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The Annual Business Meeting Minutes are included in this newsletter so that all members can be well informed about the clubs financial and functional condition. Plan to be there next year to learn these things first hand and also to enjoy the fellowship.



Membership renewal statements are coming out very soon.  Please get them back in a timely manner.  Please use personal checks, and include a copy of the membership renewal statement whether or not there are any corrections.  We have had confusion and near-expulsions because of checks coming in from check-writing services and the like which had no clear indication as to the member’s name.



It is about time to put together your calendar for the 2005 Corinthian sailing season.  The Corinthian Sailing Club is hosting its 2nd Annual Leukemia Cup Centerboard Regatta.  It promises to be a fun regatta benefiting a good cause.  In spite of dreary weather, we had over 60 boats racing on three courses last year.  Participating fleets included Flying Scot, 420, Laser, Butterfly, Sunfish, Optimist Pram, and Portsmouth Handicap.  I think most had a good time with excellent race management.  This years regatta is scheduled for April 22-24.  Keep us in mind when you are putting your calendar together for the year.  The NOR should be available on our website in early-February. 



Help is needed with CSC History.


We have good insight into the early history of the other three sailing clubs that have existed on White Rock, but there is a big hole in CSC's early history.  If you have any information or photographs relating to CSC from its inception in 1939 through 1960, please contact Frank Richards at or 214-827-4434.




The October scheduled Harvester Cup was finally sailed on February 5th  to the delight of all participants. Five races of close competition were completed and the final outcome was not determined until the last race.  Gena Wilson won first place, Mac McCoy came in second and David Barrett picked up the third place trophy.


Election of officers returned Bob Manning as Captain, brought in Gena Wilson as Race Chairman, Max Hibbs asTreasurer, Barbara Manning as Secretary and   Renee and Mark Pinkston as Social Committee.




If you have not perused this collection of beautiful sailing and fun time pictures you are missing out on some works of art.


Enjoy the 2005 year of sailing. There are lots of fun sails and activities to be enjoyed as well as an excellent racing program.





The annual business meeting was held at the Royal Oaks country club on January 13, 2005.  All board members were in attendance for the meeting and, although all CSC members are invited to this important meeting, the member turnout was less than expected.


Commodore Richard Wade opened the formal meeting after the attendees spent an hour enjoying the cocktails and great hors d’oeuvres served by the Royal Oak wait staff and visiting with fellow CSC members. Richard gave an outline of the agenda and called for the reports from Officers.



Bob Manning thanked those who submitted material for The Mainsheet and the members for the honor of serving on the Board




Dudley Bayne gave the following report:



















































Club membership continues to grow slowly and steadily.  Regular membership increased by 3 during 2004.  The total number of Regular and Associate members increased by 5 during 2004.


64 new members joined the Club during 2004, while 57 moved, quit or otherwise disappeared.


Jim Weaver was granted honorary membership for his years of service to the Club.  However, Neale Fugate requested that he not hear any more from the Club, so he is now marked “Quit.”  So there remains10 Honorary members.


Friends of the Club remain at ten.  These are people who serve the Club generously in various ways, even though they are not members.




Greta Mittman reported on Pier Highlights for 2004:



Richard Wade pointed out that our budget this past year called for a pre-planned negative cash flow to begin the major facility upgrades that Greta has begun.  These upgrades are scheduled to continue over the next several years to bring the entire club up to a new, high level of repair without a planned need for assessment of the membership.




Thanks to sponsoring member, Gene Soltero, for arranging for the Royal Oaks Country Club for  this wonderful event.  As to our summary of 2004 for Entertainment, we’re pleased to report that we came in under budget and didn’t break cardinal rule #1: NEVER RUN OUT OF BEER! 


Additionally, events such as CSC’s 2nd Annual Sailing for Rhinos, benefiting the Dallas Zoo, which De McCombs handled, is one of the ways our club reaches out in support of our community.  We hope this – as well as other community-focused events – will continue as a tradition at our club.  We gratefully acknowledge the wonderful help extended from so many folks  throughout the past year at all the club events.


Their predecessors, De & Steve McCombs, made Bob & Diane’s job much easier, and they appreciate their great example. Many hands helped along the way, particularly, David Barrett, Lauri Block, Pat Diggins, Sarah Duvall, Kathy Harrington, Mark & Renee Pinkston, Miranda Prater, Allan Schmitt, Sandra Webb, and others: We Thank You All! 


Bowman and Jim O’Connor succeed us for Entertainment this year, and we wish them great success. Please volunteer & offer them your help; every event depends on many helping hands. Even if  others have already stepped forward, (most likely, they have not) not only is your help still needed but your presence adds to the mix and you’d be missing out if you’re not there!  Helping with social events is such a great way to make new friends and complete your service requirements.



Sandy Denison gave the following report:


Adult Sailing:

Under the guidance of Bob Harrington CSC had another successful series of adult sailing classes in the spring and early summer.  Bob agreed to continue to spearhead the program next year.

Junior Sailing:

The coaches and parent volunteers were acknowledged, without whose contribution the junior program would not be a success.

Summer Sail Classes: CSC’s summer junior sailing classes consisted of 4 sessions that began on May 31 and concluded on August 6th. A total of 61 junior sailors participated in one or more of our class sessions.  Interest in our junior classes has increased interest in the club, with many new families joining CSC in order to enroll their children in the classes.  Last summer's program was a great success and laid a foundation on which the program can continue build in the years to come.

Junior Racing: Fourteen CSC junior sailors participated in at least one TSA Youth Circuit Regatta last year. This number includes 9 new Opti Green Fleeters, who have joined the CSC Junior Race Team this year and participated in their first regatta. Thirteen CSC juniors participated in CSC's regatta during Dallas Race Week and 7 sailors made the trek to Houston to compete in Texas Youth Race Week. Our more experienced racing sailors also performed well this year on both the TSA Youth Circuit and in US Sailing Youth Championship qualifying events. Notably, Paul Denison finished the year in second place on the 2004 TSA Junior Laser Radial Circuit.

Other junior activities during the year include a Spring Junior Open House and construction of a float to participate in the Lakewood Fourth of July Parade.  In the Fall Junior Sunday Open Sailing was begun on Sunday afternoon.  There are plans to re-institute Sunday Open Sailing beginning in March 2005 so that our junior sailors can prepare for CSC’s TSA Junior Circuit Regatta scheduled for April 9-10, 2005 and for the summer sail classes beginning in June.



Bob Harrington reported that all of the equipment was in good shape and asked anyone using the rescue boats turn off the radios or unhook the battery cable to protect against having a dead battery. He also reminded that in the winter the motors should be left in a vertical position so that any water in the motor will drain and not freeze inside the motor.




Tom Miller reported that 2004 was a very good year for racing competition and also for Special Regattas.  Casual racing and cruising were very popular too.  It was noted that our rescue boats were an important factor in rescue of non-CSC members sailing on White Rock Lake.




Susan Justus suggested that she is very fortunate to be able to follow the officers who have just submitted their reports.  They have done a tremendous job developing, managing and adhering to their budgets. Each member responsible for a budget category has taken great care to meet or beat their budget and we are in good fiscal shape as a result. 






Ralph ”Red Dog” Jones reported that CSC is a prime supporter for the raising of funds so that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society can continue its fight for a cure for these diseases. The Regatta for daysailors will be held this year on April 22, 23 and 24. “Red Dog” presented the need for early recruiting of sponsors and backers for this event.  This requires that participating sailors start now to raise contributions.  He also pointed out that besides all having a great  time taking part in the Regatta there are a number of great prizes to be won by fund raisers.  




Director Steve Comen Reported that The Carol Gough Sailing Education Fund exists to promote and provide a venue for sailing and sailing education in the Dallas area. The CGSEF has had successful fundraisers in the past with the Dawn Riley event and the silent auction at the awards banquet in 2003. We also receive occasional  donations from various sources. Our only major expenditure has been purchase of a Laser for use by the CSC Sailing Education program. For 2005 we do not expect to hold any major fundraisers, but will continue to solicit donations from the community.  The Fund is now accepting applications for grants in support of sailing and sailing education. This could include items such as costs associated with the Level 1 Dinghy Instructor Course being held at CSC this spring, other racing, race management, or educational seminars, etc. The Fund is also considering adding several new directors this year; please contact Steve Comen if you are interested.


Max Hibbs, Park/City liaison pointed out again that there really isn’t a “City of Dallas” but a large group of departments each with it’s own agenda.  As an example, he explained that our lake belongs to the water department, our park belongs to the park department and they don’t always speak to each other.  The recent dredging was controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers and so on and on.

Although our feuding City Council and assorted activists rarely present a united front, they are all proud of our lake and our club.


The Corinthian Sailing Club seems to be one thing everyone agrees on.  The Arboretum, the Bathhouse Cultural Center, the local Fire Station, the Police NE Substation and our many neighborhood associations all feel that our club is a real asset to our city.

On our part we are happy to be a part of all that goes together to make Dallas the fabulous city it is.


Commodore Wade explained the service requirement of 8 hours and the importance of this service to the CSC. Members giving of their time in the service of the club helps in many ways, among which are lower costs for upkeep, maintenance and appearance of the club and grounds.

 Richard also made a point of recognizing some of the members who give much of themselves. Noted were Alan Schmidt  for maintenance, Lauri Block for For The Love  of The Lake and Regatta food support , with assistance of Cathy Harrington, Pat Diggins, Renee Comen, and Alane Capen; Dave Barrett for beautifying our entrances, Donna Denison for being the right hand for Sandy’s Junior Education program.  Frank Richards was recognized for his installation of the weather station, White Rock Lake Museum Representative, CSC website maintenance and a bunch more things. Bob Harrington thanked the many people who religously showed up as instructors for the adult  sailing classes.


Frank Richards presented the slate of nominations for officers which were:

Tom Miller – Commodore

Jeff Bodkin – Race

Dudley Bayne – Membership

Bob Harrington – Equipment

Bowman and Jim O’Connor –Social

Greta Mittman – Pier

Sandy Denison – Education

Susan Justus – Treasurer

Diane Van Buren – Davit Registration

Ken Brown – Secretary

Max Hibbs – Park/City Liaison

Anderson Jones – SMU Liaison

Lauri Block – FTLOTL Liaison

Richard Wade – Past Commodore

The slate of officers was unanimously elected by a show of hands.


Tom Miller took over the proceedings as Commodore.


Harold Westerheim presented  “The Old Salt Of The Lake” trophy to John Diggins.

Sandy Denison presented “The Norm Watkins” trophy to Scott Mauney.

Richard Wade received a very unique “Double Burgee” award as the outgoing Commodore who had  served as Commodore a few years ago.   

The Annual Business Meeting was adjourned!


Thanks for your help. I enjoyed the past year as your Secretary,

Bob Manning                     


The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Any suggestions concerning improvements to the newsletter are welcome. If you have experienced formatting problems with the newsletter, please contact me at the email address above.


Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.