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                                               April 2003                 White Rock Lake          Dallas , Texas



Upcoming Events

April         ERC        Diggins        
April 6                  - Board, Committee Duty
April 12                - Corinthian Hired Gun Regatta
April 13                - F/S, Committee Duty
April 20                - Easter -no races
April 27                - Snipe, Committee Duty

May         ERC        Adrian
May 2                   - First Friday Summer Celebration
May 3-4                - Butterfly Wrangle Regatta
May 4                   - SMU, Committee Duty
May 10                 - Special Olympics Regatta
May 11                 - F/S, Committee Duty
May 14                 - Wednesday Night Fun Races Start
May 17-18            - Volvo Leukemia Cup at DCYC
May 17                 - CSC Boat Show
May 18                 - Corinthian, Committee Duty
May 24-25            - Snipe Southwestern Regatta
May 25                 - Memorial Day Post Race Fiesta
May 25                 - F/S, Committee Duty
May 31                 - Captains Challenge -Corinthians
May 31-1             - Flying Scot District Regatta at Canyon Yacht Club

Wednesday Night Fun Racing Program
Wednesday Night Fun Races will start May 14th.  The same format will be used as last year and will run through August.  Tom will start off running the races but is looking for assistance from the participants, which is a great way to get experience.

As part of the Wednesday night program, a racing rules and tactics seminar will be held for the three weeks preceding the start of the actual fun races.  Like the fun races, these seminars will be low key, interactive, aimed at the beginning to intermediate races, and hopefully fun.  Come out on April 23rd, 30th and May 7th starting at 7pm at the CSC Clubhouse.

Gate Combinations and Website Password

The combinations to the gates, gas lockers and rescue boat were changed April 6.  The gas locker code is also the password to the online membership roster.  Please shut and lock the gates behind you.  Do not give out the new combinations.  Refer people seeking the combinations to Dudley Bayne as he has the only current membership data.
Membership Renewal
Over 70% of the membership had renewed as of March 29.  The other third is past due.  If you have not renewed your membership, your dues are delinquent.  If you cannot find the renewal letter, which was mailed in early February, please contact Dudley Bayne and he will get you the information.  The Board voted to start suspension proceedings in accordance with the CSC By-Laws if your payment has not been received by April 15.  
If you do not wish to renew your membership, you may resign.  This will allow you to reinstate your membership in the future without reapplying or repaying the initiation fee.  Just send Dudley a note to this effect.  

New CSC Members

Carr Collins
Dawn Embry
Woodrow Gundy
Sam Jubran
Karen Kubliski
Duane Landry
Sheila McWatters
Jim O'Connor
Clovis & Susan Pierce
Brian Twomey

Welcome!  We hope to see you on the lake soon.

Junior Sailing Program

        AYC Junior Roadrunner Regatta

CSC Juniors Brittany Widzer and Paul Denison traveled to Austin Yacht Club on March 22-23 for the annual AYC Junior Roadrunner Regatta.  Both Brittany and Paul are competing in Laser Radials this year and were ready to challenge a fleet of 25 of the best junior Laser Radial sailors in Texas.  Despite the opportunity for great competition, the regatta unfortunately turned out to be a drifter with the race committee finding only enough breeze to get in two short "T" races over a two day period.  Nevertheless, Paul and Brittany had a great time and did well against sailors up to age 19, with both finishing in the middle of the fleet overall.  Let's all hope for better wind when the TSA Circuit moves up to North Texas for Dallas Race Week beginning with the CSC Regatta on June 14-15.

        CSC Junior Race Team

Those Juniors interested in racing and in competing at TSA Junior Circuit events, in the Sears Cup Qualifying Regatta, or in our Club fleet races, please contact the Sailing Education Commodore at for more information on joining the CSC Junior Race Team.

        Sears Cup Qualifier

The Area F Qualifier for the Sears Cup will be held at CSC the weekend of June 7-8.  The winner of the CSC Regatta will represent Area F in the championship regatta at Detroit Yacht Club on August 10-13.  The Sears Cup will be sailed this year in Flying Scots, so this is a great opportunity for our junior sailors to compete in a class where they have ample opportunity to practice prior to the regatta.  Any junior sailors interested in forming or joining a team - which must consist of three - should contact the Sailing Education Commodore at for more information.

        Summer Junior Sailing Classes

The registration form for the summer sailing classes will be posted on the website shortly.  The schedule for the summer will be as follows:

June 9-21 - Advanced Racing Clinic and Dallas Race Week.  This session will be limited to racing sailors who will be competing in the three regattas of Dallas Race Week.

June 23-July 4 - General/Beginner Sailing Class.  This two-week class will be open for beginning sailors and those CSC juniors who are not interested in or ready for racing.

July 7-17 - Intermediate Racing Class.  This camp will be open to sailors who have completed a previous two-week beginner class, who have demonstrated their competence to begin racing and who want to become involved in sailboat racing at a serious and competitive level.  This session will also be open to our more experienced sailors and will be focused on preparing for Texas Junior Race Week.

July 19-26 - Texas Junior Race Week.  CSC coaches will accompany our junior sailors to compete in Texas Race Week on Galveston Bay.

July 28-August 8 - General/Beginner Sailing Class.  This two-week class will be open for beginning sailors and those CSC juniors who are not interested in or ready for racing.

Contact the Sailing Education Commodore at for more information.

Dawn Riley will Speak at CSC

The Corinthian Sailing Club's Women's Racing Program is proud to host Dawn
Riley for a sailing education fund raiser and clinic.  Dawn is one of the
world's foremost women sailors and match racer.  She was 1999 Rolex
Yachtswoman of the Year.  Dawn was team captain of America3, the historic
all-women America's Cup team in 1995, America True CEO & Captain, America's
Cup 2000 and was a TV anchor person for the last America's Cup.  She is the only
American, man or women, to have raced on three America's Cup teams and two
Whitbread Round-the-World sailing teams.

A fund raising event for sailing education programs to be will be held on
Friday, May 23, with a $60 (preliminary) donation to the Carol Gough Sailing
Education Fund.  Dinner and presentation by Dawn Riley will be open to the
Dallas area sailing community.  Proceeds will benefit the CSC educational

On Saturday, Dawn will hold a clinic for the Women's Racing Program and
Juniors in Flying Scots to help prepare for the Area F Adams and Sears Cups
competition.  A short on the dock session will be followed by on the water
experience with Dawn coaching from a rescue boat is planned.

More information will be forthcoming.

Pier Rear Update

We had 32 members show up for Spruce Up Day with much accomplished.
Jeff, just how clean are those toilets?  Ugh, what a tough job...
The new whaler davit received much needed attention as well as: the tack room, plumbing, lighting (by Lightnings), and general clean up around the club house and shore line.
Thanks to all!

The laser pad has been completed and we will start the main walkway on the 8th of April, and expect to have it completed within five weeks.

Tack Room

The Spruce Up Day volunteers did a great job cleaning out the tack room.  Please replace items as you found them.  There should be no personal items stored in the tack room.  The following items were found in the tack room and will be trashed if not claimed by the end of April:
3 trailer tires
YingLing Main
alcohol galley stove
Main sail with "B" class identifier
Sails and paddle with the name Bill Marrow on them

Club House Structure

You may have noticed that the north most corner of the CSC club house has settled relative to the rest of the club.  Several club members met with Joe Brockette (structural designer for the club house) and Juris Laivins (architect for club house).  Measurements were made at various points on the club house deck.  These showed that the perimeter of the deck is fairly level.  The club house as a whole has settled about 1-1 1/2 inches.  The north corner has settled an additional 1-2 inches.  It is believed that the north corner reached its current position at least 5 years ago and has been stable since.  
Even though, the pilings were driven to bedrock, both Juris and Joe see the settling as minimal and seemed surprised that the club house has not settled more.  They think that the overall settling probably happened shortly after the clubhouse was completed.  Both feel that we should not attempt to raise the north corner.  The clubhouse structure is a welded and cabled steel frame that will not be easy to level.  They do not feel that there are any structural integrity issues and that there is more risk in trying to level the corner than just leaving it alone.  They suggest that the best plan is to deal with local problems (doors and windows) as they arise and to just monitor the corner for a couple of years and see what happens.  
Storage of Kayaks and Canoes at CSC

Kayaking and canoeing are becoming very popular at White Rock.  A number of people of expressed interest in storing their kayaks and canoes at the club.  CSC is chartered as a sailing club and we do not have room at the club to store the many boats requested.  The club has not had a formal policy addressing this issue.  The board discussed this issue at the last board meeting and set the following policy  -  We support kayaking and canoeing on White Rock and believe that these boaters are beneficial for the lake as whole.  CSC is chartered as a sailing club and does not have storage facilities for kayaks and canoes.  Kayaks and canoes shall not be stored on the boat pads, dingy pads or common areas.  Members may store kayaks and canoes in their boats or lashed to their davits.  The dock may be used to launch and support daily outings.
What's New on the CSC Website
The 2003-2004 Joint Lake Race Calendar is now available.  The Sunday sailing instructions have not changed from 2002-2003.  Both Flying Scot and Butterfly weekly series results are available and updated regularly.  CSC sailors placed at the Flying Scot Mid-Winters and Bill Draney wins second in the Thistle Mid-Winters.  The Junior Program,  events calendar, adult sailing classes, events page, race notices, fleet contacts, newsletter and membership roster WebPages were updated.  Photo spreads for the old clubhouse and new clubhouse construction have been added to the history pages.

May 2003 - Social Events

Friday, May 2, 2003 -- First Friday 6:00-9:00 pm

Come join us for a relaxed evening on the docks.  This is the first or our 2003 summer series of First Friday celebrations.  These evenings are very casual and comfortable with light entertainment, hors d' oeuvres and libations.  Invite a friend to enjoy our Club, lake and evening sky.... And relax!  $5 per person.  

Saturday, May 17, 2003 -- Annual Boat Show and Open House
The CSC Annual Boat Show and Open House from 10:00 until 5:00 pm.  This year we will showcase the CSC sailboats and programs, the antique and classic boats from the Wooden Boat Association of North Texas (WBA) and kayaks from Mariner Sails.  Sailing Club members, their guests and visitors will be encouraged to take rides on boats and learn about the variety of activities and programs available on White Rock Lake.  In addition, the For The Love of The Lake's Shoreline Flotilla will also be participating!

The antique and classic wooden runabouts are from the 1920's through the 1960's.  WBA member, Bill Baldwin, says  "wooden boat skippers love the way the boats smell, the sound of wood hulls thumping over the water and the rumble of an old boat engine - everybody loves that!"  The WBA maintains a large, well-equipped boat restoration shop in Lucas, Texas.  They currently have ninety-plus WBA "skipper" families who reside within sixty miles of the DFW Metroplex, but increasing numbers are scattered throughout the United States.

We truly are fortunate to have these individuals dedicated to preserving these artifacts of American history.  The wooden hulls are not only beautiful but to some are also nostalgic reminders of a simpler and happy era in history.

This is a fun event, so bring a friend, eat a bite and learn about sail and wooden boats as well as activities at CSC.  Hamburgers and hot dogs will be available for a minimal fee of $5.

Sunday, May 25, 2003 - Memorial Day Fiesta
Memorial Day is a day to honor Americans who gave their lives for their country. Originally, Memorial Day honored military personnel who died in the Civil War (1861-1865). The holiday now honors those who died in any war while serving the United States.  This is of particular importance this year.  The CSC celebrates Memorial Day at the Club on Sunday after the races.  The theme is American but the food is Mexican!  We will have Margaritas and Mexican Munchies.  Bring a friend and enjoy!  $10.00 for guests.

Call Steve or De McCombs at 214-319-7037 or email us at if you would like to volunteer for any of these events!

Sailing for Rhinos!
We are planning a new event for Wednesday, June 4, 2003, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm (fun races begin at 7:00 pm).  The event is a joint rhino conservation fund raising effort with the Dallas Zoo and the Dallas Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers.

In exchange for our efforts all CSC members will receive half-price tickets for admission to the Dallas Zoo.  However, if you participate in the event you and your family will receive FREE tickets to the Dallas Zoo.  Not enough to capture your interest?  How about a Fun Race on Wednesday Night and then a party?

Here's the plan.  We need to supply a minimum of 20 boats for fun races on this Wednesday night.  We will add a Zoo employee to every boat and race.  All the while, we will have a group (Herd? Gaggle? Troop?) of Zoo Keepers, employees, volunteers and Zoo members and CSC members cheering you on!  Sounding better?  We will all partake in refreshments and a silent auction.  Sounding even better?

The CSC will seek a $5.00 donation from each person attending this event.  The donation will go to the Dallas Zoo Keeper who raises the most money for rhino conservation.  The Zoo Keeper raising the most money Nationally wins a free trip to Africa.  Want to know more?

What we need to make this really fun is YOU!  If you have a boat and are interested in signing up to race on this night, let us know.  We hope ALL of you will want to participate in the party and silent auction!  Please schedule it!  Give Steve or De McCombs a call at (214) 319-7037 or email us at is you want to learn more or want to sign up to sail!  

Zoo Fact:  Did you know a duck's quack does not echo, and nobody knows why!

For the Love of the Lake

We want to thank the many members who come to the club on the second Saturday of each month to help with shoreline clean up.  The Corinthian Sailing Club (CSC) is one of 44 groups who have adopted a portion of the shoreline and park to reduce the litter and make White Rock Lake safe and enjoyable for everyone.  CSC is responsible for maintaining that portion of the shoreline in front of the club.

For the Love of the Lake (FTLOTL) is a grass-roots group of volunteers working to improve White Rock Lake in cooperation with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.  In addition to shoreline clean up, and with contributions from the community, FTLOTL has purchased 500 trashcans, 32 benches with bike racks, 20 drinking fountains, 5 bicycles for the Park Police, the playground equipment for the T.P. Hill children's playground, and many other items to improve White Rock Lake Park.

FTLOTL is a wonderful group of volunteers dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of White Rock Lake Park.  You can support FTLOTL by participating in the Second Saturday Shoreline Spruce-Up and by using your Tom Thumb Reward Card.  Just give FTLOTL's number 6060 to the cashier before they begin to ring up your purchase and a percentage of your purchase will be refunded back to FTLOTL to work toward improvements for the lake.  For more information contact Lauri Block at  Thank you for your support.

Special Olympics

Sailing is one of the many growing Special Olympics sports. The Corinthian Sailing Club has been supporting sailing as part of Special Olympics of Texas since 2000, holding the Special Olympics of Texas Regatta every spring.  Sailing is classified as a Unified Partner sport, meaning that a Special Olympics athlete is paired with a normal skipper for competitions.
The 2003 Special Olympics World Games will be held in Dublin, Ireland in June. Two Special Olympics athletes from Duncanville, Maria Pastana and Natalie Brooks, have been selected to sail as part of Team Texas in the World Games. Their Unified Partners for the World Games are both CSC sailors: Maria will be sailing with Steve Comen and Natalie with John Diggins.

Attending the World Games is an expensive undertaking. Special Olympics covers much of the cost, but the athletes are required to raise money to cover a portion of their expenses. Between athlete expenses, equipment, and Duncanville ISD sponsors who must travel with the Special Olympians, Team Texas Sailing is trying to raise $18,000 in cash, airline miles and equipment.  A generous donation from Knights of Columbus at the national level will cover close to $4000 of this amount. Other fundraising is being done at the regional and local level.

We are currently selling Team Texas t-shirts, with all proceeds covering athlete expenses. T-shirts can be ordered on the Special Olympics of Texas website or can be ordered through Steve Comen.  Tax deductible cash donations can be made directly to Special Olympics of Texas online (please specify that the donation is meant to cover expenses for the World Games Sailors) or donations of money, airline miles, or equipment can be made through Steve Comen.  Special Olympics of Texas Regatta - The Fourth Annual Special Olympics of Texas Regatta will be held at CSC Saturday, May 10.  For additional information contact Joni Seifrick.

Special Olympics Fundraising Dinner/Auction

Saturday, May 10th will be a dinner and auction at the club to raise funds for the Special Olympics sailors attending the World Games in Dublin, Ireland June 15th-29th.  

The 2003 Special Olympics of Texas Regatta will be held May 10th at White Rock Lake sponsored by the Corinthian Sailing Club.  Dinner, drinks, music and an auction will follow the regatta.  All proceeds from the dinner and auction will go to offset expenses for the World Game athletes.  Details concerning time and cost will be published later.

If you have items that can be donated for the auction or would like or help, please contact Steve and Renee Comen.

Flying Scot Mid-Winters -Panama City Florida

Corinthian Sailing Club was well represented at the 31st annual Flying Scot Mid-winters in Panama City, Florida.  Every year, the toughest Scot competitors make the trek to this Spring Break capitol to enjoy the sun, the sea breeze and the oysters.  The event officially ran from March 25 - 27th . . . Tommy Miller and his brother Benny won the practice race (aka 'race for the case') held Monday in Tommy's spectacular new boat 5398.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw relatively light winds for the area, but there was plenty of great sunshine and challenging sailing to make up for the breeze.   Kelly Gough started out with a bang, winning the first two races.  This in spite of his blown-out knee, a cold, and last-minute cancellation of long-time crew Jeff Grinnan.  He did re-bound though and came up with a  'ringer' crew, Skip Dieball from Chicago.

In the Challenger division, first time to skipper at Mid-winters, Greta Mittman and crew Susan Justus and Teresa Morris made an impressive debut.   Greta finished top five in all races but one and ended up 6th overall, receiving a beautiful crystal vase as trophy, and the top 'new skipper' finish in her division.  Our girls consistently overtook boats off the wind, and were later hounded for their 'go-fast' techniques.  CSC chicks rule!

Thursday's breeze more than made up for the light winds earlier in the week of 15 - 20.  The wind was out of the East, which made for a challenging few races.  No longer could we follow local custom of going 'hard left until you have to raise your centerboard or run aground'.  The eventual winners of the Championship fleet, Marcus Eagen and his 'dad' Marc (still not sure Marc is old enough to be Marcus's dad) had steady consistent finishes - seconds or firsts in every race.  But, you can be assured we were always right there with them trying to make their life difficult!

Finishes (we care about!):

2nd - Kelly Gough & Skip Dieball                
3rd - Scott Mauney, Michael Mittman, Natalie Mauney
5th - Doc Bellows (well, he's not ours, but he feels like it!)        
10th - Harry Carpenter (ditto)
13th - Tommy & Benny Miller
23rd - Red Dog, Rick Swazey & Roland Foerster
25th - Ted Perna and Kent Gladden

6th - Greta Mittman, Susan Justus & Teresa Morris
9th - Frank Richards, Bruce Faust & Bob Vickery
17th - Joe Erwin & son

For complete details of the regatta, go to

Spring Fling Regatta -Jackson Mississippi   


 March 29th & 30th, was the first regatta hosted by the Jackson Yacht Club in the new clubhouse.  It was also the first regatta in some years to renew an old club tradition of having a "Blessing of the Fleet" for participating boats as they sailed out of the harbor towards the racecourse. A priest blessed each boat as it passed...  with the weather conditions, all needed the help.    This was also the first spring regatta in decades to have multiple dinghy fleets including Lightning Sailors from Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi participating.

The weather kept many from sailing due to the cold and high winds.  Saturday morning the temperature was in the 40's with the wind blowing 20 - 25, gusts into the 30's and 3 foot swells.  Sunday was colder and windier. It was a body pounding couple of days...   On the second day, after watching the J22s round the weather mark, set their spinnakers and start the deadly death roll, we decided not to the fly spinnaker, but still had the boat on a plane with only the jib.

The strong winds provided some exciting times for all concerned. The Snipe Fleet had one capsize/turtle, all of the Vanguard 15's went over at some point, and one of the local Fleet 388 Lightnings' lost a middle crew member overboard and during the rescue of their fallen comrade, lost the skipper overboard. All were reunited with their boat and on their way in to get warm, helped rescue a crewmember who had fallen over the side of a keelboat without a life jacket.  All made it back without permanent injury and later laughed it off in the bar.  It wasn't enough that weather was against us but we were dodging J22s all day also.

Each race was hotly contended and the outcome was not settled until the fifth and final race.   Visiting Dallas boats swept the number 1 & 2 places, with a New Orleans boat taking third. Congratulations to Scott Anderson, Sarah Adams, Batton Kennon for taking first overall, Jeff Bodkin, Kai Kunnapas, Rob Edwards for taking second, and Larry Frost & company for taking third.

Paul Foerster Olympic Campaign

After his return from the Sydney Olympics, many tried to convince Paul that two Olympic silver medals (1992 & 2000) were as good as gold, but the math just doesn't compute in his book.  "One gold equals one gold", and there is one place to get it:  Athens, Greece, in 2004.

Paul Foerster (Rockwall, Texas) and Kevin Burnham (Miami, Florida) have teamed up casually in the last few months and sailed four regattas together, both in the USA and in Europe.  Kevin earned a silver medal in the 1992 Olympics, and competed in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, sailing the 470 with Morgan Reeser in both Games.  Kevin is excited and full of fire to go back to the Olympic arena with Paul.  At 46 (Kevin) and 39 (Paul), they are the oldest team on the United States Sailing Team.  This is working to their advantage as the younger teams find sailing against their combined twenty-four-plus years of training and Olympic experience intimidating.

In the fall of 2002, the United States Sailing Association helped propel Paul and Kevin out of "retirement" by purchasing a new MacKay 470 for them.  The stipulation for this purchase was their agreement to compete in the 470 World Championships in Italy where they hoped Paul and Kevin would qualify our country for an Olympic berth in 2004.  Paul and Kevin accepted, and rose to the challenge by finishing sixth out of 111 international teams.  The top nine finishers at the Worlds qualified their countries.  This tremendous performance reinforced expectations that they will be a force to contend with during the next two years leading to the Olympic games.

An Olympic campaign is a full time endeavor and very costly.  Tax deductible donations to support their campaign can be made out to RCEF, earmarked for "Team 2004", and mailed to: RCEF, attn:  Paul Foerster, 1780 Plummer Drive, Rockwall, TX  75087.  Donations over $150.00 will receive a receipt for tax purposes.
The team can also use donated airmiles as there is a lot of travel involved in an Olympic campaign.  During their last Olympic campaign, Paul and his teammate used well over 1 million airmiles.  The good news is that there are new, more beneficial rules for donating airmiles to another person using American Airlines.  See if the new rules below might work for you:


1) We can now give airmiles to another person's airmile account. An individual can donate up to 15,000 miles to another person's account. The receiving person can only receive a maximum of 15,000 miles per calendar year, however. Once you make the transaction allow up to 7 days for miles to be posted in the recipient's account.

2) Two or more people can combine their airmiles to make up enough for an award. Persons BE and CO can transfer miles over to person A's account so person A has enough for an award. In the Olympic campaign case, if Paul and Kevin had already received the maximum 15,000 miles per year in each of their accounts, the new donors could still combine their miles and apply them towards a pre-made reservation for Paul or Kevin like we did last time.

3) It is now possible to buy miles for your account or someone else's. A maximum of 15,000 miles may be purchased. The cost is $375 for 15,000 miles. You can buy miles for someone else's account as well, even if that person has already received a 15,000 mile transfer from a different account. So potentially our Olympic sailors could receive 15,000 miles transferred from a donor's account, and 15,000 miles from a purchased gift of miles. This allows a total gift of 30,000 miles.

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The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Rob Edwards at 724 Kirkwood Drive, Dallas, TX 75218, or at   Any suggestions concerning improvements to the newsletter are welcome.  If you have experienced formatting problems with the newsletter, please contact me at the email address above.
Corinthian Sailing Club
Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is . Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.