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February, 2004    White Rock Lake    Dallas, Texas

Upcoming Events

Feb 28th -SMU Spring Regatta
April 3rd -Spruce Up Day
April 4th -Splash Day
April 4th -Junior Open House and Break Out Party
April 24th-25th -Leukemia Cup Regatta at CSC
May 1st-2nd -Leukemia Cup Regatta at DCYC

Race Duty

February ERC Comen
1 C-15
8 F/S
15 Corinthian
22 F/S
29 Lightning

March ERC Miller
7 F/S
14 Rebel
21 F/S
28 Lightning

Leukemia Cup Dinghy Regatta

The Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club and Corinthian Sailing Club have joined together to host an expanded Leukemia Cup Regatta this year to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society helping to fight blood-related cancers. The regatta will consist of a Dinghy Regatta on April 24-25 at CSC and a Keelboat Regatta on May 1-2 at DCYC on Lake Lewisville. The Dinghy Regatta at White Rock Lake will be open to dinghies and Corinthian Class boats. Five boats of any one class will race as a one-design class. Boats that do not form a one-design class will race as a handicap class. Watch the website and future newsletters for more details. The NOR should be on the website in a couple of weeks.

A New By-Law - Member Service Requirement

At the CSC Annual Business Meeting held on January 15th, 2004 at Royal Oaks Country Club, a By-Laws addition was approved that encourages involvement by all club members in club activities. As an all volunteer organization, without any paid staff, we depend entirely on our membership to keep the club afloat and functioning. The By-Laws change defines a minimum service requirement which has been set at 8 hours for 2004 and applies to each regular and associate membership. This requirement may be fulfilled by the member, or the member's spouse or dependents.

To assist the membership in fulfilling this requirement, projects, such as helping with Spruce-Up Day, special club regattas or social events, cleanup or special construction tasks, will be identified in our club newsletter, The Mainsheet. In addition, a new Help Wanted forum will be added to our website where requests for assistance may be posted.

How will this be administered? It is each member's responsibility to seek out opportunities to serve the club. As part of next year's (2005) membership renewal, each member will be asked to state that they have fulfilled the service requirement or remit a fee in lieu of having performed the service. The Board has set that fee at $100 for this year.

The Member Service Requirement may be fulfilled through participation in any of the following activities:

Helping with club sponsored work days, shoreline cleanup or improvement projects
Assisting in a club sponsored sailing education program
Serving on race committee duty for club sponsored regattas
Helping with club sponsored social events
Participating on a Board of Director's committee
Completing other activities approved by a club officer

Your Board wants to actively involve each of you in the club's activities, for your enjoyment as well as the club's benefit. In many cases paying a $100 fee may seem the lesser of payment when compared to an eight hour service requirement. We understand some members may elect to submit $100 rather than become more actively involved. This is a fee not a penalty and no stigma is associated with a member's choice to elect cash over service. We look forward to seeing more folks involved and sharing in the benefit each of us will see.

Current Posted CSC Service Requests

Maintenance Opportunities -- Pier Rear
Junior Program Assistance -- Sailing Education Commodore
Second Saturday Shoreline Clean-up -- Lori Block
Archivist --Richard Wade

Corinthian Fleet

The annual meeting of the fleet was held on January 10, 2004 during which the following officers were elected:

Captain Bob Manning
Racing committee Alan Caldwell
Entertainment Rene'e and Mark Pinkston
Communications Kurt and Carla Kretsinger
Treasurer Max Hibbs

Harold Westerheim Honored

OLD SALT TROPHY for 2003 was awarded to Harold Westerheim at the annual business meeting.

In making the award Max Hibbs described Salt as an ingredient that gives savor, piquancy or zest. It expresses sharpness of wit, pungency, and common sense. Salt denotes a dependable steadfast person used in the phrase "salt of the earth". It also means a sailor when used in the phrase "a tale worthy of an old salt".

This trophy is meant for a man who is the salt of the earth; a man who for many years has been the backbone of the Rebel Fleet. We give this Old Salt trophy to Harold Westerheim although over the years he has proven that he will never grow old. Congratulations Harold!

For The Love of the Lake

For the Love of the Lake (FTLOTL) is a grass-roots group of volunteers working to improve White Rock Lake in cooperation with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department. Since 1995, FTLOTL has organized the Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce-Up. The second Saturday of each month, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., volunteers pick up trash and debris at White Rock Lake. The Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) is one of 44 groups who have adopted a portion of the shoreline and park to reduce the liter and make White Rock Lake safe and enjoyable for everyone. CSC is responsible for maintaining that portion of the shoreline in front of the club.

We want to thank Cynthia and Bryan Hagar, Warren Lyon, Bill Summitt, Kevin Flynn, Ken and Kendra Brown, Mac McCoy, Bowman and Jim O'Connor, and Phyllis Blomstedt for participating in the January Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce-Up. For more information about FTLOTL, please look at its website


February 28-29, 2004
Phone 972-771-6500; Fax 972-772-3508 email
Rush Creek Yacht Club, 320 Rush Creek Dr Heath, TX

This seminar is sponsored by the US SAILING Race Management Committee, Area F and Rush Creek Yacht Club. It is designed for people who have some race committee experience but newcomers are also welcome. It will be held at Rush Creek Yacht Club; will begin at 0900 and end at 1700 on Saturday, February 28 and; begin again at 0800 and end at 1700 on Sunday, February 29, 2004.

The topics covered include: RC objectives, competition formats, sailing instructions, RC jobs, RC equipment, race day preparations, setting the course, starts, during the race, finishing, post-race RC responsibilities and scoring.

The principal instructor for the seminar is Brad Davis, a US SAILING National Race Officer and US Sailing Judge. He will be assisted by Jim Tichenor, also National Race Officer and the Area F Race Officer, and by Gail Bernstein, a Regional Race Officer and Area F Judge.

At the seminar you will need your own copy of The Racing Rules of Sailing ("RRS"). People who pre-register will be sent by email or fax a set of race management study questions to be used in preparation for the seminar. They can also be downloaded from the US Sailing web site. You must complete the precourse study questions or you will find it difficult to pass the test.

The Race Officer certification test, which is given at the conclusion of the seminar, is optional. However, in order to be certified in US SAILING's race officer program, you are required to attend a complete seminar and to pass the test. You will also need to have your own copy of the current US SAILING Race Management Handbook., and meet the program's other criteria. The passing grade for Club is 70 and Regional is 80. National requires a three question essay test and a score of 90.
The workshop fee ($45.00) includes: continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and all workshop materials. A registration form is enclosed.

Advance registration is required, and the number of participants is limited to 30. The deadline for advance registrations is February 14, 2004. The estimate time required to complete the study questions is 5 to 10 hours.

Saturday February 28, 2004
0800 Registration
0900 Seminar begins
1700 Seminar ends for the day

Sunday February 29, 2004
0800 Seminar continues
1600 Test
1700 Seminar concludes

For further information, contact Lisa Blankenship at 972-771-6500 or fax 972-772-3508 or email or Brad Davis 972-771-9987 / email

Advance registration is required.
The completed registration and seminar fee must be received
by Rush Creek Yacht Club by February 14, 2004.

JANUARY 15th, 2004

The meeting was called to order by Frank Richards at 8:00 PM

Commodore Richards opened the meeting by welcoming the membership and directing their attention to the by-law ballots and financial statements on each of the tables. He then began the discussion of old business with the reports from the board members.



Registrar of Slips and Davits - Jeff Bodkin:
Davit utilization is currently at 96% and has hovered between that number and 93% throughout the year. Boat pad fill rates have remained close to 60% occupancy throughout the year. It was noted that many of the members have re-built davits in the past year and this has helped the overall appearance of the Club facilities. Mr. Bodkin will continue in this role for 2004

Rear Commodore Membership - Dudley Bayne:
It was noted that the Club had 201 Regular Members in 2003 plus 92 Associate and 8 Honorary for a total of 301 Memberships. Overall we had 60 new members join the Club in 2003. Mr. Bayne will continue as Rear Commodore Membership.

Rear Commodore Pier - Mo Berry:
Mo indicated that his efforts for 2003 were 30% under budget. Projects undertaken in 2003 included replacing the Laser pad and walkway nearby, renovation of the fire suppression system, replacement of the walkway at the South gate and starting the expansion of the tack room. Thanks were offered to Allen Schmidt for his efforts to maintain the Club facilities. Greta Mittman was introduced as the Rear Commodore Pier for 2004.

Rear Commodore Entertainment and Publicity - Steve and Dee McCombs:
Dee began her presentation by indicating that the social budget for 2003 was slightly over budget and ran through a list of items purchased for the many successful events that were hosted. It was noted that our efforts to sell CSC coffee mugs were very successful having sold out of inventory very quickly, but that we did have several T-shirts available for purchase from the variety of events sponsored by the Club in 2003. Dee felt that their efforts in 2003 held true to the traditions of the Club but was proud of the new traditions introduced such as the Sailing for Rhino's fundraiser which raised $1800 for conservation; boats / beer / and brats party; and live auction at the awards dinner which raised $4,600 for the Carol Gough Sailing Education Fund. A special thanks was offered to Michael Mittman for acting as the auctioneer at this event. Rear Commodore for Entertainment and Publicity in 2004 will be Bob & Diane VanBuren.

Rear Commodore Sailing Education - Sandy Dennison
It was noted that the adult sailing program, woman's racing program, and juniors sailing programs all had a successful year in 2003. A special thank you went out to Bob Harrington for his work on the adult sailing program and Kai Kunnapas for her very successful Dawn Riley sailing clinic and fundraising dinner. Plans for 2004 will include a Spring Break-Out Party for the juniors and a junior sailing email subscription to better keep the information flowing. Sandy indicated that he would return as Rear Commodore Sailing Education for 2004.

Rear Commodore Equipment - Bob Harrington:
Accomplishments for 2003 included the purchase of a new 18' Boston Whaler rescue boat and rebuilding the davit for same to accommodate the additional weight. Bob thanked the many folks who helped out with the adult sailing classes and indicated that of the 29 students who participated in 2003 four purchased boats and are now keeping them at the Club. Bob will continue as Rear Commodore Equipment for 2004.

Vice Commodore - Tom Miller:
The 2003 racing program at CSC was a successful one with well attended weekend races and many newer members taking advantage of the Wednesday night series to increase their skill levels and enjoy the Club. Special events for 2003 included hosting the Area F qualifying events for the Adams and Mallory Cup competitions. A special thank you was given to Bob Gough for his help as PRO for these events. Additionally the format was changed for the Lake Championship which was determined to be a success. It was noted that the Club purchased US Sailing Rule books that are still available to the membership at a very reasonable cost. Plans for 2004 include race management seminars and our hosting of the dinghy portion of the Leukemia Cup Regatta, a very prestigious and worthwhile event. A request for volunteers to help work this event was made to the membership. Tom will continue in his current capacity for 2004.

Treasurer - Greta Mittman:
The Club began the 2003 calendar year with $66,000 in working capital. A budget was set for the year with $133,000 of income and $174,000 of expenses projected. Notable capital expenses in this budget included the purchase of the 17' Whaler rescue boat and replacement of several piers and docks. Actual revenues for 2003 fell $11,000 short of the forecasted amount at $122,000 which was largely the result of more stringent enrollment requirements for the Junior Sailing camps. Additionally the Club did not receive any income from advertising sources using the facilities. Offsetting this loss of income was a $14,000 reduction in expenditures largely as a result of the facility improvements and junior sailing equipment costs coming in significantly under budget. It was noted that the social programs did come in over budget for 2003, but generally acknowledged that these efforts benefited the membership as a whole. The club also supported several charitable causes related to sailing. Going into 2004, the Club has $28,000 of working capital available. The $52,000 in the emergency fund remains and invested in certificates of deposit. Total reserves for the Club in 2004 are $80,000. It was also noted that the Club still holds title to the 15' Boston Whaler and that it is available for purchase. Susan Justus was announced as Treasurer for 2004.

Secretary - Rob Edwards:
Commodore Richards announced that Rob was ill and unable to attend this evenings meeting. He thanked Rob for his success in publishing the newsletter in 2003. For 2004, Bob Manning will assume the duties of Secretary.


At this point Commodore Richards put the issue of changes to the bylaws before the membership and introduced Jeff Bodkin, chairman of the bylaws committee, to lead the discussion. The format used to review and vote on the 7 proposed changes was a discussion of the intent of each issue with an opportunity for members to raise any questions regarding the proposal being discussed. After addressing all questions from the members regarding the proposals the floor was opened to discussion on each point in turn. Once the membership had concluded the discussions each point was brought to a show of hands vote. Had any of the votes been close a re-count via written ballot was available. Based upon 42 voting memberships in attendance and a 2/3rds majority required to change the bylaws a quantity of 28 votes were required to enact a change. The results and number of affirmative votes are shown below. The revised bylaws, along with a markup showing the approved changes, are posted on the website.

Passed with 37 affirmative votes

Passed with 33 affirmative votes

Passed with 30 affirmative votes

Passed with 35 affirmative votes

Topic was split to address 2 sub sections individually and vote on the remainder of the points as a whole.

(f) Limit storage of board boats to dingy pad area
Defeated with 22 affirmative votes

(h) Limit the size of boats moored on White Rock Lake by club members
Passed with 30 affirmative votes

(g) Define maximum weight and length, and water clearance restrictions for boats in davits to minimize collateral damage caused by over stressed davits.
(i) Limit the storage of materials that may harm the club or its members.
(j) Prohibit the storage of private property in common areas of the club.
(k) Identify the owner's responsibility for his own equipment.
Passed with 34 affirmative votes

Passed with 35 affirmative votes

Passed by unanimous consent.

A motion was then made from the floor to modify several of the newly amended bylaws. Unanimous consent is required to approve any motions from the floor.

Section 1 paragraph (e):
(e) Members participating in the race program with non-fleet boats who are not already assigned duty in another fleet may be assigned to race committee duty by the Vice Commodore.

Passed by unanimous consent.

Limitations to boats stored in davits.

1) The maximum weight shall not exceed 1,000 pounds based on the manufacturer's specified weight.
(j) Privately owned equipment shall not be stored in common areas of the club for longer than 24 hours without the consent of the Rear Commodore of Piers.
Passed by unanimous consent.

SECTION 3. VICE COMMODORE. The Vice Commodore shall serve as Executive Officer and shall succeed the Commodore in the event the Commodore is unable to complete the term of office. The Vice Commodore shall assist the Commodore in the discharge of duties and in the absence of the Commodore shall act as Commodore. The Vice Commodore shall be responsible for the club race program.
Passed by unanimous consent.


Commodore Richards then introduced Past Commodore Bob Gough who chaired the Past Commodores nominating committee. Bob presented the proposed slate of officers to the Club for 2004. A motion from the floor was introduced to accept the board as proposed which was unanimously approved. The 2004 Officers for the Corinthian Sailing Club are:

Commodore - Richard Wade
Vice Commodore - Tom Miller
Rear Commodore, Membership - Dudley Bayne
Rear Commodore, Pier - Greta Mittman
Rear Commodore, Entertainment and Publicity - Robert and Diane Van Buren
Rear Commodore, Equipment - Bob Harrington
Rear Commodore, Sailing Education - Sandy Dennison
Treasurer - Susan Justus
Registrar of Slips and Davits - Jeff Bodkin
Secretary - Bob Manning

At this point, Commodore Richards thanked the 2003 Board of Directors for their efforts, with special thanks to the outgoing board members. He recognized Bob Gough for being named Area F PRO-of-the-Year and then turned the meeting over to the incoming Commodore Richard Wade to conduct the new business portion of the meeting.

Commodore Wade presented Frank Richards with a CSC burgee as a gift of thanks for his stewardship of the Club in 2003 and then introduced 5 initiatives that he would like the Club to focus on in 2004.


CSC will join DCYC in expanding the Leukemia Cup Regatta to a two weekend event and host a dinghy regatta on White Rock Lake for the first time. Mark Smith and Red Dog Jones were announced as CSC co-chairs of this event. A request for help from the membership in the areas of sponsorship, entertainment, and social events was put to the membership.

CSC will host the US Snipe Masters Regatta on October 7-9, 2004. A total of 30-50 boats are expected to attend this 6 race series which will receive national attention.

Social events like the First Friday series of parties will continue in 2004. Commodore Wade asked the membership to continue to make use of the facilities and participate in these events.

A long term plan for Club infrastructure improvements was suggested. Maintenance of Club docks will utilize a new materials such as galvanized steel and plastic as a test bed for additional projects to come. Results will be shared with the membership as a whole and comments will be requested. Assuming the results are positive these technologies will be applied to the entire facility including those areas renovated in the last 3-5 years.

Commodore Wade expressed his hope that the membership will continue to be involved in the day to day business of the Club.

In closing Commodore Wade acknowledged that the bylaw changes have been sensitive issues but asked that the membership keep in mind that the intent is to make the Club a better place.


Recipients of the following awards were announced.
Old Salt's trophy: Harold Westerheim
Norm Watkins award: Sandy Dennison


Ralph "red dog" Jones made a motion from the floor to recognize Lori Block for her efforts in behalf of the Club with the Love of the Lake Organization and David and Debbie Butler for their work to bring the Leukemia Cup Regatta to CSC.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 pm on Thursday January 15th, 2004.

Membership Committee Report to the Annual Meeting


  1/1/2002 1/1/2003 Change 1/1/2004 Change
Regular 191 196 +5 201 +5
Associate 82 97 +15 92 -5
Honorary 10 10 0 8 -2
Friends 4 8 +4 10 +2
Total 287 311 +24 311 0

Club membership grows solidly but slowly. Regular membership increased by 5 members during each of the past two years. The number of associate members increased by 15 in 2002, and declined by 5 in 2003.

The above numbers are net. The total number of regular plus associate members went up by 20 in 2002, and was constant during 2003. However, people come and people go. During 2003, 63 new members were added to the Club roles, so that 63 members left (moved away, got sick, got lazy and took up golf, or whatever.) During 2002, 66 new members were added, so that 46 went away. Honorary membership declined from 10 to 8 during 2003. One member passed away, while another requested that they receive no more communication from the Club.

Friends of the Club increased from 4 to 10 during the past two years. The additions were members of other sailing clubs who generously contribute to Corinthian Sailing Club in various ways.

Respectfully submitted,
Dudley Bayne
Rear Commodore, Membership

2004 Tentative Junior Program Plans

Summer 2004 Sail Classes

Our summer 2004 program is tentatively planned to run for 10 weeks from May 31 through August 6, with four two week sail class sessions running from 9am-2pm each day. We are pleased that Megan Chrowstowski, one of our coaches from last summer, has committed to return for another year. We are now on the look-out for a second certified coach to round out our summer staff. Several of our more experienced junior racing sailors will also be returning to help out with the beginner and intermediate classes as student coaches.

Our summer program will begin with a two-week open sail class from May 31-June 11. This class which will also be suitable for beginners. The following week of June 14-20 will be devoted to race training and participation in junior regattas. We will start that week with a race clinic on June 14 which will include a 2 day clinic conducted by John Kolius. The week will conclude with our junior sailors competing in Dallas Youth Race Week on June 17-20, which will include a regatta at CSC the weekend of June 19-20. After Dallas Race Week we will hold 2 back-to-back 2 week junior sailing classes, which will include a class geared for beginners from June 21-July 2 and an intermediate / advanced class from July 5 - July 15. For our racing Laser sailors there will be a two-day Laser clinic sponsored by TSA conducted by John Kolius at Houston Yacht Club on July 15-16. From July 17-24 our junior sailors and coaches will be in Houston to compete at Texas Youth Race Week. We will all then return to Dallas for a final two-week class session from July 26 - August 6, which will be open to beginners, those who have been through the program and want more experience and all other juniors who want to get in some more sailing before the summer ends.

To sum up, the tentative schedule for summer 2004 is as follows:

May 31 - June 11: Two-Week Open Junior Sailing Class (Also Suitable for Beginners);
June 14-20: Racing Clinic/Dallas Youth Race Week;
June 21-July 2: Two-Week Beginner Junior Sailing Class;
July 5 - 15: Two-Week Intermediate/Advanced Junior Sailing Class;
July 16-24: Texas Youth Race Week, Galveston Bay; and
July 26 - August 6: Two-Week Open/Beginner Junior Sailing Class.

Mark your calendars now. Registration Forms will be posted on the website in the Spring and distributed to those on our CSC Junior Parent Email List. To add your name to the list, send an email to with the subject line reading "Add Me to the CSC Junior Parent Email List."

Junior Open House/Spring Break-Out Party.

A Junior Open House and Spring Break-Out Party is planned for Sunday, April 4, 2004, weather permitting. An alternate date will likely be May 2nd . Invite your friends who have an interest in sailing and encourage them to join CSC and enroll in our summer sailing classes. There will be open sailing for CSC juniors and boat rides for your invited guests. As with our Halloween Party last fall, there will also be some fun activities organized around sailing. Mark your calendar now for these tentative dates and check your email and the CSC website for further details as we firm them up. If you would like to help with planning contact Sandy Denison at or 214-826-3998, who will put you in touch with Nicole Keehn who has agreed to Chair the planning committee.

Leukemia Cup Regatta at CSC April 24-25, 2004

We also want to encourage junior Optimist and Laser Radial sailors to sail in the Leukemia Cup Regatta for Dinghies at CSC April 24-25, 2004. We will run a separate course for juniors and other single handed boats. There will be a reduced entry fee for juniors, which will be waived if the junior comes with a donor sponsor to the Leukemia Fund - there will be no minimum donation. The specifics will be spelled out in the Notice of Regatta, which will soon be posted on the CSC website. As discussed below, we plan to make the Leukemia Cup the first stop on the new North Texas Regional Junior Circuit.

High School Sailing

SEISA 2003-04 Regatta Schedule. CSC's bylaws now provide the opportunity for High School Sailing Teams/Clubs to join CSC as a group. The 2003-04 SEISA High School Sailing Regatta Schedule (covering Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, the Florida panhandle and several other states) is posted on the TSA website: For more information on forming a High School Sailing Club/Team contact Sandy Denison and check out the Southeast Interscholastic Sailing Association (SEISA) website:

SEISA High School Super Bowl Regatta. It may be winter, but High School sailing is still in season. On the weekend of January 31 - February 1, Houston hosted two Super Bowls, one for football and the other for high school sailing. CSC's Paul Denison, representing B.T. Washington H.S for the Visual and Performing Arts, competed in the SEISA Super Bowl Regatta for Lasers at the Houston Yacht Club. After 14 races over two days Paul finished 3rd overall against entries from high school sailing teams throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Want More Information. . . .

For further information regarding our plans for Race Clinics, Sunday Open Sailing when the weather warms up in the Spring, Junior Spruce-Up Day, the 2004 TSA Regatta Schedule and how you can volunteer to help out with the junior program regularly check the junior page on the CSC website and get your name added to the CSC Junior Parent Email List by sending an email to with the subject line reading "Add Me to the CSC Junior Parent Email List."


The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter

The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Any suggestions concerning improvements to the newsletter are welcome. If you have experienced formatting problems with the newsletter, please contact me at the email address above.

Corinthian Sailing Club

Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.