If "Search for" is blank, the entire roster will be displayed.

Otherwise, the search phrase will consist if one or more keywords and optional qualifiers.

A search with a keyword not preceded by "~" will find any record that has a word in the searchable fields that begins with the keyword. For example, searching for "reb" will find the members that have rebel (in boat field) , Reba and Rebekah (in member or spouse name fields) etc.

A keyword preceded by "~" will search for records that DO NOT have any words that begin with the keyword. For instance, searching for "~fs" will find all members who are not listed as having a Flying Scot. A search for "smith ~jo" will search for all members who have "Smith" but not "John" or Joan" in the searched fields.

A search field qualifier ("\" or "/" followed by one or more letters) specifies the fields to be searched against. If there is no field qualifier, the default qualifier "\nb" is assumed. The qualifier letters are:


For all spouses who have a name that is (or starts with) "pa", search for "\s pa" or "pa \s" ( or "pa /s" )

For all Scot owners that do not live in dallas: "fs ~dallas \ba"

For all who have Garland in their address but not Dallas (to exclude Garland Rd.): "\a garland ~dallas"