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Corinthian Sailing Club
2019 Board of Directors

CSC Board 2019
Jody Anderson Mark Steve Griffin Steve Tom
Volcan Ellen Heidi Renee Forest Steve

Commodore Heidi Gough 972-977-9369C
Vice Commodore Steve Benenson 214-801-7340C
Past Commodore Forest Atkins 214-686-7035C
Rear Commodore - Membership Volkan Otugen 214-443-0629
Rear Commodore - Equipment Tom Miller 214-641-9162C
Rear Commodore -
Entertainment and Publicity
Renee and Steve Comen 214-282-9490C
Rear Commodore - Pier Mark Mihm 214-450-4580C
Rear Commodore -
Sailing Education
Ellen and Graham Bryant 214-762-0056
Rear Commodore -
Information Technology
Griffin Orr 585-259-3897
Davit Registrar Jody Smith
Treasurer Anderson Jones 214-232-1542W
Secretary Steve Brockett 972-814-8873C


Board Meetings Open to Membership

CSC board meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, March through November. The meetings are held at the club, weather permitting, and are open to the membership.

Past Commodores