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August 2002 ~ Corinthian Sailing Club ~ White Rock Lake ~ Dallas, TX





No, this is not a wet T-shirt contest.  At its August meeting the CSC board decided to make up new Club T-shirts (as opposed to shirts for various regattas and the like.)  The board will accept designs from members.  Designs must be submitted by the next board meeting, on September 3rd.  Designs can be submitted on hard copy or a jpg file emailed to Bob Harrington.  Fire up your creativity and see your design immortalized on the backs of intrepid sailors.



From Race Commodore Chris Dukeminier - Another leeward mark situation:

Recently, this situation developed on a Sunday afternoon race. It involved two Flying Scots as they approached the leeward mark in a light air race.

Boat  'A' is sailing down to a leeward mark well ahead of the boats behind her. As ‘A’ approaches the mark sailing on port tack, the wind has shifted to where she is now close-hauled on a beat. 'A' sails into the two- boat length circle and continues on past the leeward mark and tacks outside of the two-boat length circle to make her rounding. As she sails back to pass the mark, boat  'B' has now sailed up into the two-length circle and calls for room. Boat  'A' refuses to give ‘B' room. Was ‘B' entitled to room under rule 18.2?

Answer:  Rule 18.2 does not apply here. Although the mark was designated a 'leeward mark', the boats approached on a beat. Instead rule 18.3 applies.  A boat that is tacking inside the two-boat length circle shall not interfere with a boat that is fetching the mark, or force her to luff or sail above close-hauled to avoid the boat that tacked.

Race Calendar










Lightning NA-North Cape YC , Ohio






Butterfly Blue Chip-















Labor Day






Corinthian Singlehand/Long Distance Race



Juniors Ol’ Man of the Sea-FWBC






CSC Club/Lake Championship



Mallory Champ.-Bahia Corinthian YC, San Diego



Juniors Rush Creek-RCYC



Governor's Cup, Austin Yacht Club





Upcoming events

August 18 - Butterfly Blue Chip Regatta
September 7 -  Corinthian Single Handed Long Distance Race
September 22 - CSC Club and White Rock Lake Championships
October 5 - Collegiate SLOOPS Regatta
October 12 - State Fair Regatta
October 19-20 - Flying Scot Open House Regatta


  Wednesday Night Fun Races are drawing larger crowds, and are a great way to practice sailing skills with little pressure.  Show up at 7:00 PM until Labor Day.



Please welcome the following new members:

John and Kimberly Patten
Steve Ricketts and Caroline Waite
Mariam Habafy
Christy and Terry Cummings
Mark and Shannon Lutrick
Jason and Kerri Mallory
Jason Balgooyen and Susan Wetzel

Samantha Molny
George and Jeannie Szaboky
Kate Anderle-McCoy


Race results have been posted for the Junior's Texas Race Week and Opti National regattas. The Flying Scot North American Championship results and photos are also posted. The Events, Regatta Notices, Juniors, Adult Sailing and WRP pages have also been updated. There has been a lot of traffic on the For Sale/Wanted Forum and several postings to the General and Crew Forums. This is your site. If your fleet has activities, news or race results that you would like to publicize, please get the information to Frank Richards.



 Clancy McKenna, Pier Rear Commodore, has achieved 90% usability of davits.  No one can recall such a high percentage.  Clancy’s efforts have resulted in converting old davits from storage facilities or worse to use by active club members.  Kudos to Clancy for his diligence in making the Club facilities available to those who will use them.

 Please see the two following items.  These are how Clancy gets his job done!

Two Davits to be Auctioned

Davits 107 and 187 will be sold in a Silent Auction, which will close on Saturday, August 17th at 12:00 noon. Davits will be sold in as-is condition to the highest bidder. Sealed bids must include your name, address, phone number, and amount of bid, and must be submitted in writing prior to the closing date and time by......

*Mailing them to Davit Registrar, CSC, PO Box PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218, OR
*Emailing bids to, OR
*Delivering bids to the club on the day of the auction.

Sealed bids will be opened and read aloud at noon on Saturday August 17.

To purchase a Davit, you must be a regular member of the Corinthian Sailing Club. For questions or changes regarding your membership status, email

This auction will be canceled if the owner sells the davits prior to the auction date.



Our June newsletter referenced the effort to identify all of the boats on the boat pads. We have several boats for which we are unable to identify the owners. In each case, no fees have been paid in 2002 for pad rental. Our June notice asked that the owners make themselves known so that the disposition of the boats could be decided. As of this date, no one has come forward. This notice is a second and final attempt to locate owners. Ideally we will be able to return these boats or make the rental arrangements current. But if not, at the end of August the boats will be removed and sold or discarded. Please contact Clancy McKenna at or 972 231-4521 if you have any information.

PAD         Boat         
1    Yellow Butterfly
4    Orange Butterfly
9    Yellow Butterfly
13  Yellow Butterfly
18  Sunfish




Lightnings have been racing on Saturday mornings in July, but will not be racing in August.  The Sunday racing schedule will return in September.  Scott Anderson will be attending the Lightning Nationals August.10 – 16 at North Cape YC in Ohio.


Flying Scot 2002 North American Championship

 The Flying Scot NAC’s were held at Pensacola Yacht Club on July 20-26 with 59 Scots sailing in the regatta. Pensacola Bay greeted the sailors with thunderstorms intermixed with drifting conditions. And, a great time was had by all.


CSC's Flying Scot Fleet 23 faired very well. Bill Draheim won the regatta sailing with Natalie and Scott Mauney. Richard Wade, Jennifer Meredith and Scott Wade placed 4th in the Championship Fleet.  Greta Mittman, Jennifer Meredith and Teresa Morris placed third in the Women's Championship Regatta.  Bob New (now living in Florida) and Michael Mittman placed 5th in Challenger Division of the NAC’s. Frank Richards, Bruce Faust and Bob Vickery (also living in Florida) placed tenth in this division.  Nine Scots from CSC sailed in the regatta. The fleet won the trophy for the fleet with the best overall finishes in the regatta. "Red Dog" Jones accepted the trophy on behalf of the fleet.  Checkout the CSC website for complete results and photos.


The Main Sheet - Your Newsletter

The Main Sheet belongs to each member of the club. This is an invitation to all members to submit articles about the club, regattas, meetings, fleets, awards, members, family and community. The deadline for information is the 20th of the month. Please submit articles to Dudley Bayne at 3612 Hackamore Ct., Plano, TX 75023, or at I am also interested in any suggestions on how to improve the newsletter.


Corinthian Sailing Club

Membership in the Corinthian Sailing Club is open to anyone with an interest in sailing. Club facilities are located at 441 E. Lawther Drive on beautiful White Rock Lake. Phone 214-320-0841. Email address is Mailing address is Corinthian Sailing Club, PO Box 180087, Dallas, TX 75218.