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The Main Sheet

June 2002 Corinthian Sailing Club White Rock Lake Dallas, TX




 Our CSC rescue boats are for sailing support and not for joy rides of any length.

 We have the privilege of using motors larger than the lake limit of 10 horsepower since our boats are used for rescue and race support.  We have heard complaints from other lake users and we don’t want problems with the City.  The City of Dallas could revoke our privilege if we continue to abuse it.

Rescue boats are to be used for the following purposes only:

Race support
Rescue operation 
Sailing training for Juniors, WRP and Adult sailing classes
Towing sail boats
CSC facility maintenance
Community service including: Removing debris from lake, Rescue of non-club members, Search and rescue support of Fire or Police Depts. if requested

Rescue boats are never to be left on moorings.


Upcoming Events 

June 22-23 - Lightning Districts
June 29 - Rescheduled Special Olympics  Regatta
July 4 - First Friday (Thursday) Fun – see below
Ongoing - 
   Adult Sailing Lessons 
   Wednesday Night Fun Races 
   Women's Racing Program 
   Junior Sailing Camp


Fourth of July  

Prater and Nancy Monning, Rear Commodores for Entertainment, are planning a terrific Fourth of July evening at the Club.  Tentative plans call for barbecue catered by Holy Smokes Original Barbecue, with music by the Brushy Creek Band (bluegrass from East Texas.)  Everyone is encouraged to attend, then stay at the Club after dark for a grand view of fireworks at the Cotton Bowl and nearby country clubs.  All this for a bargain $5 per head.

 Look for a postcard announcing final plans! 

What's New on the Website

Updated Notice of Race, Race Results, Race Calendar, Junior pages, Women's Racing Program and Events pages with information on upcoming regattas and events;  junior sailing camp and regattas, race results, registration forms...  If you have club, race, fleet or community info or photos that you think would be of general interest to the club, please send or email it to Frank Richards for use on the website.


From The Rear Commodore for Membership

The club has 41 new members this year, bringing the total to 285 members.  We completed last year with 284 members.  Thanks for your support of the Corinthian Sailing Club.

Use E-mail

We have 229 members who receive their newsletter and other club communications via email.  This helps provide timely information, saves the club over $100 per mailing, and generally makes life easier for your volunteer board members.  If you are not currently receiving your CSC communications via email and would like to do so, send your email address to   

Race Calendar 






F/S Wife /Husband-Delavan Lake YC , Delavan , WI  



Summer Solstice Regatta, Seabrook Sailing Club



Juniors Circuit-CSC  






Butterfly Nationals-White Lake, Mich.  



Lightning Districts  






TSA Adams-FWBC  






B. Gough  



Independence Day (Thursday) Fun Races  



Centerboard Regatta, Austin Yacht Club






Area F Adams-OCBC  






Butterfly Open Nationals-Torch Lake , Mich.



Flying Scot NA – Pensacola Yacht Club  



Juniors Texas Race Week-Houston  















Lightning NA-North Cape YC , Ohio  






Butterfly Blue Chip-  





Wrangle Regatta

The Wrangle Regatta for Butterflies and Lasers was held last weekend, June 8-9.  The event is the only dedicated single-handed regatta at White Rock each year.  More information is below under Junior Program, and racing results are on the Website.


From the Davit Registrar

Davit Registrar Clancy McKenna has attempted to identify all of the boats and the associated owners who are currently occupying the boat pads. These are listed below.  Please let Clancy know if your boat/pad is not correctly identified and he will change the records accordingly.    

We do not have any owner information on the boats/pads that are labeled as “NOT PAID”.  If you own one of those boats, or know the owner, please contact Clancy McKenna at 972 231-4521.  All of the “NOT PAID” boats will be moved off of the pads in July, and those spaces will be made available to new renters. 

         NOT PAID                     Yellow Butterfly
         Sarah Adams                Yellow Butterfly
         Frank Richards  Orange Butterfly
         NOT PAID                     Orange Butterfly 
         Jesse Marshall               Laser
6          John Davis                     Blue Butterfly
         Prater Monning              Opti
         NOT PAID                     Yellow Butterfly
10         Henry Maxwell  Escape 
11         Scott Sura                     Gulf Coast 14 with blue top.  
12         NOT PAID                     (Sunfish Owner will remove.)
13         NOT PAID                     Yellow Butterfly  
14         Jim Crittenton                Orange Butterfly 
15         Mat Thompson               Laser 
16         Empty
17         Jim Crittenton                White Butterfly 
18         NOT PAID                     Sunfish
19         John Martin                   Laser
20         Joey Costa                    Laser II 
21         Empty
22         Susan Justus                Blue Butterfly
23         Cal Hudson                   No boat
24         Klein                             Red Butterfly




Junior Sailing Program

Editors Note:  CSC is blessed with many volunteers who give most generously of their time and effort to the Club.  But even among this crowd, Sandy Denison stands out for the tremendous energy he devotes to the Junior Sailing Program.


Junior Sail Camps 

The junior sail camps have begun.  Three camps are scheduled back-to-back: June 3-14, June 17-28 and July 1-12. All the available slots in each camp are now filled.  However, in the event positions later open up, send in a registration form and we will contact you if a slot becomes available.  The registration form may be download from the junior page on the CSC website.

Jimmy Sturgul from Bellingham, Washington has joined us this summer as Head Coach of our junior program.  Jimmy is a Level 1 U.S. Sailing certified instructor and is excited about teaching our juniors how to sail and race.  Brian Garrison, a member of the SMU Sailing team, has also been brought on as Assistant Coach, together with CSC juniors Joey DeCosta and Paul Denison who are serving as student coaches.  When you see Jimmy and Brian working around the junior’s area, please welcome them to our club.


Tom Coleman Optimist Clinic

Tom Coleman from McLaughlin Boat Works conducted an Optimist clinic at CSC during the weekend of June 1-2. The clinic was attended by fifteen Opti sailors, nine from CSC and two each from Fort Worth, Grapevine and Oklahoma City. The clinic was a great success. New friends were made and all the kids picked up valuable tips on racing strategy and tactics and how to competitively sail an Optimist. 


White Rock “Round-Up” Junior Regatta: June 15-16

Next weekend, June 15-16, the best junior sailors from Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding states will descend on CSC for the “White Rock Round-Up,” a TSA Junior Circuit Regatta. Expected classes are Optimists, Laser Radials, and 420’s. CSC Juniors who are interested in competing in the regatta should contact Sandy Denison by email or at 214-826-3998 ASAP to advise us if they plan to compete in the regatta. The CSC Coach and Education Commodore will assign club Optimists and Laser Radials later this week to those juniors indicating a desire to race. It is therefore imperative that we know now which juniors want to race.  The Notice of Regatta and Registration Form may be downloaded from the CSC Website and copies are available in the clubhouse.


Advanced Race Training

For those juniors interested in racing we have included in our program two new components: 

Extended Day Race Training: During our camps we have set aside a period of two hours each afternoon from 2-4 after the end of the regular session which is dedicated solely to race training.  Consideration is now being given to increasing this period an hour, such that it will run from 2 to 5 each day.  This program is generally open only to juniors who have achieved race level competence. The junior does not necessarily have to be enrolled in one of the camps to participate.  The fee is currently $50 for a two-week period.

Advanced Race Camp: For those juniors planning to attend Texas Race Week on Galveston Bay from July 20-27, we will hold a special advanced race training camp during the week of July 15-18.  This camp will be geared specifically to preparing our juniors for that event, which is a series of three regattas held over eight days and is the highlight of the TSA Junior Sailing Circuit each year. The fee for the advanced camp, which will include on the water coaching during Texas Race Week, will be $125.

If your junior sailor is interested in either the extended day race training or the special advanced camp in preparation for Texas Race Week, you should contact Sandy Denison by email or at 214-826-3998. 


Butterfly/Laser “Wrangle” Regatta

The Wrangle Regatta for Butterflies and Lasers was held last weekend, June 8-9.  The event, which is the only dedicated single-handed regatta at White Rock each year, was open to juniors. CSC junior Paul Denison represented CSC sailing against adults in the Butterfly class. Paul finished 8th overall out of 18 competitors, beating a past Butterfly National Champion in one race and taking home the trophy for top junior. Next year we hope that more of our CSC juniors, particularly in Laser Radials, will compete.

For more information on CSC’s junior sailing activities contact Sandy Denison, CSC Rear Commodore for Sailing Education, 214-826-3998 or


The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter

The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Dudley Bayne at 3612 Hackamore Ct., Plano, TX 75023, or at I am also interested in any suggestions on how to improve the newsletter.


Corinthian Sailing Club

Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.