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“Suspension” letters are going out in early May to all members who have not paid 2004 dues. Please do not be the recipient of one. You will definitely want to be included in this month’s events and festivities.

Please extend a CSC welcome to new members Mark Hearn, Tim & Kristin McCune, Larry Wells, Richard & Kate McLaron, Damon & Heidi Black, Judi Starwaski, Creighton Stark, Tammy Murphy, Jonathan & Robin Thalheimer and Thomas & Gail Smith.


Saturday, may 8th, will be an exciting day at the Club. The classic power boats from the local area Wooden Boat Association will be joining the Corinthian Hired Gun Regatta participants for water rights. They will be launching around 10:00 a.m. and offering rides until 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. The City has extended a permit for their operation but has asked that their speed be restricted to 10 mph. Come out and see these beautifully restored boats and take a ride.


A team of interested members has taken on the formidable task of digging through boxes of dated material, sorting and categorizing the information, noting the gaps where we have missing history and preparing the newly organized piles for electronic capture. Catherine Holt, Cynthia Hagar, John Diggins, Ralph Capen and Jim Crittendon are these brave souls. If you have a stach of old regatta results, pictures, newspaper clippings, tec. That might add to this archive project, the team would love to hear from you. The material will be returned once copied. They would also like to give credit to the donors. Ultimately we’d like to make this project’s product accessible to all members.

The CSC Board will have its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on May 4th at 7:00 p.m. Although this is not a forum for general membership open discussion, special issues of concern or interest are always entertained. Contact Richard Wade at Commodore@csc or (214)349-7512 to be added to the evening’s agenda.


Thanks to everyone who came, worked and then worked some more. We had an excellent turn-out and beautiful weather for Spruce-up Day. Greta Mittman reported 60 members signed as participants on Spruce-up Day. Windows were cleaned, lavatories were cleaned, electrical work was done, the committee boat davit cover was replaced, and a whole lot of other work was done to make our club more enjoyable.

Special thanks are due to John Payne and Tom Forgue and the C-15 Fleet for hosting Splash-day with lots of great grilled burgers and fixings. Folks caught the fiery aroma of burgers and surrendered.

Greta Mittman’s pier team has completed the South Gate/Walkway project. Project’s next in line are widening the North Gate, replacing walkway to VIP, replacing walkway from the “PIG” to new davits and replacing the walkway out to the ladder.


The Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club and Corinthian Sailing Club have joined together to host expanded Leukemia Cup Regatta this year to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of fight blood-related cancers. Part one of the regatta was held on April 24-25. Part two of the regatta is for keelboats and will be held on May 1-2 at Lake Lewisville.

This event of April 23-24 was a huge success with $37,000 raised for the fight against blood related cancer through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

There were sailors on 70 boats participating in the races with these results:

420 – Alan Vojtech
Butterfly – Frank Richards
Flying Scot (Gold) – Scott Mauney
Flying Scot (Silver) – Anderson Jones
Handicap – John Payne in C-15
Lasers – Chris Henkel
Optimist Pram – Masie Comen
Sunfish – Doug Snyder

Thanks very much to all the volunteers and participants who made this event successful.


Sailing lessons are available for regular and associate adult members at CSC. The first class begins Monday, May 3rd, and continues for six sessions on subsequent Thursdays and Mondays. The second class will begin on Monday, June 7th, for the six -session course.

Classes are in the evenings from 6:00 p.m. to about 8:3- p.m.
Five of the six sessions will be on the water. An optional book is available for $15:00. Most training will be in Flying Scots, but other fleets may participate. \

Points to be covered include seamanship, leaving the pier, sailing upwind and points of sail, tacking, jibing, returning to pier, man overboard and basic knot.

Members wishing to take this course may call Bob Harrington at (972) 276-1954 to be signed up on the roster. You may also contact Bob for more information.


Diane and Bob Van Buren cordially invite you to enjoy the soft tropical breezes, the swaying cottonwoods and the delightful sound of “Mariachis.” Yes, it is Fiesta Time on First Friday May 7th at 7:00 p.m. with margaritas and delicious Mexican munchies. Be the first to arrive. You don’t want to miss this. Bring a friend! It’s only $5.00 per person so vamos, amigos!

Around 5:00 p.m., after the races, family and friends can gather to honor all those who’ve served our country. Dine on traditional American fare while overlooking spectacular White Rock Lake, the jewel of Dallas.

Kai Kunnapas wishes to remind everyone that Chris Dukeminer has reached the half-century mark and deserves a celebration. Kai says that gifts are not necessary! We are going to celebrate in the CSC family tradition and asks that you please bring a food dish/beverage. Should you wish to donate towards a keg, (the margarita machine is taken care of) or can help prepare the party, contact Kai at 214 324 4593 or Party time is 7:00 PM Saturday May 15, 2004 at the Corinthian Sailing Club on beautiful White Rock Lake. Happy Birthday Chris!

Pirates and Pina Coladas! Aarggh! More details later – but you’d better watch out!

Junior Program

Summer 2004 Junior Sailing Classes

Our summer 2004 program will run for 10 weeks from May 31 through August 6, with four two week sail class sessions running from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. each day, with and extended day option from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Megan Chrowstowski, one of our coaches from last summer, is returning for another year. We are pleased to welcome Evan Daugherty from Little Rock as our second coach. Our coaches will again be assisted by student coaches, Paul Denison and Joey DeCosta, who will help out with the beginner and intermediate classes. You may want to checkout the general sailing Gear and Rules requirements for the classes.

Register early for the session of your choice. The two June sessions are already filling up. Don't assume that space will be available if you wait till the last minute to register.

The schedule for our summer 2004 program of junior sailing class sessions, clinics and regattas is below. Registration forms are available online and in the clubhouse.

The schedule for summer 2004 is as follows:May 31-June 11 - Session I: General Beginner/Intermediate Sailing Class
June 14-20 - Dallas Youth Race Week (CSC and RCYC)/Kolius Junior Racing Clinic (RCYC)
June 21-July 2 - Session II: Beginner/Novice Sailing Class
July 5 – 15 - Session III: Intermediate/Advanced Sailing/Racing Class
July 16-24 - Texas Youth Race Week, Galveston Bay
July 26 - August 6 - Session IV: General Beginner/Intermediate Sailing Class

Junior Race Results

AYC Junior "Roadrunner Regatta" - March 27-28. CSC juniors represented the club well at the Austin Yacht Club's Junior "Roadrunner" Regatta. Masie Comen placed 3rd in the Optimist Green Fleet, with Will Pierce not far behind in 7th and Cameron Keehn finishing in the top 10. Caroline Keen also made a good showing just by braving the chop and 20 knot winds of Lake Travis. Paul Denison also had a good regatta, placing 5th in the 22-boat Laser Radial Fleet.

Easter Laser Regatta - April 10-11. Paul Denison followed his good showing at the "Roadrunner" by finishing 3rd overall in the combined 18 boat adult/junior Laser Radial fleet at AYC's Easter Laser Regatta, loosing a tie breaker for 2nd. Paul finished 1st among the juniors under twenty.

Leukemia Cup Regatta, April 24-25. CSC Junior sailors Masie Comen, Will Pierce, Cameron Keehn and Caroline Keehn placed first through fourth in the Optimist fleet at the Leukemia Cup Regatta. Paul Denison, although handicapped in the light air by the Laser Radial 's 20% less sail area compared to the adults' Laser full rigs, also competed and did well in the regatta. While the weather could have cooperated a bit more, all had a great time sailing and working to benefit a great cause.

CSC Junior Parents Email List

For updates on planned junior activities have your name added to our email list by sending an email to with the subject line reading "Add Me to the CSC Junior Parent Email List."

Junior Open House/Spring Fling

The Junior Open House held on Sunday, April 4, 2004 was a great success, with turnout in excess of 40 young sailors. Many thanks to Nicole and Gordon Keehn who put it all together and to Junior Coach Megan Chrowstowski who made the trip up from College Station to join us.

Sunday Junior Open Sailing

In light of the number of regattas scheduled for April and May, together with conflicts from end of school activities, we have decided to delay the beginning of organized junior open sailing till the summer sail classes begin in June. Those juniors who are already certified to sail may do so with their parents' supervision and subject to their certification limitations. We thank all those who have volunteered for rescue boat duty. We will send notice to all those on the Junior Parents email list of our plans as they come together. In the interim if you have any questions please contact the Sailing Education Commodore at

Grapevine TSA Youth Circuit Regatta - May8-9

Mark your calendar now for the next TSA Youth Circuit Regatta at Grapevine Sailing Club on the weekend of May 8-9. If you are interested in competing please contact the Sailing Education Commodore at and you will be forwarded a copy of the NOR or you can download the form from the TSA website under the "Youth Program" link.

Dallas Youth Race Week - June 14-20

CSC will host a TSA junior regatta as part of Dallas Youth Race Week (DRW) on the weekend of June 19-20. DRW will begin with an Opti/Laser Race Clinic conducted by John Kolius for our more advanced junior sailors who already have some racing experience on June 14-16 at RCYC, which will be followed on June 17-18 by the first regatta venue, also at RCYC, and with the second regatta venue at CSC the following two days, June 19-20.

When available further information regarding DRW will be posted on the CSC website under the Junior Program link.

US Sailing Junior National Championships: Sears and Smythe

CSC juniors are also encouraged to compete in the qualifying events for the U.S. Sailing Junior National Championships. The Smythe Cup Qualifier in Laser Full Rigs is set for Houston Yacht Club on June 12-13 and in the Sears Cup Qualifier in Lightnings will be at CSC on June 26-27.


CSC Social: Events Help -- Diane Van Buren
Maintenance Opportunities -- Pier Rear
Junior Program Assistance -- Sailing Education Commodore
Minor Fiberglass Repairs -- Education Commodore
Second Saturday Shoreline Clean-up -- Lauri Block
Archivist -- Richard Wade
Contact either the website or individuals shown above to indicate your willingness to participate.


Flying Scot Fleet 23 sailors are preparing for the best of Texas racing meet to be held at CSC May 22nd and 23rd. This is a very competitive regatta and a great one to participate in or to just watch.

Tracy reminds the Scots that volunteers are needed for committee duty for the Lightning and Butterfly Regattas on June 12th and 13th . Step up and be identified, please.



The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Any suggestions concerning improvements to the newsletter are welcome. If you have experienced formatting problems with the newsletter, please contact me at the email address above.


Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.