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Regatta Notices

This page provides Notice of Race, Registration and other info
for lake and area regattas.

Check the race calendar for other event dates.  Follow this link for detailed information and policies about scheduling the club facilities. Please review these and follow the checklist when scheduling an event.



White Rock Lake Regatta Calendar

Splash Day - May 30

Race Management Seminars
March 28 and April 4

Wednesday Night Series
Sailing Instructions
April 9 through October 29

Commodore's Cup Regatta -
April 26-27

Sailing for Rhinos
Hosted by Dallas Zoo
May 22

Snipe Southwestern Championship
May 24-25

White Rock Boat Club Championship
Hosted by White Rock Boat Club and Butterfly Fleet 20
May 31

Butterfly Wrangle
Hosted by WRBC and CSC
Open to Butterflys and Lasers
Laser District 15 Circuit event
June 6-8

“Rock the Rock” Youth Regatta
June 21-22

CSC Championship Regatta
September 27-28

State Fair Regatta
October 11

Flying Scot Open House Regatta
October 17-19



Regular SUNDAY morning short races, with the first race starting at 11:00 AM and last race scheduled to be finished before 1:00 PM. This means that skippers and crews need to be at the dock at 10:00 AM to begin rigging the boats and scheduling their participation.

Detailed Information and Sailing Instructions

2014 CSC Championship Regatta

Maurice Martin Trophy

Corinthian Sailing Club
September 27-28

Final Results



2014 State Fair Regatta

Corinthian Sailing Club
September 27-28

Final Results



2014 Flying Scot Open House Regatta

Rock N' The Rock Since The 70's

Corinthian Sailing Club
October 17-19

Final Results



Commodore's Cup Regatta

Corinthian Sailing Club
April 26-27, 2014

Final Results
Photos by Cathy O'Neal - Day 1 and Day 2



White Rock Boat Club Championship

Hosted by
White Rock Boat Club and Butterfly Fleet 20
May 31, 2014

Regatta Results



2014 Wrangle Regatta

White Rock Lake
June 7-8, 2014

Hosted by
Butterfly Fleet 20

Regatta Results



St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy

St Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy

The Corinthian Sailing Club announces that its’ members have won the prestigious US Sailing St. Petersburg Trophy  for CSC’s race management and hosting the Championship of Champions in 2011. Congratulations to Mark Foster PRO, regatta chair Bob Gough and 2011 Commodore Jim O’Connor and to the many volunteers who helped.  This honor is bestowed on a club that is recognized for its’ excellence in race management. 

CSC also won the St. Petersburg Trophy in 1986 for hosting the National Team Racing Championship.



2014 Wednesday Night Series

Wednesday night races are over for the season.
Stay tuned for 2015 schedule.

Will begin Wed, April 9th
and continue through October 29.
First warning signal is at 6:30 p.m.
See SIs below for details.

Sailing Instructions


V-15 Friday Night Race Series

Friday night series is over for the season.
Stay tuned for 2015 schedule.

Crew: If you are interested in riding, then email fleet captain, Philip Sterling.

Fleet Boat: If you are interested in the fleet and using the fleet boat, then email fleet captain. Would need to have some experience in a similar size dinghy but they are not complicated to sail.

Other fleets: we are open to having similar dinghys at the line 420s, Snipes, etc. If you are interested in joining up to tune up the skills, then let fleet captain know.

After putting up the boats, a group of us usually makes a stop at a local restaurant or grill out at the club.

Friday night races are tons of fun, hope to see you out there.


Sunday Joint Racing Program

Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions for the 2013-2014.



The new Racing Rules for Sailing went into effect on January 1, 2012. If you are a member of US Sailing, you will receive a new rule book. If not you may order a rule book from US Sailing or view/download the new rules from the ISAF site.


Send a note to the webmaster or Vice Commodore if you know of additional events that need to be captured.

Detailed information and policies are about scheduling the club are available.

Other TSA Junior Regattas. Also checkout the Youth Sailing Forum which has been added to this site for notices and discussion relative to the CSC and TSA youth sailing programs.