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The Main Sheet

~ March, 2003 ~ Corinthian Sailing Club ~ White Rock Lake ~ Dallas , TX ~



Annual Business Meeting


The Norman B. Watkins Award


The Norm Watkins Award is presented annually to the member of CSC who best represented the club as a Corinthian Sailor. He or she may have provided unusual leadership, served to promote the sport of sailing, or trained others in sailing or seamanship. This trophy then commemorates a person who enjoyed sailing and helping others.  For 2002, this award was presented to Chris Dukeminier.


William F. Leonard Memorial Trophy


Bill Leonard and his wife Susan sailed M-20's in the1980's and were very competitive racers at Corinthian Sailing Club for many years. They were a great team and had a lot of fun racing.  But as with any marriage, a little stress creeps in from time to time.  It takes a special couple that understands one another to weather this and sail together week after week.  Because she appreciated all the problems of married people sailing together, Susan created this trophy in Bill's memory to recognize a husband and wife each year that both show the spirit of competitive sailboat racing at Corinthian Sailing Club.  The trophy is meant to encourage married couples to sail together.  The award was presented to JC & Judy Adrian for the second year in a row.


Carol Gough Memorial Award


This award recognizes the accomplishments and life of Carol Gough, and is awarded to the person who best promotes women's racing at the Corinthian Sailing Club, and who embodies the Corinthian spirit. The award is presented to the CSC member who is open to teaching, supporting women racers according to their needs and learning style.  The recipient is encouraging, approachable and affable with honor and integrity.  They embody, and teach, grace under pressure - competing and winning, but not at the expense of others.  They have actively promoted and supported all potential CSC female competitors in the Adams Cup, the US Women's Sailing Championship, regardless of their chance to win the title.   The award was present to Natalie Mauney.


Congratulations to Chris, JC, Judy, & Natalie.  -thank you all for making our club a stronger organization.


Board of Directors


The new CSC board of directors was elected at the January 18th meeting and is as follows:


Frank Richards                       Commodore

Tom Miller                              Vice Commodore -Race

Bob Gough                            Past Commodore

Dudley Bayne                          Rear Commodore -Membership

Bob Harrington                       Rear Commodore -Equipment

De and Steve McCombs         Rear Commodore -Entertainment and Publicity

Mo Berry                                 Rear Commodore -Pier

Sandy Dennison                      Rear Commodore -Sailing Education

Jeff Bodkin                             Davit Registrar

Greta Mittman                         Treasurer

Rob Edwards                           Secretary

Max Hibbs                              Dallas Parks Liaison


2003 CSC Budget


The club ended last year with a $62k surplus after all bills were paid, most of this was carryover from prior years.  Income and spending were both within a few percent of plan.  This surplus is in addition to the $51k emergency fund that has been set aside to deal with catastrophic events.  The board set the budget at the Feb 4th board meeting at $172k, $32k in excess of income.  Expenditures for capital projects to maintain the club facilities and equipment will be significantly higher than last year.  This trend will continue as we move forth with the program started several years ago to upgrade the overall facilities at the club.  As a result, the dues for both regular and associate members have been raised $25.  Projects planned for this year include replacing deck and adjacent walkways between the south entrance and the clubhouse, replacing the juniors Laser pad, replacing the 91' of walkway leading to the Laser pad, leveling the club house, expanding the tack room, replacing the small Whaler with a more seaworthy 17' Whaler like Rescue 1, replacing the weather station, replacing the committee boat lift and several smaller projects.  Other expenses are in line with prior years.




Our master webmaster has put up some great new pictures and the extended race calendar should be updated soon.  The 2003 club officers and new fleet contacts have been updated to reflect the newly filled positions.  When your fleet elects new officers, please notify the  Photos have been added for New Years day and winter sailing.  Many sections have been updated recently including: protest forms to the race information section, honors, resources, fleets, newsletter archives and club roster pages.


The web site has been getting good use.  We averaged 800 homepage hits per week in 2002 and that has increased to 1200 per week in 2003.  The forums, particularly "For Sale/Wanted", have been getting great use with 185 postings by 155 individuals.  That is approximately 10 postings per month.  New, improved, super sized with more info than the average bear, and free to all.  What deal!  Stop by the web site when you get a chance.


Don't forget you can print a copy of the club roster, with email addresses, from the website or download a working copy to your computer.  UK Sails has a great racing rules quiz on line.


The webmaster has posted the FS Sunday race results and will update them on a regular basis.  They are online at   This can be done for any of the other fleets as well.  If you would like you fleet results posted, send a copy of your scoring spreadsheet to the webmaster each time it is updated. 




The club has email access to 243 members, which is 80% of our membership.  This simplifies communication and reduces cost while allowing us to contact most of the membership very quickly.  If we do not currently have your email address and you would like to be added to the email roster, please send you email address to (hey, that's me).  You can still receive newsletters, etc. by US Mail if you let us know that is your preference.


Race Committee Duty


        March                   ERC Comen

                                    2nd    Flying Scots

                                    9th     Lighntings

                                    16th   Flying Scots

                                    23rd   SMU

                                    30th   Snipes


For the Love of the Lake


For the Love of the Lake is an organization that assists the Dallas parks and recreation department in keeping the lake shoreline clean and safe.  The 2nd Saturday of each month is trash pickup day.  Our section of responsibility is the area directly in front of the club.  Come out and help make our lake more enjoyable.  For more information contact Lori Block at


Membership status


We ended 2002 with 303 members.  This is a net increase of 20 members over 2001.  Three new members have already been accepted this year:

Arthur Van Gundy - Associate Member - remote control sailboats

Michael Daniel - Regular Member - Lightning

John Amdur - Associate Member


Membership details are presented below:


Membership Type




















                                              63 new members (net + 20)

                                              19 regular (+5)

                                              44 associate (+15)

                                              43 lost members

                                              39 quit

                                                4 expelled



Annual Dues


Annual dues notifications have been sent out and are "due" by March 15th, 2003 .


Longer days and warm nights...


The days are getting longer and we are starting to see the signs of spring with periodic warm and wonderful days.  This can only mean one thing, it is time to get out and sail!


As part of the new CSC Board we are excited about the upcoming year.  Thanks to the progress and creativity of past Rear Commodores for the Social and Publicity Committee, including Prater and Nancy Monning who served this post in 2002, we are able to hit the dock running.  We will continue the traditions of the past and provide many, many fun events for all CSC Members and their guests.


Although we are working with the Commodore and other Board Members to finalize the calendar for 2003 we have a few events scheduled, so mark your calendars and plan to attend!


Saturday, April 5

Spruce Up Day


Sunday, April 6

Splash Day


Saturday, May 17

( 10:00 - 5:00 )

Wooden Boat Show

(Remember this is open to the public so bring your friends and take a ride in these beautiful wooden boats, eat a bite and show off our Club!)


Sunday, May 25

(After the races)


Memorial Day Fiesta Celebration

Friday, July 4th

Bring your families for an old fashion

Sailing 4th!


In addition, we plan to continue the First Friday celebrations during the warm months and of course the Past Commodore Dinner, the Annual Awards Banquet and the Annual Board Meeting are being scheduled. 


We really do have many fun events planned.  To really pull this off, we will need creative and hard working volunteers.  Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering to help plan or implement any of these activities.  The people at this club make it special, so plan to participate!  See ya Sailin' -


Steve and De McCombs, Rear Commodores

Social and Publicity Committee


Junior Sailing Program


We are pleased to announce that this summer Joe Richardson and Megan Chrostowski will be joining us to teach our junior sailing classes and to coach our junior race team.  Both Joe and Megan are members of the Texas A&M Sailing Team, and are experienced racers and sailing instructors.


CSC Junior Race Team


For our junior racing sailors we are excited to announce the formation of a CSC Junior Race Team.  Membership on the team will be open to junior sailors who want to compete in regattas on the Texas Sailing Association ("TSA") Junior Circuit or in other competitive sailing events or series.  Team membership will require a commitment by both the junior sailor and his or her parents to attend regattas and to actively participate in CSC's racing program.  Parents will organize trips for team members to attend junior regattas throughout Texas , the first being the Austin Yacht Club's Junior Roadrunner Regatta on March 23-24.  Members of the team will also compete in the Sears Cup Area F Qualifier which will be hosted by CSC the weekend of June 7-8 and which will be sailed this year in Flying Scots.  During the summer the team will compete in Dallas Youth Race Week on June 14-21 and later travel to Houston to compete in Texas Junior Race Week on July 19-26.  All those interested in being a part of the team should contact the Sailing Education Commodore at for more information.


TSA Junior Circuit Regattas


The TSA Junior Circuit schedule has now been set and is posted on the TSA website at  The first regatta of the season will be at Port Arthur Yacht Club on March 1-2, followed by the Austin Yacht Club ("AYC") Roadrunner Regatta on March 22-23.  A number of CSC junior sailors have already made plans to attend the AYC regatta.  If you're junior is also interested in attending please contact the Sailing Education Commodore at .  The spring regatta schedule for juniors will conclude with two regattas in Houston : one at Houston Yacht Club on April 26-27 and the other at Lakewood Yacht Club on May 17-18.


The summer TSA Circuit schedule will begin with Dallas Youth Race Week.  Dallas Race Week will be a series of three regattas beginning with a regatta at CSC the weekend of June 14-15, continuing with a mid-week regatta at Grapevine Sailing Club on June 17-18 and will finish up with a regatta at Rush Creek Yacht Club on June 20-21.


As in past years, the summer Texas junior racing season will conclude with Texas Junior Race Week in Houston , with three regattas over an eight-day period from July 19-26.


The 2003 TSA junior series rounds out with several other regattas scheduled for the late summer and fall, the dates for which are listed on the schedule posted on the TSA website at 


Sears Cup Qualifier


CSC is excited this year to be hosting the Area F qualifier for the Sears Cup on the weekend of June 7-8.  The Sears Cup is the US Sailing Triple-Handed Junior National Championship.  It will be sailed this year in Flying Scots.  The winning team at the CSC regatta will represent Area F in the championship regatta sailed at Detroit Yacht Club on August 10-13.


Summer Junior Sailing Classes


As in past years, CSC will sponsor a summer series of two-week junior sailing classes.  While still subject to change our tentative plans are as follows:


There will be two sessions for beginners and/or those junior sailors who are not ready for or interested in racing. These two sessions are tentatively scheduled for June 23-July 4 and July 28-August 8.


A session for intermediate level junior sailors who are interested in becoming actively involved in racing will be held July 7-17.  This intermediate session will be open for junior sailors who have completed a previous two week beginner session, who have demonstrated their competence to begin racing and who want to become involved in sailboat racing at a serious and competitive level.  This session will also be open for our more experienced racing sailors who want to gear up for Texas Race Week the following week.


An Advanced Race Clinic will be held from June 9-21 for members of the CSC Junior Race Team who will be competing in the three regattas of Dallas Race Week.  The Advanced Race Clinic will be combined with and incorporated into Dallas Race Week and will consist of one week of race training and a second week of regattas.


Once the junior sailing class schedule is finalized it will be posted on the CSC website, together with a registration form.  As further information becomes available on this year's junior program we will post it on the website and include it in the club newsletter.




Paul Foerster ( Rockwall , Texas ) and Kevin Burnham ( Miami , Florida ) have teamed up to sail four regattas together, both in the USA and in Europe .  At 46 (Kevin) and 39 (Paul), they are the oldest team on the United States Sailing Team.  This is working to their advantage as the younger teams find sailing against their combined twenty-four-plus years of training and Olympic experience intimidating.

In keeping with tradition, a Team 2004 Olympic campaign party will be hosted at
Rush Creek Friday, March 28th.  Tickets are $15 / person and include dinner, a presentation by Paul and Kevin and a live auction.  If you have time or an item you would like to donate to the auction please call Lisa at 972-771-6500.



Event:  Team 2004 Olympic Charity Fundraiser
Date:  Friday, March 28
7:00 PM
Rush Creek Yacht Club
Tickets:  $15/person
Evening Schedule:  Dinner, Slide Presentation by Paul and Kevin, Live Auction to follow.
Dress:  Blue Blazer / Business Casual
RSVP Required:  Call Lisa @ RCYC 972-771-6500



The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter


The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Rob Edwards at 724 Kirkwood Drive , Dallas , TX 75218 , or at   Any suggestions concerning improvements to the newsletter are welcome.  If you have experienced formatting problems with the newsletter, please contact me at the email address above.


Corinthian Sailing Club


Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake . Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087 , Dallas , TX 75218 .