other boats could finish between them, Paul could not only finish second in the regatta but could retain his first place season rank. As it should, the last race was decided on the last upwind leg in breeze of 15-20 which raised a steep chop on Corpus Christi Bay. As they approached the finish Paul and the Houston sailor were in a pack of boats jockeying for position. By hiking hard Paul managed to pull ahead of the pack at the finish, with the Houston sailor behind, just leeward of him, but also ahead of the pack. At the finish Paul came in 3rd, followed by the Houston sailor in 4th. For the regatta Paul finished 2nd overall. Although Paul beat the competitor he had to in the last race, the Houston sailor's 3rd place finish in the regatta behind Paul moved him one point ahead of Paul in the season standings. Nevertheless, it was a great season of sailing for Paul and he should be congratulated for finishing as the number two ranked junior Laser Radial sailor on the TSA Circuit in only his second year competing in the class.

Sunday Junior Open Sailing.

With the advent of cooler weather organized Sunday Open Sailing will be begin again next March. However, weather permitting, we would like to encourage parents to continue to bring their kids out to sail. At CSC we sail all year round. The 15' Whaler is available for club members to use as necessary to supervise their junior sailors who have achieved at least Level II certification. If there is interest in organizing some periodic activities let Sandy Denison know by email at

Corinthian Sailing Club Champions
Maurice Martin Trophy

The Maurice Martin Trophy is presented to the winner of the club championship regatta each year at the Awards Banquet. 

The Corinthian Sailing Club pays tribute each year to one of the local wooden boat builders - Maurice Martin. In 1960, Commodore Bednar donated a trophy for the CSC champion commemorating Martin who had died the prior year. (See deed of gift below.) He was a charter member of CSC and had built many of the Snipes and Lightnings on the lake. The 1951 photo shows Martin and his son in their Lightning.Maurice Martin and son - 1951 The club championship was originally conducted as the Morris Martin Memorial Handicap Series. In 1966, the format was changed to a regatta at the end of the racing season to help stimulate greater club interest. It was a weekend of all-out club racing to determine the CSC champion. Three races were scheduled on Saturday and two on Sunday. Fleet champions (one from each fleet) competed against one another in various fleet boats, changing boats for each new race. Non-fleet contenders were determined by handicap races run along with the normal fleet races. The championship then changed to a single boat format. The boat type was rotated year to year. In the mid-1990s, we started using a Portsmouth handicap allowing each club member to sail their own boats.


Our thanks to Richard Wade for reconstructing this information.  If anyone has any corrections or additional information to add, please send to webmaster.






Richard Wade


Handicap/Snipe/Laser Gene Soltero


Handicap Scott Mauney


Marke Smith



Richard Wade



Richard Wade



Scott Mauney



Chris Dukeminier



Kelly Gough


Richard Wade


Chris Dukeminier


Jeff Perna


Flying Scot

Richard Wade



Kelly Gough


Flying Scot

Bob Gough



Gordon Prejean



Richard Wade


Flying Scot

Richard Wade



Richard Wade


Richard Wade


Flying Scot

Richard Wade



Chris Dukeminier



Richard Wade



Richard Wade



Gordon Prejean


Jesse Uyeda


Brad Davis


Nat Wells


Bryan Willson


Kelly Gough


Kelly Gough


Kelly Gough


Nat Wells


Nat Wells


Fred Tears


David Fagin


Manning Grinnan


David Fagin


Jim DeBoisblanc


Craig Coltharp


David Fagin


Jim DeBoisblanc


John Seldon


Austin Moore


Milton Price


John J. Arps



The Martin Trophy is presented to the Corinthian Sailing Club of Dallas in honor of J. Maurice Martin, the boat builder and charter member of the club.

This trophy is to be presented annually to the champion of the club. Each recipient is to retain the trophy for one year and is expected to have his name and the year of the presentation engraved on the name plate. Each recipient shall have the honor of presenting the trophy to his successor.

The first recipient who is to hold the trophy through 1960 and have his name engraved on the name plate is Jan Arps. The donor of the trophy requests that he serve as chairman of a committee to recommend a method by which the club championship shall be determined in the future years. Other members who are requested to serve on this committee are Captain Harold Boss, Captain Largent Parks, Captain Dale Selzer, and Captain Kieth Young. The committee shall be free to enlarge its membership to include other boat representation as it deems necessary.

This trophy is presented to the club with the hope that a suitable small trophy will be presented by the club each year to remain in the permanent possession of each recipient.

The only other restriction the donor wishes to impose is that in the event that a club champion cannot be determined by racing, a champion be named by a suitable committee appointed for that purpose.

W. C. Bandar, Commodore

March 15, 1960

William F. Leonard Memorial Trophy


Bill Leonard and his wife Susan sailed M-20's in the1980's and were very competitive racers at Corinthian Sailing Club for many years.  Bill suffered a fatal heart attack while competing in the State Fair Regatta in 1991.   Susan (a nurse) was crewing for him and they were leading race.  Many of us believe that when it is our turn to go, this would be the perfect way.  

Bill really promoted the M-20 and held the fleet together for a long time.  He and Susan had each earned Doctors degrees.  Bill in electrical engineering and Susan in nursing. Their M-20 was named "paradox".  They were a great team and had a lot of fun racing.  But as with any marriage, a little stress creeps in from time to time.  It takes a special couple that understands one another to weather this and sail together week after week.

Because she appreciated all the problems of married people sailing together, Susan created this trophy in Bill's memory to recognize a husband and wife each year who both show the spirit of competitive sailboat racing at Corinthian Sailing Club.  The trophy is meant to encourage married couples to sail together.  

Nominations are presented to the board each year.  The Board votes on the nominees and selects the awardee.  The award is presented at the CSC Annual Awards Banquet.


Past Recipients

2004 Steve and De McCombs
2003 Tom and Melissa Miller
2002 JC and Judy Adrian
2001 JC and Judy Adrian
2000 Phil and Teresa Morris
1999 Michael and Greta Mittman
1998 Kelly and Heidi Gough
1997 Scott and Natalie Mauney
1996 Roland and Bonnie Foerster
1995 Kelly and Heidi Gough
1994 Steve and Renee Comen
1993 Robert and Carol Gough

Carol Gough Memorial Award

Purpose:  To recognize the accomplishments and life of Carol Gough, to be awarded to the person who best promotes women's racing at the Corinthian Sailing Club, and who embodies the Corinthian spirit. 

This award and Carol are a celebration of women in the sport of sailboat racing. They reflect and show appreciation for the the special nuances of female competitors.  

The award is presented to the CSC member who is open to teaching, supporting women racers according to their needs and learning style.  The recipients listen before speaking, they are encouraging, approachable and give you a smile.  They have honor, integrity and do the right thing, even if no one is around.  They embody, and teach,  grace under pressure - competing and winning, but not at the expense of others.  They have actively promoted and supported all potential CSC female competitors in the Adams Cup, the US Women's Sailing Championship; regardless of their chance to win the title.   

Eligibility:  Any member in good standing at CSC 

Selection Process:  Each fleet is allowed to nominate one person for the award. The nominee does not need to be from that fleet (it can be at large).   The Board can also nominate someone.  The Board votes on the nominees.  In the event of a tie, the Commodore decides.  The award is presented at the CSC Annual Awards Banquet.

Past Recipients

2004 Renee Comen
2003 Tracy Aber
2002 Natalie Mauney
2001 Frank Richards
2000  Greta Black
1999 Kai Kunnapas

At the CSC Annual Business Meeting held on January 15th, 2004 at Royal Oaks Country Club, a By-Laws addition was approved that encourages involvement by all club members in club activities. As an all-volunteer organization, without any paid staff, we depend entirely on our membership to keep the club afloat and functioning. The By-Laws change defines a minimum service requirement that has been set at 8 hours for 2004 and applies to each regular and associate membership. This requirement may be fulfilled by the member, or the member's spouse or dependents.

To assist the membership in fulfilling this requirement, projects, such as helping with Spruce-Up Day, special club regattas or social events, cleanup or special construction tasks, will be identified in our club newsletter, The Mainsheet. In addition, a new Help Wanted forum will be added to our website where requests for assistance may be posted.

How will this be administered? It is each member's responsibility to seek out opportunities to serve the club. As part of next year's (2005) membership renewal, each member will be asked to state that they have fulfilled the service requirement or remit a fee in lieu of having performed the service. The Board has set that fee at $100 for this year.

The member Service Requirement may be fulfilled through participation in any of the following activities:

· Helping with club sponsored work days, shoreline cleanup or improvement projects
· Assisting in a club sponsored sailing education program
· Serving on race committee duty for club sponsored regattas
· Helping with club sponsored social events
· Participating on a Board of Director's committee
· Completing other activities approved by a club officer

Your Board wants to actively involve each of you in the club's activities, for your enjoyment as well as the club's benefit. In many cases paying a $100 fee may seem the lesser of payment when compared to an eight-hour service requirement. We understand some members may elect to submit $100 rather than become more actively involved. This is a fee, not a penalty, and no stigma is associated with a member's choice to elect cash over service. We look forward to seeing more folks involved and sharing in the benefit each of us will see.


CSC Social: Events Help -- Diane Van Buren
Maintenance Opportunities -- Pier Rear
Junior Program Assistance -- Sailing Education Commodore
Minor Fiberglass Repairs -- Education Commodore
Second Saturday Shoreline Clean-up -- Lauri Block

Contact either the website or individuals shown above to indicate your willingness to participate.

Second Saturday Shoreline Clean-up
Held each month in conjunction with
For the Love of the Lake
Meet at CSC at 9:00
Will Only Take Two Hours
Lori Block Will Coordinate


When your fleet is designated for race duty it is imperitve that your fleet perform the duty in a proper manner. First it is a requirement that at least 6 members or qualified designees of the fleet be at the Club and prepared to serve. Secondly the Race Committee must follow the proper procedures for running the races. When a fleet does not recognize its duty, other Club members who would prefer to be racing must fill in for the errant fleet. This is a serious dereliction of duty for a fleet and makes that fleet subject to expulsion from racing for a period of 30 days.

Please do not let this happen to your fleet! I suggest that all small fleets recruit sailors from other small fleets to serve with them on duty days. The Vice Commodore for Racing may also recruit Club members who are not a member of a fleet designated for duty to sign up for race duty. This is a great experience and a very good way to watch the racing.



The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Any suggestions concerning improvements to the newsletter are welcome. If you have experienced formatting problems with the newsletter, please contact me at the email address above.


Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.