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The Main Sheet
March 2002  Corinthian Sailing Club  White Rock Lake  Dallas, TX
Adult Members Sailing Lessons
The Adult Sailing Program will conduct two classes this year. The classes will be held on Monday and Thursdays so that students may participate in the Wednesday night fun races if desired. Sailing lessons are available for regular and associate adult members at CSC. Classes are in the evenings from 6PM to 8:30 / 9PM for six sessions. Five of the six sessions will be on the water. An optional book is available for $15.00. Most training will be in Flying Scots, but other fleets are urged to participate.
Points to be covered include seamanship, leaving the pier, sailing upwind and points of sail, tacking, jibing, returning to pier, man overboard, and basic knots.  The May class will meet April 29 and May 2,6,9,13 and 16. The June class will meet June 3, 6, 10, 13, 17 and 20. A third class may be added in July depending on the demand.
To register for class you must call Bob Harrington after 25 March at 972-276-1954. You may also contact Bob for more information.
Check out the CSC Website!
The 2002 -2--3 Race Calendar and Sunday Race Sailing Instructions are now on the website. Be sure to note that a red flag is now required for a protest.
Information on Adult Sailing and Juniors Sailing Program and Junior Regattas was added to the website. A photo of 2002 CSC Officers is there as well as an updated membership application. Chris Dukeminier took some great pictures of January Sunday races that were posted to the photo album.  Some snow pictures were also added.
Spruce Up and Splash Days have been scheduled with more details to follow as available. February newsletter and updated fleet contacts are also posted as well as information on the CSC Forums
If you have posted information on the CSC Forums and it is no longer relevant consider deleting the posting, asking the webmaster to delete it, or posting a message indicating current status.
Membership Renewals are due March 15.  If you have not already sent in your dues and updated membership information to Frank Richards please do this immediately. The March 15 deadline will allow us to get the new Sailing Instructions, calendar, membership cards and gate combinations in everyone's hands prior to April 1. If you have paid your dues and do not receive a renewal packet around the 1st of April, please contact Frank Richards.
From the Race Chairman
Get ready!  Splash Day is April 7.  This kicks off the beginning of our “Official Racing Season”.  February has been a little tough on us with some high wind days and freezing cold.  The RC club did get a radio-controlled regatta off a few weeks ago.  They sailed their last races in 30 – 40 mph winds.  This provided us with some good entertainment on Sunday while we did our own two-step.  Let’s look forward to warm and windy for March. 
This year we will kick off the Wednesday Night Races on May 1st.  We will use the same format as we did last year.  The races will start around 7pm.  So plan to take a mid week break on Wednesday nights.  See ya there.

Race Calendar
April  ERC  Dukeminier
6  Spruce-up Day
7  Board       Splash Day
13-14  Mallory TSA/Area F-AYC
14 F/S 
17-21  Juniors Governors Cup-AYC
19-21  Black Tie Regatta – RCYC
21  Corinthian 
27  CSC Boat Show
27  Corinthian Hired Gun
28   F/S 
May   ERC   Harrington
4-5    Juniors Circuit-San Jacinto-HYC
5       F/S      Flying Scot Districts
12     Rebel 
17-19  Volvo Leukemia Cup - DCYC
18-19  Juniors Circuit-Shoe/Volvo-Lakewood Yacht Club
18-19  Spring Dingyfest-RCYC
19       Corinthian 
25-26  Snipe      Southwesterns
26       F/S 
27  Memorial Day
9    Lightning  
16  F/S  
23  SMU  
30  Snipe  
(The full schedule through 2002 is on the CSC website.)
From the Fleets
Laser Fleet - Chris Henkel reports the Laser fleet has been a little less active this winter than in winters
past, but that is about to change. A handful of veteran Laser sailors that are tuning up for the upcoming regatta season, especially the Masters Nationals in April and the Worlds in the Fall. For a detail of the 2002 Laser regatta schedule check out
The Lasers are still sailing with the Butterfly fleet on Saturdays and anticipate beginning a series as the weather warms up. Chris anticipates 2002 to be as successful as 2001 for the Laser class in Texas.
Day Sailors – There will be a meeting at 1:00 on Saturday March 16 at the White Rock Boat Club to rejuvenate the Day Sailor racing program.  All interested should attend.

New Members

Welcome to the following new members:
Chris and Margaret Cowan
Matthew & Linda Williams - Associate
Carmela Lamberti & Santosh DiMello - Associate
Youth Sailing
 Parent Group Meeting: March 21
In order to encourage more parents of our CSC juniors to become involved in the program we will have an informal parents’ meeting Thursday, March 21 at 7:00pm in the CSC club house.  We hope to organize a group of interested parents to assist with both junior activities at White Rock as well as with travel to area and statewide junior regattas.  At the meeting we will discuss our plans for the coming year and consider your suggestions for ways that the parents can help make the program even better for our kids. We will also be loading boats for those juniors traveling to the AYC Junior Regatta that weekend on March 23-24 (see below).  If you can’t make it to the meeting but would like to be involved please contact Sandy Denison at or 214/826-3998 to express your interest.
 Junior Sail Camps: June 3-14 and July 8-18.
This summer CSC will sponsor two sail camps open to both neophyte and experienced sailors.   The first camp is planned for June 3-14 and will culminate with CSC’s hosting of a Texas Sailing Association Juniors’ Circuit Regatta the weekend of June 15-16.  The second camp will run from July 8-18. Friday the19th will be a travel day for the coaches and those juniors electing to participate in Texas Race Week on Galveston Bay from July 20-28. Registration forms for the camps will be posted on the website and will be available in the clubhouse by April 1st.  As in the past each camp day will begin at 9am and end at 2pm.  Each session will be limited to approximately 30 juniors.  The fee will be $125 for each 9-2 two-week camp session.  For a limited number of juniors interested in racing, we will be offering two extra hours of intensive race training by the coaches from 2 to 4 PM each day for an additional fee of $50 per session.  To register for the camps the junior must have a parent or grandparent who is either a full or associate member of CSC.     
 Advanced Race Camp: June 17-21
We also plan to offer a one-week advanced race clinic from June 17-21 to provide all day intensive training for those juniors seriously into racing.  This will be open to a limited number of juniors so that the coaches can provide more individualized instruction than is possible during our general camps.  Students who have already demonstrated an interest in racing or who demonstrate an interest after completing the June 3-14 camp will be eligible to enroll.  The camp fee will be $75 for the one week session which will run from 9 to 4 each day. 
 AYC Jr. Regatta: March 23-24
Austin Yacht Club on Lake Travis will host the next TSA Junior Circuit Regatta the weekend of March 23-24.  CSC has reserved a screened shelter on the AYC grounds where you can spread your sleeping bag.  AYC also allows camping on the grounds and has restroom and shower facilities.  Sandy Denison will be bringing his Whaler powerboat to provide on-the-water support.  He can transport one additional Opti and another junior parent has offered to trail Sandy’s double-decker Opti trailer. So, if you want to drive down to Austin with your junior we can probably get an Opti down there for your junior to sail.  Anyone who is interested please contact Sandy Denison at or 214/826-3998.
 Optimist Clinic: June 1-2
Tom Coleman from McLaughlin Boat Works is tentatively scheduled to hold an Optimist Clinic at CSC during the weekend of June 1-2, immediately before our first camp. This clinic will be open to a limited number of juniors who have already been through one of our camps. Racing experience is not required, just a desire to explore how much fun racing sailboats can be.  Coleman’s specialty is working with kids new to racing and his clinics are guaranteed to instill a love of sailboat racing in your kids.  Tom’s clinics have been featured in OptiNews and in the March 2002 issue of Sailing World. Registration forms will be available as soon as the clinic is confirmed.  The fee will be $25 for the two-day clinic.  
The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter
The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club.  This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community.  The deadline for information is the 20th of the month.  Please submit articles to Dudley Bayne at 3612 Hackamore Ct., Plano, TX 75023, or at  I am also interested in any suggestions on how to improve the newsletter.
Corinthian Sailing Club
Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing.  Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake.  Phone 214-320-0841.  Email address is  Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.  Website is  Both regular and associate memberships are available.  Contact the Membership Rear Commodore, Frank Richards, at or 214-827-4434 for details.