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Regatta Notices

This page provides Notice of Race, Registration and other info
for lake and area regattas.

Check the race calendar for other event dates.  Follow this link for detailed information and policies about scheduling the club facilities. Please review these and follow the checklist when scheduling an event.

For information about prior years regattas, go to:


2019 CSC Regatta Schedule

January 26-27 Laser Rock the Ice Regatta
March 14-21 Special Olympics World Games
March 23 Corinthian Fleet Hang Ten Regatta
March 23-24 Annual Dallas Blowout RC Regatta
April 13-14 Commodore's Cup Regatta
April 27 Corinthian Fleet Captain's Challenge
May 5 Corinthian Fleet Hired Gun Regatta
May 25-26 Snipe SW District Regatta
June 1-2 Butterfly Wrangle Regatta
July 13 Corinthian Fleet Moonlight Regatta
September 7-8 Rock the Rock Youth Regatta
September 13-15 Flying Scot Wife-Husband National Championship
September 21 CSC Club Championship
September 28 Corinthian Fleet Single Hand Regatta
October 12-13 State Fair Regatta
October 19-20 Flying Scot Open House
October 26 Corinthian Harvester Cup



Support our CSC Special Olympics
sailing team at the 2019 World Games

March 14-21 Abu Dhabi

Steve Comen is the US Special Olympics sailing team coach. Tyler Dodson and Roland Foerster from CSC, are one of the two teams representing the US. As I am sure you can image, it is quite costly to attend this event and regattas leading up to it. If you would like to help finance our team members, just let them know at links below.

Tyler    Roland    Steve

Follow the racing on Mar 16, 17 and 18 at the Special Olympics website.
Roland in the news.



Corinthian Fleet Hang Ten Regatta

March 23, 2019

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions



Flying Scot Fleet Race Clinic

All Scot owners are welcome.
On the water practice. BYOFS.

March 31, 2019

Clinic Details



Race Committee 101 Training

April 7, 2019

Starting at 9:30 am on Sunday, we will be holding a Race Committee 101 training course to go through the basics of how to participate on race committee (RC) for our award-winning club race program.  Steve Comen and Steve Benenson will lead this effort.  For those thinking about volunteering for RC for the Commodore’s Cup, but are not sure if you’re up to the task, well you are – if you come to this training!

This training is designed for club members

  • who wonder what is race committee.
  • who have never served on RC and want to get involved.
  • who have taken our adult sailing class and want to take the next step.
  • who sail in our club racing program (Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays) and want to learn some (but certainly not all) of the finer points of RC.
  • and everyone in between.

We’ll generally stick to the basics and cover things such as preparing the RC boats to go out, how to set up a course, how to use the most commonly used flags, the starting sequence, how to change the course during a race, and how to finish the boats. 
We’ll wrap up by 11:30 am and have lunch.  And, for those able to stick around for an afternoon of racing, there will be opportunities for some of you to jump on a race committee boat to help with the Sunday races – first start at 1:30 pm. 

If you plan to come to this amazing training, please email or call Steve B. at or 214-801-7340.  We’re not requiring registration to come, but it will be helpful to get an idea of how many will attend.



Commodores Cup Regatta

April 13-14, 2019

Notice of Race
Regatta Information and Registration



Flying Scot Wife-Husband National Championship

September 13-15, 2019
Notice of Race and Registration coming soon
Information Brochure




Regatta Results



Laser Rock the Ice Regatta

January 26-27, 2019





Sunday Racing

Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions



Wednesday Night Racing

First warning signal is at 6:30 p.m.
See SIs below for details.

Sailing Instructions



St. Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy

St Petersburg Yacht Club Trophy

The Corinthian Sailing Club announces that its’ members have won the prestigious US Sailing St. Petersburg Trophy  for CSC’s race management and hosting the Championship of Champions in 2011. Congratulations to Mark Foster PRO, regatta chair Bob Gough and 2011 Commodore Jim O’Connor and to the many volunteers who helped.  This honor is bestowed on a club that is recognized for its’ excellence in race management. 

CSC also won the St. Petersburg Trophy in 1986 for hosting the National Team Racing Championship.



The new Racing Rules for Sailing went into effect on January 1, 2017. If you are a member of US Sailing, you will receive a new rule book. If not you may order a rule book from US Sailing or view/download the new rules from the World Sailing site.


Send a note to the webmaster or Vice Commodore if you know of additional events that need to be captured.

Detailed information and policies are about scheduling the club are available.

Other TSA Junior Regattas. Also checkout the Youth Sailing Forum which has been added to this site for notices and discussion relative to the CSC and TSA youth sailing programs.